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Broken Link Checker

This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any are found.


Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
Unlinking does not seem to work. 8 Janis Elsts 4 months
Check Broken Links in Menus 2 Janis Elsts 4 months
[resolved] YT links all broken 11 atomizer 4 months
check redirection destination with broken link checker 4 Janis Elsts 5 months
How to setup to chek term description 6 Janis Elsts 5 months
Facebook Comments all reported as broken links 8 Janis Elsts 5 months
Unable to create database tables 4 Janis Elsts 5 months
SSL errors - should they be warnings? 2 Janis Elsts 5 months
Is is multisite compatible? 7 Susan639 5 months
Difference between removed and broken 3 hamishwillee 5 months
[resolved] Plugin doesn't seem to check links anymore 3 mackaaij 5 months
cron job for link deletion 4 Janis Elsts 5 months
change: wp-admin/tools.php?page=view-broken-links 7 Columbus 5 months
false message about broken links 6 Janis Elsts 5 months
Slow or not working on wp 4.1 7 whichtransfers 5 months
508 Loop Detected 4 Janis Elsts 5 months
WordPress database error Unknown column 'warning' in 'field list' for query UPDA 3 Janis Elsts 5 months
Trackbacks from blank source 4 Janis Elsts 5 months
[resolved] Access for editors? 3 VFHwebdev 5 months
[resolved] GET requests issued by plugin unnecessarily waste bandwidth 8 ABTUK webmaster 5 months
[resolved] how to get Broken Link Checker to check WooCommerce products? 3 karenelated 5 months
[resolved] "Fix redirect" destroys #anchors 5 amartynov 5 months
false positives 5 Gretchen Louise 6 months
Option to recheck page instead of link 3 Matt 6 months
[resolved] Options not working 11 armandl 6 months
Adsense Safe? 2 Janis Elsts 6 months
[resolved] plugin does not work 4 Janis Elsts 6 months
[resolved] Minor PHP 5.3 incompatability 3 Mark Barnes 6 months
Does this support external link ? 4 Janis Elsts 6 months
[resolved] Reset Compact view? 5 eric-o 7 months

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