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BBQ: Block Bad Queries

Block Bad Queries (BBQ) helps protect WordPress against malicious URL requests.

Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
Allow http:// https:// in url admin option 1 yoyos33 2 weeks
[resolved] Blocking json data sent in url 5 Jeff Starr 1 month
[resolved] Script (malware?) still loading 3 marcsohier 1 month
[resolved] Interference with bbPress 2 Jeff Starr 2 months
[resolved] AntiSpamn cache plugins and BBQ 6 Li-An 4 months
[resolved] BBQ blocking press-this style bookmarklet 2 Jeff Starr 5 months
[resolved] BBQ in parallel with BulletProof Security 2 Jeff Starr 5 months
[resolved] ERROR: function.preg-match: Unknown modifier 'p' in /home/... 5 Jeff Starr 7 months
[resolved] with S2member 3 Li-An 8 months
[resolved] compementer plugins 5 Viktor Sz├ępe 8 months
[resolved] WPMU compatible? 4 Jeff Starr 8 months
[resolved] Feature Request - Whitelisting Option 3 Jeff Starr 8 months
[resolved] Is this necessary with WP ver 3.9.x ??? 12 Jeff Starr 8 months
[resolved] Conflict with HootSuite 5 Jeff Starr 8 months
[resolved] BBQ in Subfolder WP instalation configuration 3 Jeff Starr 8 months
[resolved] "The User Agent" part of the plugin won't work for me and botsvsbrowsers.com 10 Jeff Starr 10 months
[resolved] maybe an interaction with some antispam plugins 8 Jeff Starr 12 months
[resolved] excluding a pattern 2 Jeff Starr 1 year
[resolved] Log file and Configuration 5 brucedongcai@gmail.com 1 year
[resolved] BBQ blocks SugarCRM form field re-directs 7 bruce-s 1 year
[resolved] If have 5G need to install BBQ? 3 Avi_Lambert 1 year
[resolved] wp-admin trips bad URL rule 4 SEO Dave 1 year
[resolved] PHP Notice: Undefined variable 4 Jeff Starr 1 year
[resolved] Front and Back Door Attack? 5 Robert Eichhorn 1 year
[resolved] problem with search field prepopulate 4 Jeff Starr 1 year
[resolved] Preventing Email Comment Approval? 6 ljmac 1 year
[resolved] Jetpack/Grunion conflict (403) 6 Jeff Starr 1 year
[resolved] If htaccess is available ? 3 Jeff Starr 1 year
[resolved] comment.php?action=editcomment Error of HTTP 403 (Forbidden): 2 Jeff Starr 1 year
[resolved] 'https' in query string should not be blocked 7 Haoxian 1 year

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