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BJ Lazy Load

Lazy loading for images and iframes makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. Uses no external JS libraries and degrades gracefully for non-js


Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
event to avoid loading images on the fly? 1 chollazosdeldia 6 months
Remove meta box Lazy Loading 1 lookiz 6 months
[resolved] bj_lazy_load_html filter shrinking image 2 bob_hardy 6 months
Enable Lazy Load Only for Desktop 2 nowton 7 months
How to use the plugin in Roots theme ? 2 audhit 7 months
Doesn't work with 4.2 1 eegaming-org 7 months
BJ Lazy Load doesn't yet work on 4.2 2 funsail 7 months
[resolved] Broken since WP 4.2 1 funsail 7 months
Makes thumbs disappear 2 eegaming-org 7 months
missing photos 1 satsoklit 7 months
http://validator.w3.org errors 1 funsail 7 months
BJ Lazy Load does not work for external loaded images? 1 talgalili 7 months
New request: Option to disable BJ Lazy Load on external loaded images? 1 KalleL 7 months
Lazy loaded images not showing in print preview 1 maximilianknap 7 months
Compatibility With WooCommerce Product Image Flipper 1 znagle 7 months
Images changing size to square 4 Bjørn Johansen 7 months
How to shut off layloading in the WP Admin 2 znagle 7 months
[resolved] Disappearing pics on woocommerce product page 4 semeykin 7 months
Conflict with Envira Gallery 1 meijin2k 7 months
Is there a way to edit the script to load this way... 2 njkuiper6 8 months
Better Pagespeed ranking with lazy load off ;) 2 njkuiper6 8 months
Load responsive images? 2 worldtravelgeek 8 months
Compatibility with ricg-responsive-images and WP retina 2x 1 worldtravelgeek 8 months
[resolved] Problem with javascript off 7 worldtravelgeek 8 months
iframe bug 1 luc7v 8 months
Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT 1 Rafael Fischmann 8 months
Issue Loading Content After Infinite Scroll is Engaged 1 reverbparty 8 months
[resolved] Breaks on Infinite Scroll 5 reverbparty 8 months
Vertical gallery not lazying 1 funsail 8 months
Placeholder Image URL 1 funsail 8 months

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