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AVH First Defense Against Spam

The AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served.


Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
[resolved] Compatible with WP 3.6? 2 petervanderdoes 2 years
[resolved] Android App Comment Reply Blocked by AVH 6 saynotsweetanne 2 years
I'm the site admin and I'm blocked 10 petervanderdoes 2 years
[resolved] Android App Comment Reply Blocked by AVH 7 Dane Morgan 3 years
Can't blacklist can only delete 1 demoman2k10 3 years
breaking RSS feed 1 starhorsepax 3 years
[resolved] Warning: Missing argument 1 for AVH_FDAS_SpamCheck 3 mcmasterp 3 years
[resolved] Database error Duplicate entry 6 Mark Ratledge 3 years
[resolved] does this plugin support blocking registration spammer 2 petervanderdoes 3 years
[resolved] Table doesn't exist error 4 petervanderdoes 3 years
[resolved] IP Cache Log speed 4 petervanderdoes 3 years
[resolved] Using spamhaus.org is an bad idea 4 Jaaaarne 3 years
Confused on how this works and IP cache log 1 AC 3 years
[resolved] comment using Twitter or FB, AVH says spam 6 Thatedeguy 3 years
Form posting hook 1 robanna 3 years
Support for BotScount? 2 robanna 3 years
How can I empty the IP cache? 1 cnxtrans 3 years
Got error after updating to wp3.5 and AVH 3.5.1 2 petervanderdoes 3 years
[resolved] AVH with WordPress 4.2 4 petervanderdoes 3 years
[resolved] Redirection of blocked ips. 5 Anon 3 years
[resolved] Project Honey Pot Termination type threshold 6 AlphaWolf 4 years
Impl. feature to submit ANY WordPress comment to SFS 1 Devstorm 4 years
NOTICE: Plugin in violation of StopForumSpam TOS 3 Katana_ 4 years
handling of empty email field 1 bcworkz 4 years
[resolved] IP cache database not created 2 RinzeWind 4 years
Feature Request: Email/Username/Multiple Blacklist Threshol 6 MickeyRoush 4 years
Error log filling up with AVH on my server 1 ghoush 4 years
[resolved] Installed WordPress 3.3/Can't Add IP's To Blackli 5 petervanderdoes 4 years
Allow Editors access to AVH settings 2 petervanderdoes 4 years
PHP Warning: failed to fopen/file(comment-spam/files/protec 2 petervanderdoes 4 years

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