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Tired of missed opportunities because of pesky ad blocker browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins? Fight back with Ad Blocking Detector today!

Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
[resolved] How to change the width in a widget 3 thumoo 1 month
Text from 'Ad-blocker detected' not showing up? 3 TheMadWiddler1200 2 months
Multisite support 9 John Morris 2 months
[resolved] Change Background Image When Blocker Detected 1 John Morris 2 months
[resolved] Does it work for Disconnect ? 5 lcerura 2 months
[resolved] plugin not bypassing Adblock 3 John Morris 2 months
[resolved] I don't see the anything when "Ad Blocker Detected" 4 John Morris 3 months
[resolved] Doesn't support greek language 4 John Morris 3 months
[resolved] Error "A session had already been started" appears 3 Kristian 4 months
Remove the ad in the dashboard 1 kacper3355 4 months
[resolved] Error "Use of undefined constant ABD_Widget" appears 3 Kristian 4 months
[resolved] Ad Blocking Detector + W3 Total Cache 2 John Morris 4 months
[resolved] Plugin incompatibility: Scrapebreaker 3 John Morris 5 months
[resolved] HTTPS problem 6 TechnikSurfer 5 months
[resolved] Doesn't work on a widget 5 John Morris 6 months
[resolved] Can't save, the save button doesn't work 3 John Morris 6 months
Ghostery 3 ww_hoax 6 months
[resolved] Execute Only for Specific Post Categories 11 The Author Jack Foreigner 7 months
[resolved] Plugin Doesn't Like My Webpage! 14 The Author Jack Foreigner 7 months
[resolved] Another Suggestion: Delete Option Dialogue Box 4 The Author Jack Foreigner 7 months
[resolved] Used to Work with the "Advanced Ads" Plugin 3 John Morris 7 months
[resolved] This doesn't work with AdBlockPlus 6 John Morris 7 months
[resolved] My adblocker text shows under the print plugin 2 John Morris 8 months
[resolved] Third ad code doesn't work 3 John Morris 8 months
[resolved] Plugin works with ABP, but not AdBlock 5 John Morris 9 months
[resolved] Can't create shortcut, Database Error 3 Rene759 10 months
[resolved] My no adblock code is getting altered on save 3 John Morris 10 months
[resolved] Plugin Conflict 4 digitaldjinfo 10 months
[resolved] Since 2.0, I lost all existing shortcodes + no new shortcodes can be created 4 John Morris 11 months
[resolved] Can't get it to work 4 cymru78 11 months

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