Using the Block Editor in the Forums

The block editor makes it quick and easy to post support requests and reviews in the Support Forums. If you’re already familiar with the block editor from using it on a WordPress site, using it in the forums is very similar.

The forums include a more a limited set of blocks than a regular WordPress site, which are outlined below, along with some general tips.

Default block: paragraph

Each chunk of content in your post consists of a block. The default block is a Paragraph, so you can begin typing in the message box without needing to insert a block first.

The Paragraph block comes with several formatting options that you can access by selecting the icons on the toolbar above the block. These include bold and italic formatting, link insertion, and other options found under the little arrow, such as strikethrough and inline code.

screenshot of the block editor in action, highlighting the paragraph block's toolbar

Learn more about the Paragraph block.

Inserting a block

There are several ways to insert a block in the forums. You can click either one of the two block inserter icons:

  • The inserter at the top left of the editor is a white plus sign inside a blue circle.
  • The inserter to the right of your cursor is a black plus sign.
screenshot of the block editor in action, with the "add block" buttons highlighted

Here’s what the list of blocks looks like after clicking the top left block inserter icon:

screenshot of the list of available blocks

You can also type the / character (forward slash) in the message to bring up a list of blocks.

screenshot of the list of available blocks after typing a /

If you need to add content other than basic text, select the block you need from the pop-up list by clicking on it.

Code block

If you need to paste or type in code, insert a Code Block first, and then type or paste your code inside the block. If you forget to use a Code block, your content may not appear at all.

screenshot of the code block in action

Learn more about the Code block.

List block

You can use the list block to quickly create a bullet or numbered list. Toggle between the different types of lists via the two icons on the block toolbar.

screenshot of the list block in action

Learn more about the List block.

Quote block

The Quote block is very handy for quoting text that you need to reference. You can even add a citation, like a link to where the quote came from.

screenshot of the Quote block in action

Learn more about the Quote block.

Adding Screenshots

How you take a screenshot can vary depending on what device you’re using.

Consult your device’s documentation or this wikiHow article for instructions.

Embedding Screenshots

The Support Forums do not allow uploading images, but they do support embedded images from Imgur.

To get started, upload your screenshot to Imgur, then copy the resulting URL of what you uploaded.

On your forum post, click the blue plus icon to add a block, and select the Imgur embed block from the list of available blocks.

Enter the URL of what you uploaded to Imgur and hit the blue “Embed” button to add it to your forum post.

screenshot of the Imgur block with the "Enter URL to embed here" field highlighted

Though you cannot upload images to the Support forums with the Image block, you can use it to embed URLs of image files hosted elsewhere, like the Media libary in your own WordPress site. Please keep in mind that your image URL must end with an image file extension (.jpg, .png, or .gif). Please also keep in mind that some servers may prevent us from embedding the image, in which case a link to your screenshot will be displayed instead.

screenshot of the Image block with the "Insert from URL" button highlighted

Linking to a Screenshot on the Forums

While the Support forums do not allow uploading images, but do allow embedded images from Imgur, there’s no limitation on simply uploading your screenshot elsewhere and providing a link to it in your forum post.

For example, you could use the Media libary in your own WordPress site, SnipboardDroplr, and more. Just upload your screenshot there, and add its URL to your forum post.

Caution: If you’re uploading your screenshot to a personal online drive, like Google Drive or Dropbox, make sure that you have made the file public, or no one but you will be able to see it!

Embed blocks

It’s possible to embed video, polls, posts, and other content from sources including YouTube, Vimeo, Crowdsignal,, VideoPress, and even WordPress itself. Select the block you need and paste in your URL.

screenshot of the available embed blocks

Moving blocks

Use the up and down arrows to move blocks to a different position within a forum post.

screenshot of block editor in action, with the block moving icons highlighted

Other block options

By clicking the three dots at the end of the formatting toolbar, you’ll find useful options, such as the ability to duplicate a block, or insert a new block above or below an existing one. The option to remove a block is always at the bottom.

screenshot of the options available under the three dots menu
Block options

Opting out

If you prefer to opt out of using the block editor in the forums, follow these steps:

  • Head to your forum user account at while replacing YOUR-USERNAME with your username.
  • Click Edit Forum Profile at the bottom left.
  • Scroll down to the User Options section and check the box next to “Disable the Block Editor for new topics and replies.” Click the Update Profile button at the bottom right when you’re done.
screenshot of the User Options checkboxes showing the checkbox next to "Disable the Block Editor for new topics and replies" checked

Bug and enhancement reports

If you come across an issue using the block editor in the forums, please report it so someone can have a look. Two good places to bring your report are:

  • In Meta Trac: Log in with your account to create a new ticket. Select “Support Forums” as the component. and include a detailed description of the issue.
  • In the #forums channel in Slack: If you’re not already part of the Slack instance, check out the guide for joining.