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Block Patterns are a collection of designed core/blocks to use in post and pages. They can be a subscription form, a Call-to-Action, a Price List. Prefab building blocks to get content created faster. The Pattern Directory has a myriad of block patterns that work with any site. 

Themes can reference patterns from the Directory, and they don’t have to be loaded with the theme on every site. People can share block patters from one site to the next. Now designers, site builders and site owners can share their creations with the world and submit their best work to the Block Pattern Directory.

Learn more on how to use block patterns

After the WordPress Photo Directory, it’s the second activity where #nocode contributors can share their creation with the WordPress community. 

So, how does this work?  

Here is the short version: 

  1. You need to have an account on 
  2. After you log in, go to the Pattern Creator page
  3. On the page you find a stand-alone block editor, where you can assemble your block pattern. 
  4. Give your block pattern a title first. 
  5. Then you can populate the canvas with any available block. 
  6. As in any other block-editor window, you’ll find the appropriate controls to configure blocks in the sidebar.
  7. You can save the pattern as draft, or if you are finished click on the blue Submit button. 
  8. When you click the Submit button, you will be prompted to give your pattern a title and a description. Make it distinct and helpful to a reader. 
  9. On the next screen you are asked to select a category for your Pattern. They correspond with the categories listed on the Pattern Directory: Buttons, Columns, Gallery, Header, Images, and Text 
  10. You will receive a confirmation on the submission and see a Thank-you panel. 
  11. Use the Top Back Arrow to go back to the directory. 
  12. Any draft, pending or submitted patterns will be listed on your  “My Patterns” page. 

You are working Working on your block pattern in the pattern editor. 

Openverse is your media library. 

The Media Library for the Pattern Directory is powered by Openverse. You have direct access to the library of images published in the public domain or with the CC0 license, no attribution needed. You can search by keyword and then browse through the results to select the image you’d like to add to your block pattern.

Building this feature solves three problems: 

  • The user of the block pattern can be fairly certain they can use the image on their website. 
  • The creator of the patterns doesn’t have to upload an image to the block pattern directory
  • The image is visible on any sort of site, be it locally on someone else’s computer or on their development site, or in production. Not further headache with non-displaying images. 

Once you are done with the pattern, click on the big blue Submit button on the top of the editor

My Patterns

On the “My Patterns” page, you can browse your patterns: draft patterns or submitted patterns in the same way, you can browse the rest of the Pattern directory. 

In the Single Pattern view, you’ll find a new Options dropdown on top of the pattern: 

Depending on the state of your pattern, your choices in the Options menu change slightly. 

  • You can open the pattern it in the editor
  • You can delete the pattern
  • For submitted pattern, you also can “revert to draft” in the editor. 


As with any public directory on There are a few restrictions. 

  • Core Blocks only
  • Openverse media only. 
  • Only Core Colors and Duotone Filters presets are available. 
  • Images need explicit size value/settings 
  • Dynamic Blocks won’t work (Query Block, Site Title, etc) 

Make sure you read the official Pattern Directory submission guidelines.


  • Created 2022-03-23

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