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Women in Soccer

Women’s soccer has made significant strides in leveling the playing field toward equal recognition to men’s soccer in recent years. As an organization, Women in Soccer advocates for these efforts through a bright, fun, and funky website that has earned it a spot in the WordPress.org showcase to highlight what’s possible with a WordPress site. 

The site contains the requisite areas such as news articles, social media feeds, event listings, job opportunities, and networking tools. However, it takes an innovative approach to how it markets itself and its services to connect with its online community. 

Their mission goes beyond bringing more women into the sport, and they strive for a world with full gender equality. As part of their offering, members can browse job postings, submit resumes for soccer-related positions, and connect with other members of the soccer community in their online directory and their most active social media channels, like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. 

The Women in Soccer online experience offers an array of work touching on coaching, leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in soccer. It’s a great example of a website that has taken its own unique approach to web design and created a great online resource for its community, the soccer industry, and those seeking to promote gender equality and inclusion in soccer.