Women in Soccer
Women in Soccer

Women in Soccer

Women in Soccer (WIS) is a support network for women and marginalized individuals who work in, play, and are passionate about soccer. As an organization, WIS advocates for the equality and representation of women and underrepresented genders in this male-dominated sport.  

The WIS website is bright, fun, and funky, representing the strength, community, and pure love of the game the organization is known for. While the site includes requisite sections like news articles, social media feeds, event listings, and networking tools, it delivers these resources through an innovative experience that is easy to get drawn into. 

The site’s unconventional layout with bold type and electric color palette complements the mission, pushing the boundaries of expectation—and what WordPress can do—with a joyful spirit that feels connected to the organization and its core values. 

The WIS online experience offers a variety of resources about coaching, leadership, representation, and inclusion in soccer. It’s a great example of a website that has taken a unique approach to web design and created a great online resource for its community, the soccer industry, and those seeking to promote gender equality and inclusion in soccer.

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Published September 2023

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