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The Who: Quadrophenia

Franc Roddam’s classic 1979 film version of Quadrophenia brought the alienation of 1960s British working-class youth to the big screen. Young Jimmy Cooper (Phil Daniels) divides his time between hanging out in London’s Mod cafes and working in the post-room of an advertising firm, a job that that lets him keep his scooter running and to pay for his tailored suits. Jimmy’s gang include Dave (Mark Wingett), Chalky (Philip Davis) and Spider (Gary Shail) and they spend most of their time trying to score ‘blues’ and chase girls like Steph (Leslie Ash) and Monkey (Toyah Wilcox). Through Jimmy we see the London Mod scene and the Mod vs Rocker conflict up close. To Jimmy, being a Mod a way of life, a community and a chance to be ‘someone’.

Why it’s in the Showcase: This website promotes the film Quadrophenia, a movie based on the album by The Who. It integrates social media, photo galleries, videos, and user-submitted content all within one WordPress-powered hub.