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Temple Fox MIS

The new social media enabled site for the top 10 ranked Department of Management Information Systems, at the Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Source: community.mis.temple.edu

Why it’s in the Showcase: The Temple Fox MIS site applies WordPress MU and BudyPress to create an educational community in which close to a thousand members teach/take courses (as blogs), create personal e-portfolios (replacing student resumes), learn about and engage with each other (through BuddyPress), and aggregate their knowledge (through aggregated RSS feeds, e.g, of faculty research). The site uses WordPress MU and BuddyPress as a replacement for traditional websites, course management systems, portals, and traditional resumes to create an active open community. The site showcases the full power of MU as a CMS and BuddyPress as a social networking tool. More information about the site is available here.