Orchestre Métropolitain
Orchestre Métropolitain

Orchestre Métropolitain

The Orchestre Métropolitain (OM) is a notable symphonic orchestra based in Montreal and known as one of Quebec’s leading cultural ambassadors. The orchestra’s programming ranges from popular classical arrangements to exciting collaborations with the world’s best performers and musicians. 

The OM website brings the movement of the music and the orchestra to life with a design that favors video and transitional animations. The site offers moments of delight in every interaction, from the menu that expands to take over the viewport to the simple way visitors can organize how they browse the show schedule.

The site includes sections dedicated to their mission, programming, education, and community outreach. It makes it easy to find out where to purchase tickets and invites visitors to support the orchestra in a few different ways.

The Orchestre Métropolitain is known in its home city as an institution that takes big, bold chances with its art while making its performances feel welcoming and accessible. The OM uses WordPress’s flexibility to create a website that represents these values.

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Country Canada
Published September 2023

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