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flokka is a place for women in business and leadership… start-ups, mom-preneurs, solo-preneurs, intra-preneurs, self-employed, partners, business owners, managers, directors, CEOs, thought leaders, professionals and those dreaming of starting their own business… whether you work from home or city offices; whether you are based in the South Island of New Zealand or Manhattan; New York and whatever you do… this is a place for you.

flokka is designed to inspire, encourage and develop you and your business with practical and valuable business related resources, advice and tips.

flokka gives you a platform to promote both you and your business, develop new client relationships, make business alliances, and to give and receive referrals, support and encouragement.

flokka is also a community for women who want to make a difference… who want to influence positive change in their sphere of business, family and community lives… flokka gives you the platform to be heard, enter conversations and create dialogue.

Source: flokka.com