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BrandMakerNews.com is a savvy business resource dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve success. The online community provides free business coaching, tools and trade secrets to show entrepreneurs how to build, promote and live their brands. BrandMakerNews.com was established to create a dialogue about what it takes to be a successful business owner, and to support and encourage entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams. The site is for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, so small business owners are encouraged to share their tips, to guest blog and to nominate themselves (and entrepreneurs they love) for special features on the site. BrandMakerNews.com is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build unstoppable brands to share with the world.

Source: brandmakernews.com

Why it’s in the Showcase: BrandMakerNews.com is an example of how the WordPress loop can be used to present a truly unique and fully branded experience online. The popular and well designed site features a variety of content and articles.