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Age of Union

Age of Union

Age of Union is a nonprofit group that supports and showcases individuals and organizations working on conservation efforts worldwide. Age of Union funds high-impact conservation projects and uses art and technology to spread awareness about environmental issues. 

The Age of Union website leans into the organization’s ability to embrace art, culture, and tech to convey its message. The homepage feels like a newspaper spread, with a contemporary spirit that makes it seem fresh. The bright design makes the site feel in the moment and on-trend, which helps make the connection between art as a tool to inspire change. 

The site presents the nonprofit’s manifesto, the projects it’s currently funding, and a space dedicated to the Earth Centre—a physical space in Montreal, Quebec, for gallery showings, installations, and film presentations. 

The Age of Union site carries a lot of meaningful content and perspective on environmental conservation projects and uses WordPress’s powerful capabilities to spotlight the organization’s core issues and mission. 

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Country Canada
Published September 2023

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