5YN3RGY is a proposed building development on the banks of the Rhine, located in the Düsseldorf Harbor neighborhood of Germany. Set to become a thriving hub of business, creativity, and leisure, the plans for 5YN3RGY focus on fostering moments of human connection in a sustainable, environmentally conscious space. 

The 5YN3RGY website introduces the development’s concept and speaks to the features of the building. As a marketing tool, it immediately pushes the boundary of what’s possible in web design. It speaks directly to the building’s architectural innovations. Smooth scrolling, a bright palette, and a clear narrative work together to weave the story 5YN3RGY is telling. 

The site guides visitors on a tour of the building concept as they navigate the online experience. It also offers a quick way to jump to the key points using a small popup on the homepage. The site’s navigation is simple and engaging, taking over the entire viewport whenever it’s needed. Visitors will find sections dedicated to details about the commercial and communal spaces, the building’s sustainability efforts and certifications, and the location.

5YN3RGY has created more than a static website, harnessing the flexibility of WordPress to build a playful and inviting digital destination.

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Country Germany
Published September 2023

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