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ZM Ajax Login & Register

Allows you to create a custom login and registration page or login and registration modals. Complete with AJAX verification and Facebook login support


  • Adding Swedish translation, #123
  • Bug: Fixed issue where additional styling (textarea CSS) did not show, #124
  • Adding Polish translation, #125


  • Settings page is now tabbed based.
  • Settings are now optimized.
  • Enhancement: Clicking outside of a dialog now closes the dialog


  • Translation: Adding Ukrainian
  • Translation: Adding simplified Chinese via Pull request
  • Enhancement: Facebook Avatar support pull #109
  • Enhancement: New (translatable) Facebook login button
  • Enhancement: Utilizing less user meta pull #107


  • Security fix to prevent a local file inclusion vulnerability, and XSS attacks.


  • Maintenance: Removed deprecated function, #103
  • Maintenance: Removing unused options, #53
  • Translation: Added Romanian translation via (Dumitru)[http://www.vtube.ro], #100
  • Translation: Added Italian translation via Francesco D'Alia, #99
  • Translation: Adding German translation, via Jonas Meier
  • Feature: Disabled global AJAX callbacks, #98
  • Feature: Add new setting to pre-load dialog boxes, #80
  • Enhancement: Adding placeholder values for front end forms, 88
  • Compatibility: Adding better support for Limit Login Attempts, and other plugins that interact with the login, register process, [#77](https://github.com/zanematthew/zm-
  • Compatibility: Removed the not needed Facebook meta og title tag, #89
  • Bug: Disabled auto-complete for login and password field, #97
  • Bug: Better sanitizing of Facebook App ID, #96
  • Bug: Better handling of default redirect, #95
  • Bug: Fixed bug that prevented default new user notices from being sent, #92
  • Bug: Allowing for case sensitive passwords, #82
  • Bug: Addressed issue with duplicate HTML IDs, #14


  • Bug: Fixing broken link, #66
  • Bug: Close text in modals is now translation ready, #62
  • Bug: Fixing PHP Strict Standards issue, #56
  • Enhancement: Name spacing classes
  • Enhancement: Various UI improvements, #58
  • Enhancement: Facebook Developer and support links open in new window, updated support link
  • Enhancement: Adding plugin notices, #68
  • Enhancement: Updated various parts of the plugin description, #70
  • Translation: Adding Serbian translation via ogi, #63
  • Translation: Adding Albanian translation via shpberisha
  • Translation: Updating Russian translation via artbelov
  • Translation: Adding Brazilian Portuguese
  • Translation: Adding Persian language
  • Translation: Adding Croatian
  • Translation: Adding traditional Chinese (front end only), via Pull Request


  • Enhancement: Added "usage" section to the settings page, #21
  • Enhancement: Added Facebook Login instructions, #51
  • Enhancement: Improved Facebook Login set-up by updating to v2.0 SDK, #50
  • Enhancement: Facebook Login with phone number is now supported, #52
  • Enhancement: Facebook Login now saves; first name, last name, and Facebook URL with the user profile, #50
  • Enhancement: Facebook OG tags should no longer be duplicate, they can be left blank if another plugin is already implementing them #42
  • Enhancement: New users can now link to the Registration form from the Login form and existing users can link from the Registration form to the Login form, #16
  • Enhancement: Improved user registration interaction, #44.
  • Enhancement: Improved support for Login and Register dialogs on mobile devices, 46
  • Bug: Fixing bug were some users reported user name existed with Facebook Login, #48


  • Enhancement: Dialog/Modal is now closed if the user scrolls, issue #34
  • Enhancement: Dialog/Modal is no longer draggable, issue #35
  • Enhancement: French translation issue #33 Thanks too @jukd
  • Addressed compatibility issues with Easy-to-use issue #38
  • Fixed bug: Facebook Meta Tags issue #41
  • Enhancement: Added Spanish translation


  • Added Multi-Language Support.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Created .POT file.


  • Added Multi-Language Support.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Created .POT file.


  • When Login modal is used the Login link changes text to say "Logout" once the user is logged in, #9
  • Removing duplicate IDs #14
  • Localizing JS, https://github.com/zanematthew/zm-ajax-login-register/issues/13
  • Fixing issue where users could not register when the modal and shortcode was in use at the same time, #11
  • Bug: Fixed issue where Facebook login did not work on the registration page, #12


  • Improved readme.txt
  • Feature: Added WordPress networking support
  • Bug: Fixing issue when Facebook login did not work with latest WordPress
  • Bug: Shortcode now returns HTML rather than printing it
  • Security: Enhanced security for credentials when creating Facebook users


  • Added setting to disable/enable "keep me logged in" checkbox
  • Added filter zm_ajax_login_redirect, which allows developers to change the redirect url.
  • 3.6 Styling - z-index issue
  • 3.6 Styling - Close button no longer has default focus and default styling


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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