Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce


Zakeke allows you to integrate a product customizer into your store.

Whether you sell apparel, print products, merchandising, mobile cases, promotional gifts or any other product, Zakeke allows your customers to personalize them with text, logos, images and cliparts and have a 3D preview of the customized item.

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What makes us different:

  • Cloud

    High performance and scalability. Integrate and forget about coding, hosting, updates and maintenance.

  • Powerful and flexible toolkit

    Set your own customization rules, show/hide tools, import your own fonts and manage customization colors, even for a single product. Have unlimited product sides and print areas.

  • Realtime 3D

    Let your customers have a live 3D view of their customized items. Try it in our demo store!

  • Pre-decorated items

    Create designs with editable texts and images to let your customers start from pre-made designs. Freely define customization rules and restrictions for each element in the design.

  • Printful integration

    Printful is the world largest print-on-demand and drop-shipping service. Import products from their catalog directly from your Zakeke admin panel, choose variants and set price and create it at your store. Your customers will personalize it with Zakeke customizer at your store. Printful automatically gets the order and the product gets made and shipped to your customer.

  • Fully responsive

    Real mobile-dedicated version to let your customers easily use the customizer on smartphones and tablets.

  • Print-ready files

    As professional web to print solution we provide you with print-ready outputs in PDF, PNG, SVG and DXF..

  • Super responsive support

    Direct access to helpdesk from the Admin panel. Take a look at our reviews to see how much our customers appreciate our support.

Full list of features

  • Zakeke product customizer allows your customers to add text, change color and font, move, resize, rotate, delete, change style, and make it curved.

  • Users can upload images from their devices, Facebook or Instagram. They will find them every time they go back to your website.

  • YouCreate clipart and images galleries r customers will be able to choose and add cliparts from the galleries and move, resize, rotate, delete and change colors.
    for your customers.

  • Image editor to let your customers change the colors of a clipart.

  • allow upload of files in PDF and EPS.

  • Zakeke includes over 50 image filters and editing tools to let your customers modify the images they upload.

  • Social network integration to allow design sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

  • Apply bleed lines on print products or textures to have effects on your products and make customization experience more realistic.

  • Help tools: zoom and image alignment, image duplicate and text/image flip and layers system to bring forward or send backward each element of the design.

  • Zakeke product customizer automatically read and imports product variations from your store to let your customers manage them even during personalization.

  • Set as many print methods as you want and define related output format and quality (DPI).

  • Give your customers freedom to pick any color from a color picker. You can also set a pre-defined list of colors for each product.

  • Import your own fonts and limit them by printing method or single product.

  • You can set a different customization price for each product. Thanks to the advanced pricing system, you’ll be able to set complex pricing rules where prices change based on quantity, setup costs, number of colors, and personalization areas.

  • Save time with the “save and replicate configuration” option to apply the whole set of customization rules of a product, including printing method, images, print sides, customization areas, 3D preview and prices, to another product.

  • Easily match Zakeke product customizer to your store thanks to the theme editor – no need to fiddle with CSS and liquid files.

  • Orders management – Full list of orders and related print-ready files zip for each order.

  • Dashboard with facts and figures on users engagement with Zakeke on your website, including information on abandoned carts and interactions.

  • If clients upload too low quality images, Zakeke will show a warning message to them suggesting to resize the image or upload a higher quality image.

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  • Zakeke Designer
  • 3D Preview
  • Zakeke Back office
  • Configure product step by step


Full documentation is available here.


Great Support & Even Better Product

We’ve been working with the Zakeke team and their plugin for only a couple weeks now but everything has been stellar!

We searched high and low for a customize product plugin that worked well on both mobile and desktop and THIS IS IT! Most product designers work great on desktop, but really struggle on mobile. The Zakeke product designer on mobile looks just like an app – it’s amazing. Throughout the setup process, we had several questions and they always answer within 24 hours. They are in Italy, so you’ll want to be aware of the time difference.

The Pros:
-Fast, responsive design. The best mobile interface you’ll find for a plugin like this.
-Excellent support.
-Easy to implement
-The designer interface is ran on THEIR servers, not yours. No need to worry about the plugin bogging down your site.

The Cons:
-It feels like the product is relatively new which means that some of the functionality is still being developed. Nothing major. Anything I have asked about that wasn’t developed, they have said that it would be implemented.
-Bounding boxes can’t be changed (right now) for product variations. We ended up setting up different products that had different customization areas.
-Initially, I wasn’t a fan of their pricing model, but once I started using the product, I now believe that you get what you pay for. This plugin may be a bit more expensive, but it blows the other plugins out of the water.

Thoroughly impressed with support

We were using the free version to test out the software, and even with that the support response to a few little bugs I spotted was impressive to say the least.

Carlo, Nicola .. the two I worked with directly, were both extremely kind, quick to respond and quick to resolve.

I couldn’t be more pleased 🙂 and they are also open to feature requests which is fantastic.. once we got through a few quirks I had noticed, we went ahead and signed up and added all of our products.

It’s not all that often you run across a plugin/extension where support is that prompt, that means a lot to the company I work for because we’re a fairly large scale place and our clients are demanding. If we use a third party solution, we need that kind of response time.


I just wanted to give feedback on what an excellent product and service you have provided my business! Zakeke product designer is a miracle and magical!! you have taken so much stress and frustration out from the hassle of using plugins that just don’t work with woocommerce. Most have the processing on the server the plugin is hosted on but having the chance to use a service like this is a major change and certainly a breakthrough for this industry! When I first set it up was easy and super functional. Your team is incredible and I really truly appreciate the quality work you put into this software thanks!

Best One!

This product designer plugin is cleary the best one : simple and clean. I had a display problem with my theme on mobile devices, and the dev team solved it really fast. All the best for you guys.

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1.4.6 – October 12, 2018


Improve product duplication.

1.4.5 – September 1, 2018


Improve compatibility with more themes.

1.4.4 – August 9, 2018


Added compatibility with “WooCommerce Product Addons”.

1.4.3 – August 7, 2018


Added the ability to do not show the product price.

1.4.2 – June 29, 2018


Printful integration.

1.4.1 – May 24, 2018


Added support for WooCommerce 3.4.

1.4.0 – May 16, 2018


Dropped support for WooCommerce 2.6.
This version is required for Printful integration.

1.3.12 – May 4, 2018


Ability to get the product SKU in the order pdf summary.

1.3.11 – April 24, 2018


Get started page on activation.

1.3.10 – April 18, 2018


Updated readme.

1.3.9 – April 9, 2018


Updated readme.

1.3.8 – April 6, 2018


Improved support to mobile devices.

1.3.7 – February 26, 2018


Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.

1.3.6 – February 9, 2018


Added compatibility with YITH Added to cart popup.

1.3.5 – January 24, 2018


Zakeke now includes image filters and pre-made designs.

1.3.4 – January 04, 2018


Register order also when it changes status to processing.

1.3.3 – January 04, 2018


Register orders when moved to processing status.

1.3.2 – December 15, 2017


Small code fix.

1.3.1 – December 14, 2017


Improve order registration.

1.3.0 – December 2, 2017


Check in the settings if the Zakeke credentials are valid.

1.2.22 – November 24, 2017


Improves cart qty changes handling

1.2.21 – November 24, 2017


Improves advanced price handling

1.2.20 – November 22, 2017


Don’t show the full url when cartinfo fail, improve compatibility with more themes

1.2.19 – November 21, 2017


Added support to Flatsome lazy loading

1.2.18 – November 16, 2017


WordPress 4.9 support, handles WC product duplication

1.2.17 – November 14, 2017


Handles even aggressive js optimization plugins

1.2.16 – November 10, 2017


Improve order management

1.2.15 – November 7, 2017


Moved the Customize button inside the add to cart form

1.2.14 – November 7, 2017


Updated the readme

1.2.13 – November 3, 2017


Move the Customize button closer to the add to cart form

1.2.12 – November 2, 2017


Updated translations

1.2.11 – October 31, 2017


Improve Customize button for variable products

1.2.10 – October 20, 2017


Declare the supported WC versions in the plugin header

1.2.9 – October 6, 2017


Small code fixes

1.2.8 – October 6, 2017


Improve compatibility with “Ajax Drop Down Cart for WooCommerce WordPress”

1.2.7 – September 29, 2017


Small improvements in the code

1.2.6 – September 29, 2017


Improve compatibility with “Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce”

1.2.5 – September 20, 2017


Change the timeout for Zakeke webservice

1.2.4 – September 11, 2017


Improve plugin compatibility

1.2.3 – September 9, 2017


Improve REST permission check for Zakeke endpoints

1.2.2 – September 7, 2017


Improve Zakeke plugin loading

1.2.1 – August 24, 2017


Small code fixes

1.2.0 – August 19, 2017


Added support for translations with machine translation

1.1.9 – August 13, 2017


Improve cookies handling

1.1.8 – August 11, 2017


Handles cases where WooCommerce is loaded after Zakeke

1.1.7 – August 11, 2017


Check for minimal WooCommerce version

1.1.6 – August 8, 2017


Added support to Portuguese

1.1.5 – August 2, 2017


Added more screenshots

1.1.4 – August 2, 2017


Minor release

1.1.3 – August 2, 2017


Updated readme.txt

1.1.2 – August 2, 2017


Updated readme.txt

1.1.1 – July 26, 2017


Minor release

1.1.0 – July 26, 2017


Added customization preview during checkout

1.0.10 – July 7, 2017


Improve how we manage the orders

1.0.9 – July 7, 2017


Added support to Russian and German

1.0.8 – June 20, 2017


Added the setup manual inside the package

1.0.7 – June 19, 2017


Added spanish support

1.0.6 – June 13, 2017


Check if WooCommerce is enabled as network plugin

1.0.5 – June 9, 2017


Minor release

1.0.4 – June 9, 2017


Copyright update

1.0.3 – June 9, 2017


Italian translation

1.0.2 – June 8, 2017


Minor release

1.0.1 – June 10, 2017


Initial release