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YouTube Embed

A simple to use method of embedding responsive YouTube videos into your posts and pages but with powerful features for those that need them.


  • Enhancement: Added new "Third Party Plugins" screen, which lists third party plugins that work alongside YouTube Embed, adding extra functionality. You can view, install and see the status of these plugins from this screen
  • Maintenance: Moved the settings back to the YouTube Embed menu
  • Maintenance: Renamed menus to be more specific
  • Maintenance: Updated the function names, which were still using the out-dated "vye" prefix


  • Bug fix: Quotes were not being dealt with correctly in the template field. Now corrected.


  • Enhancement: Re-written the core embedding code. Redundant code removed and, for the remaining code, re-imagined to improve performance
  • Enhancement: Massively changed how the plugin retrieves saved options and, in particular, how I populate default values. The result? Even better performance
  • Enhancement: Reviewed and reduced the calls to fetch the options
  • Enhancement: Added a new general option to allow you to force a list type to be specified before a list can be used. The reason? By doing this the code doesn't have to check if the ID it a list name each time and it improves performance. For those upgrading this will be switched off by default to maintain backwards compatibility
  • Enhancement: Admin bar options only appear if viewing the admin bar on the site (showing it whilst in the admin screens seemed rather pointless)
  • Enhancement: If you use WordPress Video Overlay Ads or Video SEO for WordPress then the settings menus will appear under the YouTube Embed menu
  • Enhancement: SSL options removed as it's now used by default, including with thumbnails and schema.org links
  • Enhancement: Improved the RSS feed output for search or user upload requests
  • Maintenance: Removed some deprecated elements in the code
  • Maintenance: Updated includes so that plugin folders were not hardcoded
  • Maintenance: Updated which functions I was using to retrieve folder names so that they are fully SSL compatible
  • Maintenance: Removed a load of redundant functions
  • Maintenance: Replaced a function with a PHP command but this means that the plugin is no compatible with PHP versions below 5.1
  • Maintenance: Tidied up the list screen further
  • Maintenance: Replaced the 'dynamic' parameter with 'responsive' which, as a name, is far more accurate. 'dynamic' will still work, though.
  • Maintenance: Improved admin screen validation and sanitisation
  • Bug fix: Uninstall wasn't clearing up properly on multisites


  • Bug fix: Corrected settings URL in plugin meta.
  • Bug fix: If plugin has never run before, ensure a default options array is generated.
  • Maintenance: Removed donation options and updated branding.


  • Enhancement: Added 'Plays inline' option for iOS devices.
  • Enhancement: Added extra Closed Caption option to better reflect how YouTube works - either on, off, or user default.
  • Enhancement: Added new option to force HTML5 playback (if available). This is an undocumented feature and, as such, may not actually work, depending on YouTube's current mood. If YouTube aren't going to support it then I'm certainly not going to so please don't shout if it doesn't work.
  • Enhancement: Lovely new icons for the lists page.
  • Enhancement: Improved the layout of the demo video on the profiles page.
  • Enhancement: Added a count to the profiles and lists screen to indicate how many are set up. Also showed on drop-down which of the profiles/lists are not defined.
  • Enhancement: Changes made to add compatibility with a3 lazy load.
  • Enhancement: Removed the caching - it created the output up to 3 times quicker but when that's 0.005 seconds it's not worth the hassle that comes with it. I started making performance improvements to compensate then realised it was such a big change that it would be best spun off as it's own seperate update - version 4.2. Look out for it.
  • Enhancement: Removed limitation of only being able to display up to 30 lists or profiles.
  • Enhancement: When you can select a profile from another screen (e.g. defining a profile to an alternative shortcode) then only defined profiles will be listed.
  • Enhancement: Added general option to specify the YouTube interface language as well as to suppress debug output in the resulting code.
  • Enhancement: Fixed validation errors against thumbnails.
  • Enhancement: Changed the "Frameborder" option to a more general "Improve Validation" which does, well, just that. It improves the generated markup so that it will validate better (if that's your bag).
  • Enhancement: Added option to use a third party script to handle content resizing. Implemented iFrame Resizer v3.5.1 and FitVids.js 1.1.
  • Enhancement: If another plugin is using the same shortcode as this I now output a prompt in the admin area. Also added a setting to turn off this prompt just in case you're using the secondary shortcode and are happy for this.
  • Enhancement: Re-written code for help screens, including adding more information and additional tabs.
  • Maintenance: Moved the settings page to, well, the Settings menu option. It makes sense.
  • Maintenence: Removed the enable of the JS API, which is now deprecated.
  • Maintenance: Improved the admin screen output code - had made it more WordPress standard in version 4 but got some of the code wrong.


  • Maintenance: Not really a bug, but in some circumstances I wasn't initialising a variable used when generating the embed code. It worked fine but wasn't best practise so fixed. Sloppy.
  • Maintenance: Modified the default parameters so new user videos should appear with the same options as on YouTube itself. Consistent.
  • Maintenance: I ABSOLUTELY refuse to call this a bug. But I was calling get_the_excerpt() to build some of the video meta data. For some reason, still unknown to me, other plugins were crashing as a result of it. I've removed it for now but am investigating the cause. Frustrating.
  • Enhancement: WMODE is now only added to the embed URL if it's anything other than the default. Shrinkage.


  • Maintenance: Left some debug code in by mistake. Doh. Sometimes I'd forget my own head if it wasn't screwed on.... Apologies to those affected.


  • Maintenance: Removed a number of redundant/broken features. Learn more.
  • Maintenance: Updated download link to use KeepVid.
  • Maintenance: Re-written admin screen to use WordPress standard method of displaying settings. Oh, and the widget settings too.
  • Maintenance: ...speaking of which, revised the options available to widgets.
  • Maintenance: Merged many of the files where there wasn't a huge amount of content.
  • Maintenance: Renamed menu slugs as they were too generic and may cause clashes with other plugins or themes that are silly enough to do the same thing.
  • Enhancement: Revised profile screen to make it clearer, via the art of the icon, which parameters are compatible with which embed type.
  • Enhancement: If you go a bit "ape" with the parameters and manual playlists, it's possible to exceed the URL size limit. I've now put a check in place to report this, if it occurs.
  • Enhancement: Added modest branding as a parameter (before was only selectable via the profile screen).
  • Enhancement: Improved the meta data.
  • Bugs: Many of them. Fixed. Hoorah.


  • Maintenance: Added missing text domain, ready for automatic translation.


  • Maintenance: Updated admin screen headings for compatibility with 4.3.
  • Maintenance: Updated demo video on profile page. Just because.
  • Bug: Fixed (I hope) the problem with the editor button not appearing for some users. Thanks to Mark Aarhus for getting to the bottom of this for me.
  • Enhancement: Added donation link to plugin meta. Because I'm worth it.


  • Maintenance: Now working with newer playlist IDs (README instructions chaneged to reflect how to do this)
  • Maintenance: Resolved widget issues with version 4.3 of WordPress
  • Maintenance: Eliminated XSS problem in admin profile screen


  • Bug: One of the files was corrupt in the previous release - this is now fixed. Sorry :(


  • Maintenance: Remove reference to Google API, as videos are now not displaying as a result of v2 being retired. Will update the plugin more fully in future release


  • Maintenance: Ding, dong Applian has gone. Removed Vixy branding, updated README and language files to match
  • Maintenance: Removed those Vixy download links and restored the old method - will enhance this in a future release
  • Maintenance: Plugin had too much baggage so it could support old versions of WordPress. Why? Updated it to only support more recent versions but have removed lots of un-needed guff as well. The result - this version is 15% slimmer than the previous version. Win!
  • Maintenance: Spruced up the admin screens to match the new WordPress styling
  • Bug: Resolved a number of bugs as reported by users and spotted by myself. Thanks all! More fixes to come


  • Bug: Fixed issue where playlist was appearing for single videos
  • Maintenance: Improved Metadata standard


  • Bug: Prevented download bar SPAN from appearing even when switched off
  • Bug: Fixed issue that caused playlists to not appear
  • Enhancement: Added new shortcode for displaying video comments
  • Enhancement: IFRAME output now includes metadata
  • Enhancement: Editor button will now work with MCE4 editor (WP 3.9+)
  • Enhancement: SVG icon used in admin menu for WP 3.8+


  • Enhancement: Allow user to specify video resolution required (experimental)
  • Enhancement: Different languages can be specified for transcripts, other than the English default
  • Enhancement: API enabled on scripts by default, allowing for third-party modification
  • Enhancement: Can now add a link to YouTube under a video
  • Maintenance: Removed adverts from administration screen
  • Maintenance: Changed download bar default to be opt-in and re-worded option text


  • Bug: Fixed menu options shown in admin bar
  • Maintenance: Updated links to point to instructions on Vixy.net website
  • Enhancement: Validate download bar code to ensure it's secure
  • Enhancement: Passing blog language to language bar for i18n


  • Maintenance: Changed name, updated adverts, removed donation and sponsorship requests
  • Maintenance: Renamed function to match new name and also removed prefix from files, which were not required
  • Maintenance: Checked and updated all help URLs
  • Maintenance: Removed about and instruction pages which were felt were no longer needed
  • Maintenance: Updated icons
  • Enhancement: Updated download links to use code from Vixy. This is now switched on by default
  • Enhancement: Added option to provide an affiliate ID for use with the download bar - blog owners can make 30% from sales generated
  • Enhancement: Simplified the menu access rules which has resulted in resolving a number of existing issues
  • Bug: Fixed PHP error when allowing shortcodes in widgets


  • Maintenance: Using new website for video download link
  • Maintenance: README updated with new compatibility details and modified FAQs
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where some option screen text was not displaying
  • Bug: Fixed the feature pointer, which was no longer working
  • Enhancement: Added profile options to allow you to switch on video download link, as well as style the output


  • Bug: Fixed bug in uninstall routine
  • Enhancement: Replaced user of print_r in cache key generator with serialize, as this can cause problems with some hosting configurations


  • Bug: Fixed minimised script that adds editor button
  • Bug: Updated broken advert links
  • Bug: Fixed link in admin bar when using WP 3.1 - 3.3
  • Bug: Removed un-necessary cookie update that was causing errors in some situations
  • Maintenance: Updated WP 3.3+ admin bar options to correctly reflect permissions, naming and ordering of equivalent admin menu


  • Bug: Fixed a bug that means videos have zero width on new installations until the default profile is updated (thanks to Aidan from Noise Republic for reporting that)
  • Bug: Corrected URLs pointing to help screens
  • Bug: Resolved issue where translated IDs were not corrected if included in a URL (thanks to kchayka for reporting that)
  • Bug: Fixed problem where video ID is not found in full URL if not specified first (thanks to christopherw for reporting that)
  • Bug: Modest branding profile switch wasn't doing anything - the option was hard-coded on. Now corrected
  • Bug: User defined error message now decodes correctly (thanks to kchayka for reporting that)
  • Bug: No longer caches the video output if a random playlist has been selected
  • Maintenance: Updated advertisement engine code
  • Maintenance: Renamed README menu to Instructions
  • Maintenance: Assorted on-screen wording improvements
  • Maintenance: Removed title option as it's un-supported
  • Maintenance: Updated the uninstall routine
  • Maintenance: Cleaned code and updated translation files
  • Enhancement: Added Do Not Track compatibility. Once active, if user has Do Not Track in use then cookies will not be stored
  • Enhancement: New option to specify the shortcode that the editor button uses. A cookie is used to store this
  • Enhancement: New option to switch on shortcodes in widgets. This will allow all shortcodes in widgets, though, not just those for this plugin
  • Enhancement: Reviewed and updated access right to admin screen. Added option to choose what level has access to profiles and/or lists screen
  • Enhancement: Many functions were only activated if user was not in Administration screens. However, using AJAX on your site triggers the administration flag and, hence, the functions would not work. Changed this
  • Enhancement: Added option to modify access to Profile and Lists screen
  • Enhancement: Improved the cache clearing option and statistics
  • Enhancement: Reflected on profile screen that modest branding now works with HTML5 player
  • Enhancement: Added option to thumbnail output to suppress the link, so that you can add your own
  • Enhancement: Updated "Controls" option to support new third parameter and update definitions. Ensured backwards compatibility with old parameter options


  • Maintenance: Restricted access to Options and Profiles screen to administrators
  • Bug: Fixed bug which caused errors to be generated on new installations of plugin
  • Enhancement: Set a default width if the content_width global variable is set to zero


  • Maintenance: Updated sponsorship - now includes option to switch off if user has donated
  • Maintenance: Updated options screen to reflect the fact that the related and color parameters are now supported by the HTML5 player
  • Maintenance: Updated options screen to show that the info parameter, if used alongside a playlist will show thumbnails of the videos
  • Maintenance: Removed redundant GA code, which was never used
  • Maintenance: Combined scripts
  • Bug: Fixed internationalisation
  • Bug: Fixed output of video information on the Lists option screen
  • Bug: Modified cache key so that length does not exceed MySQL field maximum
  • Bug: Added close anchor for media meta - causes unclosed anchor under IE9 (thanks to Marcel Bootsman for identifying this)
  • Bug: Responsive video was not working on a demonstration video in Profile screen


  • Bug: Fixed bug that prevented some fields in options screens to not save


  • Bug: Fixed further issues with the widget code (thanks to Rose-Anne Constantineau for reporting it and helping me test the result)
  • Maintenance: Improved some of the internationalisation texts
  • Maintenance: Neatened up some of the code output


  • Bug: Fixed a bug where widgets weren't showing single videos (thanks to Josh Callaghan for reporting this)


  • Bug: Fixed a bug with Admin Bar when using WP 3.1 - 3.3 (thanks to Carl D'Halluin for finding this)


  • Maintenance: Updated code to work with new playlist options
  • Maintenance: Removed embedded URL option due to issues with existing code (see FAQ for details)
  • Maintenance: Added further FAQs based on common forum queries
  • Maintenance: Wording on options screens changed to better identify differences between players
  • Maintenance: Added advertisement to profile screen
  • Maintenance: Modified demonstration video and made sponsorship request more visible
  • Maintenance: Changes the YouTube admin screen icon
  • Enhancement: Download link now uses deturl.com
  • Enhancement: Admin Bar link improved in WP 3.3 onwards
  • Enhancement: New user upload and search features added
  • Enhancement: Now supports ability to specify the time to stop video playback
  • Enhancement: Default windowing mode changed to improve performance
  • Enhancement: FRAMEBORDER is switchable for the purpose of HTML5 compatibility
  • Enhancement: Added internationalisation
  • Enhancement: README in admin menu now shows the corresponding README for the version of the plugin you have installed, rather than the latest one
  • Enhancement: Added option to admin screen to clear video cache (see FAQ for details)
  • Enhancement: Allow recursive shortcodes - that is, shortcodes within the YouTube shortcode
  • Bug: Fixed bug in retrieving the video title
  • Bug: Resolved various debug messages
  • Bug: Fixed bug in MCE button JavaScript


  • Maintenance: Removed dashboard widget


  • Maintenance: Re-sequenced the changelog in the README
  • Maintenance: Removed drop shadow option
  • Maintenance: Re-design of widgets, reducing number of parameters down to make it easier to use - use profiles to modify missing parameters
  • Maintenance: Updated YouTube icons
  • Enhancement: Added frameborder="0" to IFRAME code
  • Enhancement: Added Privacy-Enhanced mode. Doesn't work with Chromeless player.
  • Enhancement: Added title option, so you can name the video
  • Enhancement: Added ssl option, allowing you to override whether HTTP or HTTPS is used for the video
  • Enhancement: Added dynamic option (and matching Profile switch) to allow users to request dynamically resizing video (responsive). Additional option to allow specified width to be maximum
  • Enhancement: Made modestbranding a switchable option (switchable in profile options but not on video-by-video basis) due to issues with Apple devices
  • Enhancement: Improved matching of URL embedded into post
  • Enhancement: If you have the README Parser plugin installed then a new sub-menu will display the README instructions
  • Enhancement: Use WP 3.3 Feature Pointer to highlight new menu when plugin is activated
  • Bug: Ensure showinfo parameter is set correctly
  • Bug: If width or height is missing from Profile screen then fill it in based on widescreen format. Otherwise, causes video to break
  • Bug: Video information was being fetched from caching even if option selected to switch it off. Fixed!


  • Maintenance: Removed the sponsorship


  • Enhancement: Editor button will add text between shortcodes if no URL or ID is specified
  • Enhancement: Square brackets are stripped from alternative shortcodes on option screen - text added to warn against this too
  • Enhancement: Added Chromeless player option
  • Enhancement: Increased maximum output length of profile and list names to 30 characters
  • Bug: Fixed incorrect listing of long profile or list names
  • Bug: Fixed INCLUDE bug in widgets.php


  • Maintenance: Updated dashboard widget to latest version
  • Maintenance: Added advertising banners to options screen - these can be turned off if you donate
  • Enhancement: Replace WP_PLUGIN_URL with plugins_url()
  • Enhancement: Added H and W as alternative shortcode parameters to HEIGHT and WIDTH
  • Enhancement: Editor button should appear for anyone from editor role upwards
  • Enhancement: Removed maximum length from profile and list names. However, only first 20 characters will appear in lists


  • Enhancement: New option to switch API options (where HTTP or HTTPS, display messages or not or even switch off)
  • Enhancement: Output video playback errors as XHTML comments. Output to post a generic message which can be changed in the options
  • Enhancement: Video information is shown in lists screen when first entering (no need to press Save button to display)
  • Enhancement: Added new color parameter, which allows you to specify the color of the progress bar
  • Enhancement: Added new theme parameter, allowing you to specify if the player is dark or light skinned
  • Enhancement: Added new https parameter, allowing you to use HTTPS instead of HTTP for the video display
  • Enhancement: Added new version parameter to thumbnails, allowing different versions (including a high resolution one) to be displayed
  • Enhancement: Added new administration option to allow the thumbnail used in RSS feeds to be specified
  • Enhancement: Log the current plugin version into the database. This may be of use in future upgrades to detect which version the user is upgrading from
  • Bug: Fixed video title no longer being fetched since 2.0.3 (because of using v2 of API)
  • Bug: Fixed some error output - due to changes made in an earlier release some errors would not display


  • Enhancement: Removed HTTPS access to gdata API - will add a switchable option for this in a later release


  • Enhancement: Decode any passed template parameters, as WP may have encoded the content first
  • Enhancement: Improved file handling
  • Enhancement: Now using HTTPS and version 2 of YouTube gdata API
  • Enhancement: New general option to switch off reporting of API errors - will simply accept ID and work out type
  • Maintenance: Added details to the README to cover issues with style backwards compatibility and YouTube API


  • Enhancement: Strip tags from video ID, in case any have crept in
  • Enhancement: Tidied some of the widget controls
  • Enhancement: You can now specify YouTube short URLs as video IDs
  • Bug: Removed reference to jscolor.js script, which isn't used
  • Bug: Video IDs beginning with numbers are being confused with list numbers
  • Bug: Corrected problem with random single videos being picked from a list
  • Bug: Fixed problem with list where one video was being ignored and another repeated
  • Bug: Modified widget code to allow for all states to be allowable. Defaults updated
  • Bug: YouTube documentation states that if you don't specify the fullscreen parameter it will default to off. It doesn't. Corrected in the code


  • Enhancement: Changed cache key encoding so that it was compatible with PHP 4
  • Enhancement: Added autoplay option to EmbedPlus
  • Enhancement: Re-instated style option, allowing you to apply a direct set of CSS elements to the output - a requirement if you wish to add a border to the video, for instance
  • Maintenance: Updated screens and documentation to show the start parameter works with EmbedPlus
  • Bug: Fixed incorrect caching of options - was only changing if override parameters were modified
  • Bug: Video Information Cache will no longer reset to zero if the Embed cache is greater
  • Bug: Added random ID to EmbedPlus output to resolve a bug that can affect IE users


  • Maintenance: Renamed to Artiss YouTube Embed from YouTube Embed
  • Maintenance: Major re-write, using new coding standards
  • Maintenance: AS3 player is now used, AS2 has been retired
  • Maintenance: Compliancy and browser checked - XHTML and HTML5 compliant and works in all the latest browsers
  • Maintenance: README completely re-written, contextual help added to admin screens and links to further information
  • Enhancement: New administration screens, introducing multiple profiles and playlists
  • Enhancement: Both OBJECT and IFRAME versions can be selected
  • Enhancement: Migration options added, allowing compatibility with other similar plugins
  • Enhancement: Can now specify full video URL as well as video ID
  • Enhancement: No need to use separate shortcode for playlists, as they are automatically detected. Video IDs are also now validated
  • Enhancement: Options to allow YouTube URLs not within shortcodes to be accepted, as well as in comments
  • Enhancement: RDFa metadata added to code output
  • Enhancement: Caching of code and ID checking to improve performance
  • Enhancement: Templating system replaces CSS specification
  • Enhancement: Improved editor button and link added to admin bar
  • Enhancement: Many, many more changes - too many to list!


  • Enhancement: Added clone of 'youtube' shortcode, called 'youtube_video'
  • Enhancement: Editor now has YouTube button, which inserts the YouTube shortcode (this can be switched off in the options screen)
  • Enhancement: Added new option to disable keyboard controls
  • Enhancement: Added option to supply a ratio, in case height or width are not supplied - the missing parameter will then be calculated
  • Enhancement: Option to create a download link (for video and playlist) using function call or shortcode
  • Enhancement: You can now change on the options screen which set of parameters the demonstration video uses (i.e. "normal" or EmbedPlus). This allows you to try your options on a different video type without switching to it.


  • Enhancement: Added keyboard disable option
  • Bug: Fixed bug which meant that people upgrading from previous versions may not be able to display video until they've been to the options screen and re-saved their default options


  • Enhancement: HD option is available with EmbedPlus - updated the admin and widget screen to reflect this


  • Maintenance: Tidied up code
  • Enhancement: Now supports multiple widgets - widget code completely re-written
  • Enhancement: Support for EmbedPlus added
  • Enhancement: Added option to suppress links back to YouTube
  • Enhancement: Added functions and shortcodes for returning and outputting available transcripts


  • Enhancement: New widget option to specify title


  • Enhancement: Added transparency option so that videos won't cover up layers


  • Enhancement: Minor changes to the XHTML code to prevent warnings from certain validators


  • Maintenance: Updated test video on options screen, as previous one had been removed
  • Maintenance: Confirmed WP 3.0 compatibility
  • Enhancement: Resulting XHTML code is better formatted, with comments identifying code location


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 11 hours ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


7 of 7 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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