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YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel gallery, or playlist gallery. Add thumbnails, analytics, caching...

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.5

  • thumbnail stacking for mobile galleries
  • better support for ajax themes
  • alt text to images

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.4

  • (Free) Improved subscribe button CSS and a new migration option.
  • (Pro) Improved accessibility for popup lightbox galleries.

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.3.1

  • (Free) improved debug mode messages
  • (Pro) autonext for popup lightbox galleries and hide clear cache button option

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.3

  • Improved responsive sizing for AJAX-based themes
  • Popup lightbox display option for Pro galleries

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.2

  • Adds improved wizard and gallery options for Free and Pro users.
  • Improved handling of PHP notices.
  • Clear cache shortcut added for Pro users.

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.1

  • Automatic continuous play for playlist and channel gallery embeds.
  • Ability to add a YouTube channel subscription link to all galleries.
  • Ability to hide Previous/Next buttons and page numbers.
  • Featured images can now be pulled from playlists (using the thumbnail of the first video).

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.0.1

Improves HTTPS support for structured data tags, and HTTPS support in Firefox.

WordPress YouTube Embed 11.0

Improves playlist and gallery embedding functionality.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.9

This version offers a host of updates: compatibility fixes, higher quality featured images, selective responsive sizing, wizard enhancements, and circular shaped thumbnails.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.8

This update improves compatibility and adds features to Free and Pro galleries.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.7

Adds legacy option.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.6

Enhanced debugging support for galleries.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.5

Enhanced gallery settings for scrolling, video titles, and thumbnail styling.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.4

Addresses limitations some users were getting when pasting a YouTube channel and/or playlist gallery.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.3

Adds the ability to make playlist and channel embeds have a gallery layout. By the default, the plugin can generate a grid-based responsive playlist and channel gallery >>

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.2

Adds start video settings for playlist embeds. You can now choose to start a playlist with a specific video or have the plugin automatically start with the most recently added video.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.1

Adds the ability to automatically migrate from another plugin's shortcode. Caching feature now allows lifetime settings. Improved compatibility with other plugins using the YouTube API.

WordPress YouTube Embed 10.0

This update includes improved tips (Free and Pro) and adds caching to the Pro version for faster page loading.

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.8

Upgraded code to use YouTube API v3.

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.7

Adds improved accessibility for screen readers and video thumbnail as featured image support.

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.5

Site origin information with each embed code as an extra security measure. In YouTube's/Google's own words, checking this option "protects against malicious third-party JavaScript being injected into your page and hijacking control of your YouTube player." We especially recommend checking it as it adds higher security than the built-in YouTube embedding method that comes with the current version of WordPress (i.e. oembed).

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.4

Adds Autofit Widget option for Free and PRO users. Also adds slide from left animation to PRO effects >>

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.3

Improved volume functionality and interface updates (Free and PRO). Special effects added to PRO version >>

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.2

HTTPS/SSL detection is now fully automatic. The manual checkbox is no longer needed.

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.1

With this version, the plugin can now automatically detect your site's default language and set the interface of the embedded YouTube player to match.

WordPress YouTube Embed 9.0

Adds automatic localization/internationalization so you can set the player's interface language from English to another.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.9

Allows volume level initialization.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.8

  • Better embedplus plugin conflict notifications.
  • Greater emphasis on HTTPS support due to Google's recent announcement about HTTPS/SSL as an SEO/SERP signal.
  • Supports latest version of WordPress (3.9.2).

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.7

(PRO) Extends the plugin's existing tagging capabilities by also adding Open Graph markup to enhance Facebook sharing/discovery of your pages.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.6

Expanded HTTPS/SSL support.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.5

This update features a new iOS related option for both Free and PRO users. PRO users additionally have the new mobile compatibility checker.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.4

This update features improved responsive theme support for both Free and PRO versions. It also adds refined schema tag support to the Pro SEO feature.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.3

Now compatible with WordPress 3.9.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.2

An at a glance regex impromevent (all users). Dashboard now warns you of embeds that are blocked from your visitors in other countries (PRO).

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.1

Fixes rare YouTube ID issue.

WordPress YouTube Embed 8.0

Fixes rare ajax issue.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.9

YouTube searching and inserting now works in Text mode of the editor too.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.8

"At a Glance" direct access to YouTube posts/pages.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.7

Fixes black bar issue when no height/width is specified.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.6

Added notice about Google's HD problem.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.5

Ability to embed an entire channel as a playlist embed.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.3

Change the color of the progress bar from red to white.

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.2

Added music video extras to inspire your posts (PRO).

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.1

Added autohide controls feature

WordPress YouTube Embed 7.0

Shortcode support for embedding multiple videos on one line

WordPress YouTube Embed 6.4

Fixes for some users of WordPress 3.8

WordPress YouTube Embed 6.3

Removed possible e_notices.

WordPress YouTube Embed 6.2

Given the increasing focus on privacy, the no-cookies options was added as a free option to all users. Priority support enhancements also made.

WordPress YouTube Embed 6.1

Easier access to general settings and dashboard.

WordPress YouTube Embed 6.0

This version opens up the ability to view Internet video discussions to all wizard users. Also, due to numerous users being unable to find the wizard button, we moved it up next to the "Add Media" button. Finally, we added Video SEO tags as a PRO option.

WordPress YouTube Embed 5.1

Added ability to set default dimensions. Enhanced compatibility with SSL sites.

WordPress YouTube Embed 5.0

Built-in YouTube video search, viewing, and insertion right from your editor tab (for all users). The ability to review the latest web discussions about a video you want to embed before embedding it (PRO users). Other minor optimizations.

WordPress YouTube Embed 4.8

Works when pasting embed link in sidebar text widgets

WordPress YouTube Embed 4.7

Improved separation of PRO and Free features in the UI

WordPress YouTube Embed 4.6

Added optional responsive video layout to fit all screen sizes. (smart phone, PC and tablet)

WordPress YouTube Embed 4.5

Added support for playlists. added support for wmode.

WordPress YouTube Embed 4.1

Fixed spacing issue. Also added ability to fall back to old spacing format.

WordPress YouTube Embed 4.0

New features for all users: lazy loading for the flash player by default and the ability to hide player controls for a cleaner look.

WordPress YouTube Embed 3.7

Enhanced deleted video checker for PRO users

WordPress YouTube Embed 3.5

Added ability to try to force HTML5 player to speed up page loading

WordPress YouTube Embed 3.3

HTTPS: Added secure YouTube embedding

WordPress YouTube Embed 3.2

Ensures video-specific height overrides defaults properly

WordPress YouTube Embed 3.1

Fixed obscure height problem

WordPress YouTube Embed 3.0

Added Visual YouTube Wizard for PRO users Added autologin to analytics for PRO users Added priority support form for PRO users

WordPress YouTube Embed 2.6

Compatible with WP 3.6

WordPress YouTube Embed 2.4

Added auto HD support Support for shorthand (i.e. "http://www.youtu.be") Fixed editor issue

WordPress YouTube Embed 2.3

Start/end time shortcut bug fix

WordPress YouTube Embed 2.2

Minor changes

WordPress YouTube Embed 2.1

By request from several users, we've added easier access to the video analytics dashboard

WordPress YouTube Embed 2.0

This upgrade specifically integrates a user-friendly YouTube Analytics Dashboard to this plugin so you can learn a lot more about the videos you post. Download it if you would like it to use your site's YouTube-related activity to help answer questions like:

  • How much are your visitors actually watching the videos you post?
  • How does the view activity on your site compare to other sites like it?
  • What and when are your best and worst performers?
  • How much do the producers of the YouTube videos you embed rely on your site for views?

We think these are all interesting questions; however, note that there's no need to upgrade if you don't.

WordPress YouTube Embed 1.1

Fixed minor bug.

WordPress YouTube Embed 1.0

First release uploaded to the plugin repository.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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