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YOP Poll

Use a full option polling solution to get the answers you need. YOP Poll is the perfect, easy to use poll plugin for your wordpress site.

This plugin was especially designed for flexibility and it is very easy to use. We don't expect you to encounter serious issues, but we included a list with some logical questions that you may find useful.

How can I create a poll?

Go to your YOP Poll menu and select the "Add New" option. Fill the required information according to the examples we included: name, question, answers (add additional ones if you need), select the start/end date for your poll, and decide on the advanced settings for results, votes, voters, accessibility etc. Once you decided on all your poll details, click on "Save". To view your new poll access "All Polls" from your main menu and choose the corresponding entry from the list.

How can I link a poll to my webpage?

Under "All Polls", each poll has an option called "Get Code". Clicking on that will display a popup that generates the code you need to place in your page or post. This is it. Check your page or post now.

Do you have some predefined shortcodes that I can use?

Yes Current Active Poll ID = -1: [yop_poll id="-1"] Latest Poll id = -2: [yop_poll id="-2"] Random Poll id = -3: [yop_poll id="-3"]

Can I have more than one poll active?

Yes, you can run multiple polls at the same time or you can schedule them to begin one after another using the "Select start/end date" option.

Can I ask for additional information from my voters?

Yes, you can customize your poll to request additional information. Eg. name, email, age, profession. To include this, when you create your poll using the "Add New" form, expand "Custom Fields" section and include as many requests as you need.

How can I create/modify a template?

Access the "Templates" menu. If you want to create a new template use the "Add new" option and include the corresponding HTML/visual code. If you want to modify an existing template, select it from the Templates list and choose "Edit". You will access the HTML/visual code you want to edit.

How do I check the results?

Locate the poll you want to evaluate by accessing "All Polls". Below the name of the poll you have several options. Use the "View Votes" link to track the results of the poll, or access the "Logs" for a more detailed evaluation.

What is the difference between Options and Poll Options for each poll?

Options (located under plugin menu) is the way to specifify general settings for all your polls. If you want to go further and customize each poll, these settings will take precedence over Options settings.

How can I edit access to YOP Poll for administrators, editors, authors?

To do this, in your wordpress go to Plugins->Editor. On the right choose Yop Poll as the plugin to be edited. The file you need to edit is yop-poll/inc/admin.php. The file you need to edit is yop-poll/inc/admin.php. Once you open the file, do a search for function current_user_can. In that function you can find the options you need to edit.

How can I see the results after the poll ends?

Edit your poll and in "View Results:" choose "After Poll End Date" and save.

How can I add a Poll Archive page on my website?

From your WordPress menu create a new page that contains [yop_poll_archive] and has the permalink http://www.yourwebsite.com/polls/

How can I add a hyperlink in the poll question or add a photo as an answer?

To add a link to your question you can use [link text] To add a photo as an answer you can use

Can I add more than one question to a poll?

You can have only one question per poll. If you want to ask more than one question, you have to create a poll for each one.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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