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YieldKit Affiliate Marketing

YieldKit generates affiliate links out of already existing product links and product names, brands or merchants – fully automatically.

What is YieldKit?

YieldKit monetizes your content by converting product links and keywords into affiliate links. YieldKit tools generate affiliate links out of more than 50.000 affiliate programs – fully automatically. The product YieldLink converts existing product links that are placed on your website into affiliate links. YieldWord recognizes keywords such as product names, brand or shop names in the content of your website and turns these into affiliate links. You earn money once a user purchases a product or generates a lead. In case you are already using affiliate marketing on your site, you will be relieved from all the time-consuming work that is attached to it. YieldKit works immediately, right after you signed in and integrated the short JavaScript code into the source code of your website. So only 5 minutes of work for you and you start earning money right away.

What does YieldKit cost?

Nothing. You can sign up for free so using our service is absolutely risk-free.

How does YieldKit earn money?

The formula is simple: you earn a commission on every sale that is generated through your website. YieldKit takes 25% as fee from that commission you earn through YieldLink. For YieldWord a variable amount of money is paid to you, depending on the type of campaign and the performance of your keywords.

How do I sign up?

It's simple, just complete the registration form and you can start using YieldKit right away.

Will my visitors know I use YieldKit?

The YieldKit system lets the normal link (the one you created) appear and then turns it into an affiliate link. However, this only occurs when the user clicks through. Therefore, casual users will notice no discernable difference. In the end, this approach helps to build consumer trust and increases click through rates!

What if I already have affiliated links showing on my website?

Our system does not over-write any affiliate links you create on your website unless you change that in your account settings. So you can work with your current partners as you did before. However, we can help you manage your affiliate links for you. We offer better rates than our competitors because of our scale, along with consolidated reporting, accurate link creations, fast maintenance and one simple paycheck for you to cash.

Does the code affect other ads on my website?

Not at all. The YieldKit code does not affect any advertising widgets, ad text or any other existing partnerships you may already have.

When do I get paid?

YieldKit payments are made at the end of each and every month. We send you the cleared account balance, provided it is over €30.00. If it’s under €30.00, we will carry over your balance to the next month and then send a payment out as soon as you surpass the minimum figure. Certain payments may require up to two months for clearance. This is to protect you from any disappointment that might result from fraudulent buys, refunds and canceled commissions. As a general policy, advertisers have the right to cancel a commission related to a transaction for up to two months days after the sale is made. After this time passes, commissions are paid.

Requires: 2.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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