Yet Another Photoblog


Convert your WordPress Blog into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full range of WordPress functions and plugins: Benefit from the big community WordPress has to offer.

What is YAPB / What can you expect?

  • A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts wp into a easy useable photoblog system
  • Easy image upload – All wordpress post-features can be used
  • On the fly thumbnail generation – Use multiple thumbnail sizes where and when you need them: Thumbnail generation gets controlled by the theme.
  • EXIF data processing and output
  • Self-learning EXIF filter – Your own cameras tags can be selected to be viewed.
  • Full i18n-Support through gnutext mo/po files
  • YAPB Plugin Infrastructure for extended functionality
  • Ping additional update-service-sites when posting a photoblog entry.
  • Nearly every WP-theme can become a photoblog in virtually no time.
  • Out of the box configurable “latest images” sidebar widget
  • You’ll get a photoblog system based on wordpress – Decide if you want to post a normal WordPress article or a photoblog entry. Be free to use all available extensions / plugins of the WordPress platform 😉
  • Be the owner of your own photos on your own webhost

YAPB is a photoblog plugin

One post, one image, one description. Your image should be worth that. If you need to display multiple images in one post – Just download and use one of the several available gallery plugins for WordPress.

More Information

Plugins i currently know of

Translations i currently know of


  • YAPB integrates thightly into wordpress
  • You get extra functionality on your new post and edit post mask
  • Seamless integration in other areas of your admin panel
  • The quick info on your dashboard gives you a rough overview
  • The detailed info/options page gives you alot possibilities
  • Use the automattic image insertion feature or adapt your theme manually to show your images
  • Easely display EXIF data of your images; list alternative image formats
  • Just click an option to integrate your images into RSS2 and atom feeds


  1. Go to Plugins/Add New
  2. Enter the term “YAPB” and start the search
  3. Click on “Yet Another Photoblog”
  4. Click on “install”
  5. Go to “admin panel/plugins” and activate YAPB

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Finally: Enjoy and share your photography

Really: do and share some serious photography so everybody may discover your view and interpretation of the world.


Have a look at the YAPB FAQ Page.

Contributors & Developers

“Yet Another Photoblog” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2016-12-29, Release 1.10.15

  • Update to phpThumb 1.7.13 to avoid php7 strict warnings

2015-09-14, Release 1.10.14

  • Update from Savant2 to Savant3 Templating Engine
  • Update function signatures to avoid strict error messages for calling non-static methods in a static way
  • Tested with 4.3

2014-10-01, Release 1.10.13

  • Bugfix: Supress warnings of function wp_handle_upload which causes problems on some configurations

2014-06-08, Release 1.10.12

  • New Feature: All Feed augmentations generate the thumbnail before feed delivery

2014-06-07, Release 1.10.11

  • Bugfix: Thumbnail configuration for RSS enclosures was ignored
  • New Feature: Thumbnails embedded as RSS enclosures get generated before feed delivery

2013-01-17, Release 1.10.10

  • Bugfix: Broken RSS Feed-Output in WP 3.5 fixed (Thanks to Jan for the report)

2012-10-11, Release 1.10.9

  • Bugfix: Facebook thumbnail needs an og:image instead of an og:url meta tag (Shame over me)

2012-10-11, Release 1.10.8

  • New Feature: Additional Facebook thumbnail integration via og:url meta value (Thanks to Jorge Otero for feedback)
  • Bugfix: More stable default value implementation in YapbExifTagnamesOption.class.php (Thanks to Daviz for the feedback)
  • Bugfix: Check for $post existance before checking for post property in Yapb.class.php (Thanks to baztoune for the feedback)
  • Bugfix: check for concrete ability name instead of deprecated authorization value (number) (Thanks to Aaron Welles for feedback)

2012-06-11, Release 1.10.7

  • Security Fix: Deleted phpThumb demo directory (Thanks to Scott Reilly for the report)
  • Actualized german translation
  • Bugfix: Warning from YabpExifTagnamesOption.class.php catched (Thanks to Anne for the feedback)

2012-01-10, Release 1.10.6

  • Bug Workaround for users of plugin User-Access-Manager: plugin calls various functions from wp-includes/pluggable.php without checking if those functions are in scope at calling time causing major problems in connection with YAPB.

2012-01-10, Release 1.10.5

  • Enhanced automatic image insertion feature: Much more finegrained options for every section of the theme (Thanks to Jorge for the feedback)

2012-01-08, Release 1.10.4

  • Additional feature: Facebook post thumbnail metadata feature

2011-11-21, Release 1.10.3

  • Code Brushup: PHP 5.3 compatibility

2011-11-07, Release 1.10.2

  • Code Brushup: Several refactorings to remove deprecated function calls (Thanks to YellowShark for analysis and detailed feedback)

2011-11-07, Release 1.10.1

  • BugFix: Fixed broken file upload in Internet Explorer 8+ (Thanks to Lev for the technical hint and Philippe for the IE bug report)

2011-11-05, Release 1.10

  • Major brushup of the YAPB-Options page
  • Update to phpThumb 1.7.11
  • Update of .po file
  • Actualized german base translation
  • Additional feature: If files are missing: You now may view posts belonging to the missing file and clean up according database entries if needed

2011-09-06, Release 1.9.32

  • Compatibility Patch: Enable YAPB-ImageUpload on “User” – VHosts (eg. URLs starting with /~username)

2011-09-06, Release 1.9.31

  • Additional feature: If files are missing, YAPB doesn’t throw warnings anymore: You get a listing of all missing files on the YAPB Options Page.

2011-09-06, Release 1.9.30

  • Compatibility Patch: Enable phpThumb thumbnail generation even on strange configured servers (many thanks to Artisan Guitars for a sample server)

2011-07-18, Release 1.9.29

  • WPMU-Compat Patch (thanks to Dario Ernst for the tip and the working solution)

2011-06-14, Release 1.9.28

  • Security Update: Improved general prevention of parameter injection to phpThumb 1.7.9 (many thanks to Joost@yoast and jon@lionsgoroar)

2011-06-14, Release 1.9.27

  • Security Update: General prevention of parameter injection to phpThumb 1.7.9 which has problems with parameter validation.

2011-04-14, Release 1.9.26

  • Bugfix: If “Settings / Media / Store uploads in this folder” wasn’t set by the blog owner, YAPB throws an error after uploading the image. It now assumes the default value “wp-content/uploads”.
  • Closure of the yapb-support-forum: I give up. Since i don’t seem able to secure MyBB against spammers (and i tried) i have to close it.

2010-03-02, Release 1.9.25

  • Bugfix: Added missing parameter $liclass in YAPB template function yapb_get_alternative_image_formats($limits, $liclass)
  • Bugfix: Corrected yapb_is_photoblog_post so it doesn’t throw notices anymore

2009-12-28, Release 1.9.24

  • New feature: Set default jpeg quality for all thumbnails at “YAPB / Thumbnailer Options / Default JPEG output quality” (Thanks to Alex Sorokoletov)
  • Went through all used strings to allow proper translation (Thanks to Gianni from
  • Happy new year!

2009-12-23, Release 1.9.23

  • Included passthrough of quality parameter in YapbThumbnailer.php
  • Tested up to WP 2.9
  • Happy christmas to all photographers out there!

2009-08-21, Release 1.9.22

  • Security Fix: Removed XSS Cross Site Scripting possibility via YapbThumbnailer.php (Special thanks to Andrew Nairn @ Gotham Digital Science – London, UK for recherching and reporting the issue)

2009-08-13, Release 1.9.21

  • Bugfix: Wrong by-reference argument in callback for WP Filter “the_posts” causing PHP 5.3 to throw an error (Thanks to Lear for reporting and debugging)

2009-06-29, Release 1.9.20

  • Bugfix: Activation does not work in WP 2.6 because of WP 2.7 function call in lib/Yapb.class.php (Thanks to M.G.F. M�gling for the feedback)

2009-06-14, Release 1.9.19

  • Tested with WP 2.8 (it’s working on my own, updated blog)
  • phpThumb library updated to version 1.7.9

2009-01-15, Release 1.9.18


  • Problems with detection of absolute paths on windows hosts in method YapbImage::systemFilePath
  • Incorrect checking for empty wordpress options in Yapb.class.php (Thanks to buonaluce)

2009-01-14, Release 1.9.17

Additional features:

  • New filter hook: yapb_upload_image
  • Enhanced YapbDiagnostics
  • Thumbnails in RSS feeds: title attribute in href and alt attribute in image tag – happy validating
  • Yahoo media RSS 1.1.12 integration


  • Next try of a stable workaround for unreliable DOCUMENT_ROOT settings on some hosts

2008-12-22, Release 1.9.16

Bugfix: Problems with absolute upload_dir settings in WP (Thanks to jocose and 93dots)

2008-12-20, Release 1.9.15

Bugfix: Wrong hook used to insert style tag for the automatic image insertion (Thanks to lars for giving feedback).

2008-12-17, Release 1.9.14

  • New feature: optional rss and atom feed media enclosure
  • New feature: optional xhtml-style imagetag at rss content integration (Thanks to max)
  • Admin Backend Eye Candy for nicer WordPress 2.7 integration
  • Change of the YAPB Automatic Image Insertion feature: No border=”0″ attribute in the imagetag anymore (Thanks to seriocomic)
  • Change of the YAPB thumbnail cache location: Better support for WP auto update and WP 2.7 auto plugin installation – AND it’s the right way to be done 😉
  • New internal admin notice infrastructure
  • Minor CSS changes for better WP 2.7 integration
  • General plugin and directory refactoring for more readable code
  • Happy christmas!


  • Update of the readme.txt to communicate two new translation released by Stas: Ukrainian and Russian!

2008-09-26, Release 1.9.12

  • Workaround/BugFix: YAPB Options Page problem with PHP running as CGI and SCRIPT_NAME reporting /cgi-bin/php4.cgi – Form now sends to REQUEST_URI

2008-09-22, Release 1.9.11

  • Adapted YAPB Plugin Infrastructure: Old version does only work with PHP5 thus rendering YAPB plugins useless on servers with PHP4. Thanks to Alarane for providing a testing environment.

2008-08-26, Release 1.9.10

Bugfix Try (Options of the YAPB Sidebar Widget not shown on the YAPB Plugin Page)

  • Moved execution of the yapb_register_plugin hook to the end of the WordPress plugin loading cycle

2008-08-20, Release 1.9.9

Compatibility issue:

Thumbnails file permission issue on some unix/php configurations: YAPB now tries to set Thumbnail file permission to 644 right after creation so webserver can access and serve it

Thanks to Bazyli for reporting and investigating

2008-08-20, Release 1.9.8

Small Bugfix in I18N code and adaption of the translation – Thanks to Aurelien Paulus for reporting

2008-08-08, Release 1.9.7

Small Bugfix in YAPB Options Classes – Thanks to mozkart for reporting

2008-07-28, Release 1.9.6

I18N release:

  • Adapted YAPB Options Page so that all strings may be translated
  • Actualized po-file
  • Updated german translation

2008-07-23, Release 1.9.5

WordPress 2.6 release:

  • Additional handling code to reflect the new WP post revisions feature
  • Silently removed beta status

2008-06-25, Release 1.9.4


  • Wrong parameter handover in yapb_thumbnail(…) template function (Thanks to Jeff Sayre for analyzing and solving this issue)

2008-06-25, Release 1.9.3

Additional feature:

  • Optional link around thumbnails in “Automatic Image Insertion” mode.
  • According configuration option on YAPB Options Page (On/Off and linktarget)

2008-06-24, Release 1.9.2

Several minor backend changes

  • Options Page: Moved Return-thumbnail-URL-as-valid-XHTML-option up into thumbnailer section
  • YapbImageClass: XHTML Override Parameter now really overrides the setting – Was previously only able to disable it
  • Several infrastructural changes to reflect changes in YAPB Sidebar Widget Plugin
  • Typo on Options Page

2008-06-18, Release 1.9.1

  • Bugfix: Call-time pass-by-reference at line 156 of Yapb.class.php (Thanks to Erik for reporting that issue)

2008-06-16, Release 1.9

  • Complete Brushup of the YAPB Options (Code candy) and YAPB Options Page (Eye candy).
  • New YAPB Plugin concept: YAPB centered plugins can register to hook which gets called right after YAPB initialization and may place their options on the YAPB options page
  • Migration of the YAPB Sidebar Widget to it’s own plugin: YAPB Sidebar Widget Plugin Page

2008-04-29, Release 1.8.2

  • Temporary phpExifRW Bug Workaround (Divizion by zero in line 857 in
  • Deprecated prototype.js calls replaced with according jQuery code

2008-04-17, Release 1.8.1

Enhanced configurability

  • More thumbnail flexibility in feeds: Define width and/or height, decide if you want the thumbnails to be cropped if you defined both.
  • Small brushups at the configuration page

2008-03-31, Release 1.8

WordPress 2.5 Backend Integration Release

  • Updated dashboard integration
  • Updated upload form integration
  • Updated options page


  • Migration prototype.js to jquery
  • More tightly integration into wordpress

2008-03-21, Release 1.7.4


  • Thumbnails didn’t get deleted on image replacement or deletion since release 1.7 (SEO thumbnail naming scheme change). Thanks to yeungda for providing a patch code snippet.

Due to major changes in WordPress 2.5, YAPB 1.7.4 is the last working release for WordPress 2.3.x



  • Template functions yapb_thumbnail and yapb_get_thumbnail didn’t use the class parameter (Thanks from Salzburg to Jorge Otero)

WordPress 2.3.3 release

  • YAPB now tested up to WordPress 2.3.3


Small Bugfix:

  • Call to YapbImage->transform in unused code branch causes warnings (thanks to Sean): Codebranch commented out
  • New global: YAPB_PLUGINDIR


Multiple brushups and additions

  • Heavy weight logging library (log4php) replaced by lightweight internal logging infrastructure thus hopefully minimizing memory footprint and disk usage of the plugin
  • “YAPB Latest Images” sidebar widget (activated on presentation/widgets and administered via the general YAPB options page)
  • SEO image names: thumbnails get prepended with the original image filename
  • YAPB now tested up to WordPress 2.3.2


General infrastructural brushup

  • Calculate plugins base path automatically so it may be installed to any direct subdirectory below wp-content/plugins
  • Plugin information centralized in the readme.txt file so i have only to change 1 instead of 4 files for a release.
  • YAPB now reads needed information directly out of the readme.txt
  • YapbDiagnostics output enhanced
  • Update to phpThumb 1.7.8.
  • Disabled phpExifRW thumbnail caching
  • Reviewed and hardened the plugin activation call & hook


Some minor infrastructural changes

  • Yapb Class and Instancing separated into two files


First WordPress 2.3 Release:

  • THANKS DAVE: Adaption of the _options_categories_array method


Template functions:

  • Change of yapb_thumbnail and yapb_get_thumbnail call
  • Additional yapb_image and yapb_get_image functions


Multiple changes

  • New LoggerAppenderCache for log4php so the YapbThumbnailer Script may return available errors again if called directly
  • Bugfix in YapbDiagnostics: Check for is_executable not required on windows systems
  • Additional global YAPB_EXECUTING_OS
  • YapbDiagnostics: Additional Output of YAPB version


Thumbnails in feeds are now surrounded by a link to the post – Thanks to fsimo for the idea



  • “Thumbnail generation on every request”


Added Log4PHP library for enhanced logging


Quick Info Display on Dashboard


Brushed up admin panel options page


First Bunch of Template Functions:

  • yapb_is_photoblog_post
  • yapb_get_thumbnail
  • yapb_thumbnail
  • yapb_get_exif
  • yapb_exif
  • yapb_get_alternative_image_formats
  • yapb_alternative_image_formats


Update of YapbDiagnostics to perform some automatic testing

  • Plugin Version and WordPress compatibility Testing


Update from phpThumb 1.7.6 to 1.7.7

  • Wild hack in YapbThumbnailer.php for hosts not having a correct DOCUMENT_ROOT setting. Greets to oxoxo.


Extended YapbThumbnailer Debug Code:

  • Output of phpThumb debug messages if thumbnail generation failed


Exact adjustment of all automatic insertion features in conjunction with the xhtml feature (theme and rss)

  • width and height in rss and atom feed inclusions


Additional readme file in cache dir so WinZip will extract this directory too – Thanks to GREGK for that tip.


General code refactorings

  • Semantical upgrade of comments
  • Minor code refactorings
  • Reinclusion and update of XHTML-Option (img tag now closed)
  • little interface brushup (background-gif for upload form)


WP 2.1 Infrastructure adaption:

  • Inclusion of general js libraries on YAPB options page over WordPress wp-includes/script-loader.php


Additional feature

  • Allow YAPB Image Upload for WordPress pages
  • Additional code and options for the automatic image insertion on pages
  • Change of plugin description
  • Change of version number (forgot that last time)


First set of adaptions to make YAPB WP 2.1 compatible

  • No use of $table_prefix anymore
  • No double integration of prototype.js anymore

Goals for the next time:

  • No use of deprecated WordPress infrastructure
  • Better integration through use of new WP infrastructure



  • GMT offset and delay before seeing post solved


Possible Bugfix

  • YapbImage::getInstanceFromDb now returns null instead of error if no $post->ID was provided.


Additional feature

  • Original image dimensions now available over YapbImage class (width and height attributes)


Additional feature

  • thumbnail dimensions now available over YapbImage class (Even if thumb wasn’t generated yet)


I’m to stupid to fix a bug sheme at the first time:

  • Bugfix: “Division by zero” Error on YAPB-Options-Page Section Statistics if no images where uploaded yet, but a file exists in thumbnails dir

Thanks to torontobroad



  • “Division by zero” Error on YAPB-Options-Page Section Statistics if no images where uploaded yet.

Thanks to Martin Ciastko and torontobroad



  • “Division by zero” Error on YAPB-Options-Page Section Statistics if no images where uploaded yet.



  • If defining a phpThumb single-usage parameter multiple times in method getThumbnailHref YAPB couldn’t locate the according cachefile – Though generating it on every access.


Back to BETA: 1.2: Major infrastructure adaption for better performance

  • Thighter phpThumb integration
  • Direct thumbnail creation and URL rendering
  • Manual cache management
  • Maintainance and Information part on Yapb-Options-Page
  • Upgrade to phpThumb 1.7.4


Release Candidate 1

  • Completed GnuText usage in sourcecode
  • Activated GnuText usage
  • Added a german language file
  • Added image tag inline css input fields on options page
  • Included some YAPB buttons


Added feature

  • Control over rss2 and atom feed thumbnail embedding.


Turned off EXIF thumbnail caching behaviour in ExifUtils usage of PHPExifRW so there’s no need for the .cache_thumbs directory anymore


Enhancement of XHTML BugFix

  • No ampersand replacement in rss2 feed (WordPress places a CDATA Block around content blocks so that’s not needed)


XHTML BugFix in YapbImage.class.php

  • Changed the Thumbnail URL generation to be XHTML compliant

Thanks for the tip to yovko at yovko dot net


Workaround in YapbImageFile and Yapb Class files

  • Method delivering correct system path of image file depended on CGI var “DOCUMENT_ROOT” – This may report wrong values in multi-hosting-enviroments. The wp-installation root get’s calculated now on YAPB-Startup and is defined as three directories above …/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/Yapb.class.php


Changed creation of YAPB_PLUGIN_PATH to use wp_option “siteurl” instead of “home”


JavaScript workaround in edit_form_advanced_javascript_injection.tpl.php, File upload didn’t work in Safari


Inserted “Automatic Template Insertion” for newbies and Added a bunch of related options to make it a little bit more flexible


Extended feeds (rss, rss2, atom): Every yapb-xml-item now contains an image-tag refering to a thumbnail of the image.


Extended options page offers a set of phpThumb options now, JS-DBX-Folders included for better structure and usability


Added flexible options engine – Options are stored in Yapb.class.php now


JavaScript workaround in edit_form_advanced_javascript_injection.tpl.php

File upload didn’t work in IE:

  • Node.enctype = ‘multipart/form-data’ just works in standard compatible browsers
  • Node.encoding = ‘multipart/form-data’ works in IE too


Little rearrangements on the options panel; Added option yapb_default_post_category_activate


Added update services pinging if posting photoblog-entry


Corrected bug in edit_publish_save_post():

  • Extracting the needed URI of an uploaded image failed if the wp siteurl option didn’t end with a slash.


Beta release


Alpha release