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Yes-co ORES

Directly post real estate objects from your Yes-co system to your wordpress blog with the Yes-co Open Real Estate System (Yes-co ORES) Plugin.


  • Added: support for tags/roles/external js loading in Yes-co Contact Form widget
  • Fixed: searching of NBpr objects with NBpr search widget


  • Added: Support for inline labels in Yes-co Contact Forms;
  • Added: Support for embedding a Yes-co Contact Form in pages or posts using a shortcode;


  • Fixed: number of child objects shown


  • Changed: several minor synchronisation code optimalizations


  • Fixed: support for wordpress version 4.0
  • Added: support for tags
  • Added: support for BBpr/BBty (when future upgrade to 3mcp 1.4 is done)
  • Changed: serveral code optimalizations


  • Added: support for both Yes-co 3mcp 1.3 and 1.4 (for future upgrade to 3mcp 1.4)
  • Changed: BOG status determined based upon the General/ObjectStatus
  • Changed: rewrote open house fields to html5 fields and fixed the store of it (when changed through WPadmin)


  • Fixed: embed url for youtube movies (so youtube uses HTML5 player instead of flash when possible)


  • Fixed: Open house time now displayed correctly for the timezone set in wp-admin


  • Changed: Embed code for YouTube now supports HTML5 display for iOS and other non flash devices/browsers;


  • Changed: Upgraded dojo from 1.8.3 to 1.9.3;
  • Fixed: Issue caused by the map when using WordPress 3.9 or higher in combination with Bootstrap;
  • Fixed: Issue with the info window on the maps;


  • Fixed: number of found objects of search form widgets when used on page without objects


  • Fixed: project upload folders are now also removed when project is revoked
  • Fixed: Fatal error on WordPress 3.7


  • Fixed: Synchronization between Yes-co system and WordPress for WordPress 3.6.1
  • Added: Technical documentation


  • Changed: Upgraded dojo from 1.5.0 to 1.8.3;
  • Changed: Updated SvzMaps to version 0.6.2 using AMD Module system;
  • Added: Widget to render a map with post types;
  • Added: Shortcode to render a map within a post or page;
  • Added: Ability to select the location of an object using a map;
  • Added: Ability to generate a shortcode to use in a page or post using a map;
  • Added: Support to add a location to the Relation objects;
  • Fixed: Kantooruimte renamed to Kantoorruimte;
  • Fixed: E_NOTICE for openhuis;
  • Changed: Wonenobject now shows the Bijzonderheden as a readonly field;
  • Fixed: Foto slider navigation to the right fixed for Firefox;
  • Fixed: Sliders now work on touch based devices;
  • Added: Theme's can now influence the registration of categories when synchronizing projects by adding a function "yog_plugin_register_new_categories" and "yog_plugin_get_categories";


  • Fixed: Objects without a price can now still be found through the Yes-co search widget
  • Fixed: BOG rental price replacement is now also used by yog_retrievePrices


  • Fixed: synchronization when synchronization is done through CURL
  • Fixed: display of max price of construction projects
  • Fixed: template checks now display the correct template filename


  • Added: support for construction projects


  • Fixed: BOG taxes translation when taxes are not charged


  • Changed: added version number to js / css files to prevent loading old file from cache
  • Fixed: yog_retrieveNormalImages would return max images


  • Added: options what to show with the "Yes-co Object Koppelingen" widget
  • Added: functions to show only images with type 'Plattegrond'
  • Added: Price replacement to 'Wonen' objects
  • Changed: 'verkoop' and/or 'verhuur' category is now also based on the scenario (if no price is set)
  • Fixed: Price replacement is shown instead of the price (when set)


  • Fixed: activation of plugin in Yes-co App Market
  • Fixed: upload directory check
  • Added: option to show custom posts on archive pages
  • Added: on activation callback


  • Rewrote entire plugin
  • Added BOG support
  • More user friendly WP-admin interface


  • Fixed: when using multiple "Yes-co Contact formulier" widgets on the same page, only the posted widget will display the send message


  • Fixed: synchronization of object images on a mu like installation


  • Fixed: search widget in wordpress 3.1


  • Initial version

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.1
Last Updated: 2015-1-22
Active Installs: 20+


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