Visual CSS Style Editor


An advanced CSS editor which allows you edit the website design in real-time. Try Live Demo.

Visual CSS Editor

The plugin allows you customize any page and theme without coding. Click an element and start visual customization. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions and a lot more. Take control of your website with more than 50 styles properties.

Yellow Pencil editor provides everything that you need for customizing your site design. The plugin comes with advanced features like visual resizing, drag & drop, measuring tool, background patterns, google fonts and a lot more.

Key Features

  • Customize any page, any element
  • Auto CSS Selectors
  • 50+ CSS properties
  • Visual Drag & Drop
  • Visual Margin & Padding Editing
  • Live Element Resizing
  • Manage the changes
  • Live Preview
  • Undo / Redo
  • Export stylesheet file
  • Export / Import

CSS Properties: Text

  • Font Family (Pro Version)
  • Font Weight
  • Color (Pro Version)
  • Text Shadow
  • Font Size
  • Line Height
  • Font Style
  • Text Align
  • Text Transform
  • Letter Spacing
  • Word Spacing
  • Text Decoration
  • Text Indent
  • Word Wrap

CSS Properties: Background

  • Parallax Background
  • Background Color (Pro Version)
  • Background Image (Pro Version)
  • Background Blend Mode
  • Background Position
  • Background Size
  • Background Repeat
  • Background Attachment

Other CSS Properties

  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Border
  • Border Radius
  • Position
  • Width (Pro Version)
  • Height (Pro Version)
  • Animation (Pro Version)
  • Lists
  • Box Shadow
  • Filter
  • Transform
  • Opacity (Pro Version)
  • Display
  • Cursor
  • Float
  • Clear
  • Visibility
  • Pointer Events
  • Overflow

Design Tools

  • Element Inspector
  • Single Element Inspector
  • Live CSS Editor
  • Responsive Tool
  • Element Search Tool
  • Measuring Tool
  • Wireframe View
  • Element Box Model
  • Gradient Generator (Pro Version)
  • Visual Animation Manager (Pro Version)
  • Visual Animation Generator (Pro Version)

Design Assets

  • 800+ Font families (Pro Version)
  • 300+ Background patterns (Pro Version)
  • Trend color palettes (Pro Version)
  • 50+ Animations (Pro Version)

How does this work?

The plugin generates CSS codes like a professional web developer in the background while you are editing the web page visually. The plugin loads the generated CSS to your website, it never edits the theme files. You can undo your changes anytime.

Premium features

The following properties are available only in paid version;

  • Font Families
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Opacity
  • Width & Height
  • Animations

Purchase Pro Version now to unlock all features or take a look the plugin website for more information.


  • Click any element that you want to edit. (Blue bordered paragraph selected in screenshot.)
  • Select any that you want to edit. There are so many settings.
  • Edit Fonts, sizes, positions and a lot more.
  • Select one of 600 Google fonts.
  • Color palettes and background settings.


  1. Upload yellow-pencil-visual-theme-customizer folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to WordPress Panel > Appearance > “Yellow Pencil Editor” and Start to customize!


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload yellow-pencil-visual-theme-customizer folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to WordPress Panel > Appearance > “Yellow Pencil Editor” and Start to customize!
Does this work with all themes?

Yes! Yellow Pencil works with any theme and plugin!

How does it generate CSS Selectors?

The plugin filtering classes and tag names with dozens of algorithms and finds the best CSS Selector for the targeted elements.


Excellent Tool!

Simply, really, the best plugin i own. Thanks a lot for making themes edition in wordpress a breeze, the way it should that be.

Amazingly practical, smooth and beautiful

I’ve been using the free version of this plugin for a while, and today have decided to purchase the pro version – mostly because I want to support the developers and thank them for creating such a sleek tool. Kudos!

Convoluted Update Proceedure

I’ve been using (… diplomatically selected word) Yellow Pencil for about 6 months. The functionality of the program is sufficient (hence the 1 star), but upgrading it is a nightmare.

Typically, updating a plugin requires you to go to your ‘plugin’ page on WP, and press the “update” link where needed. That’s hardly the case w/ Yellow Pencil. Here’s how it goes:

1) You will get a notice on the header of your backend, rather than notice like other plugins. WP website management software won’t pick it up.

2) The header claims you can update it by clicking on a link in the notice. It doesn’t work. The plugin programmers have acknowledged it doesn’t work, but they leave it there anyway.

3) Obtaining the actual file you need to manually update the plugin is a painful search through various organizations that have separate plugins they administer. (I’ll save you the frustrating time, and tell you to look for Code Canyon.)

4) Finding where to actually ‘download’ the updated file on the website is not easy. The lengthy page with many links focuses on everything else. I recommend doing a word search for ‘download’.

5) Before you can update the plugin, you must deactivate and remove the old one. (A further challenge and departure from the concept of ‘update’.)

6) That’s when you’ll realize that the .zip update file isn’t what WP is looking for. There’s another .zip file inside that you must extract somewhere and save. There used to be two versions of the update file; one of which was a direct update file for WP,… but that doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

7) If you’re still able to get through all the above, keep in mind that the updates have come within days of each other. So your inclined to wait a week or two and put up with the annoying notice at the top of your website, and hope it’s not a security fix.

Attempts to work this out with support have failed, and things have gotten even worse! (eg. #6 above)
Please, let’s all communicate our concern and perhaps they’ll listen.

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Contributors & Developers

“Visual CSS Style Editor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added pointer-events property
  • Added cursor property
  • logital improvements to CSS selectors
  • Animation Manager bugs fixed


  • Added support for HTML5 id and classes. ‘##test’, ‘#.#test’ and such.


  • the changes you made may not be saved” popup problem has been fixed.


  • Parent tree view feature has been added to element settings.


  • New smart algorithm for auto “important” tag.
  • Improvements to Editor loading speed.
  • CSS Editor bug fixed.
  • Autoptimize plugin conflict fixed.


  • Visual padding editing bug fixed.


  • New Feature: Visual Margin & Padding Editing
  • New Feature: List Style Properties
  • New Feature: Smarter selector algorithm
  • New Feature: Element Box Model added to design information section
  • Added: Text Indent and Word Wrap CSS properties
  • Improvements to Gradient Generator
  • Improvements to Responsive Breakpoints
  • Improvements to ColorPicker
  • Fixed: CSS Minify and Cache conflict


  • Improvements to Editor
  • Saving bug fixed
  • Better Editor Performance


  • Saving issue fixed


  • jQuery Updated
  • Drag & Drop bug fixed
  • CSS Selector bug fixed
  • Fixed a small problem with breakpoints


  • A few bugs fixed.


  • New Feature: The plugin anymore supports to customize register/login pages. You can show the page as the visitor
  • Fixed: Element inspector bugs
  • Fixed: The plugin does not delete old custom stylesheet files
  • Fixed: Animations do not work in Chrome
  • Fixed: Gradient Generator bugs
  • Improvements to CSS Selectors
  • Improvements to Update API


  • New: breakpoints to Responsive Tool
  • New: Gradient Background Generator
  • New: Google fonts updated
  • Improvements to Responsive Tool
  • Improvements to visual selection
  • Improvements to Background Patterns
  • Fixed Animation Generator and Animation Manager bugs.
  • Fixed WooCommerce Shop page bug.


  • Added Edit button to post edit pages.
  • Fixed a few bug.


  • CSS Editor bug fixed.


  • Performance optimization. 6x times faster.


  • Display property updated
  • Improvements to smart @media AI
  • Improvements to automatic important algorithm
  • Admin Panel Updated
  • Added: One click plugin activation
  • A few bugs fixed.


  • Added Background Blend Mode
  • Added RotateX, RotateY and RotateZ settings to transforms.
  • Added :active, :link, :visited support
  • Minifying CSS in Header Output
  • CSS Selector Algorithm Updated
  • Fixed Live Preview SSL bug.
  • New Algorithm: Detecting CSS rules in defined media queries of the target element and auto creating limits with media queries.
  • Live Resizing: Height property replaced with min-height
  • Live Resizing: Top and left borders anymore not resizeable. This feature disabled for keep responsive system stable.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs
  • Animation bug fixed.


  • A few bugs fixed.


  • Fixed: Some elements not selectable.
  • Fixed: conflict with W3 Total Cache.


  • New Interface.
  • 1500% more fast style processing time.
  • 300% more fast resizing performance.
  • Press SHIFT key for select multiple elements.
  • Functional improvements.


  • Fixed a critical loading issue.
  • A few Improvement to make it more functional.
  • A lot bug fixed.


  • Added multiple element selection support
  • Added font families support to the exportable stylesheet.
  • Added static stylesheet support.
  • Added a new option for reset the selected element.
  • New: Press delete key for hiding the selected element.
  • Improvement to hover and focus feature.
  • improvement to Search Element Tool.
  • Improvement to Single Selector Tool. (Now more smart)
  • Filter, box shadow, and transform options engine updated. High performance!
  • Improvement to Undo & Redo.
  • Improvement to Smart Guides.
  • New Shortcuts: [R] Responsive Tool, [M] : Measuring Tool, [W]: Wireframe, [D]: Design information


  • Fixed an issue with single selector tool.


  • Fixed a few small issues.


  • Fixed two critical bug.


  • Fixed a critical error.


  • Added transparent color support. (RGBA)
  • Improvement to editor loader.
  • Now support of export all CSS rules as ready-to-use.


  • Improvements for Chrome.


  • Added live animation manager
  • Animations support in responsive now.
  • A critical bug fixed.


  • Critical improvements to core.
  • Improvements to performance


  • Fixed slow loading issue.
  • Improvements to smart CSS Selector.


  • Critical CSS selector bug fixed.


  • Visual Resize Elements
  • Improvements to CSS Selectors.
  • Improvements to UI.
  • Added Smart guides to Drag&Drop and Resize features.
  • Added Design information; Information about selected element, typography and more.
  • Improvements to CSS Editor.
  • Improvements to border radius, font family, animations.
  • Added: Animation manager! Animation manager will available on next update.
  • and a ton minor improvements!


  • New Feature: wireframe.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • New Smart artificial intelligence! (Generating CSS codes as human)
  • Powerful performance updates!
  • Improvements to the core.
  • Woocommerce save bug fixed.


  • Fixed save bug.
  • Added export & import.


  • Fixed an important bug for SSL.
  • Two minor bugs fixed.


  • Fixed bug with localhost.
  • minor bugs fixed.


  • New: Resizable Responsive Mode
  • New: Support any CSS media queries
  • improvements to Background Patterns
  • improvements to Custom Selector
  • improvements to Ruler And CSS Editor


  • Fixed selector bug.


  • Fixed: aiming bug.


  • Fixed: menu bug.
  • Fixed: ruler bug.


  • New: you can disable aiming mode.
  • New: Single selector mode
  • New: ruler and measuring tools
  • New: Added “write CSS link”
  • Fixed: a ton bug fixed.
  • Improvements: Improvements on the interface.
  • Shortcuts updated.


  • NEW: Auto typing selector to CSS editor.
  • NEW: Autocomplete for CSS editor.
  • Improvements for selectors.


  • Fixed SSL bug.


  • New: showing padding with a line.
  • New: Smart titles for elements.
  • New: No limit for font-size, etc.
  • New: Visual select body tag.
  • Improvements for plugin core.


  • Some features unlock for lite version.
  • Animation bugs fixed.
  • Improvements for SSL.
  • Selector bugs fixed.


  • Added: animation creator.
  • Visual Improvements.
  • Improvements for font family.
  • “Box Shadow color” issue fixed.
  • Core issues fixed.
  • Background color issue fixed.
  • “CSS Editor not show codes” bug fixed.
  • “CSS data lose” bug fixed.


  • WordPress 4.4 update.
  • Selector bug fixed.
  • Custom selector bug fixed.


  • Added Visibility Property
  • Trash posts bug fixed
  • Improvements for transformed elements.
  • Improvements for dragger and resizer.
  • Animations bug fixed.
  • Improvements for CSS Editor


  • Drag&Drop bug fixed.
  • Live Element re-sizer Added!
  • Improvements for selections
  • Improvements to core.
  • Improvements for color picker
  • Improvements for small screens.


  • small bug fixed.


  • a few small bugs fixed.


  • Improvements for picker
  • Improvements for performance
  • Improvements for undo/Redo
  • Improvements for CSS Editor
  • Improvements for automatic important system
  • Improvements for slider
  • More Smart And Easy
  • Loading issue fixed.
  • New color picker!


  • Added custom Selector.
  • All Bugs Fixed


  • Added automatic update API
  • Improvements to interface
  • A lot of improvements to core
  • Added helper notices.
  • Fixed “select just it” bug.
  • Fixed drag&drop bug.
  • Fixed parent setting.


  • Important Improvements.


  • Fixed background image.


  • Added table-cell for display.
  • Added Drag & Drop Features.
  • Improvement to shortcuts.
  • Improvement for width, animations and display.
  • Body class prefix fixed.
  • background image Full size fixed.
  • H Key problem fixed.
  • Context menu close bug fixed.
  • Improvement for CSS Engine.
  • CSS Editor bug fixed.
  • Chrome transform bug fixed.
  • Ruler height bug fixed.
  • Now up/down keys change “px”,”em” and “%”.
  • Slider value bug fixed.
  • Improvement for the position.
  • Jquery bug fixed.


  • Improvement for undo and redo.
  • Added Background image uploader.
  • Added Color picker.
  • Improvement for Text shadow.
  • Added CSS Source Controller page.
  • Theme Part Feature Disabled.


  • Shortcuts bug fixed.
  • some pro features unlock for lite version!


  • Some bugs fixed.


  • Initial Release