This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events


This plugin will generate linked Google+ Hangout Event notifications in a widget from a Google Calendar with a nifty Countdown Clock to each event. Fully customizable with fonts and colors.

New Version 0.3.7



  • Display Regular Google+ Events in Posts or Pages via Widgets
  • Display Google+ Hangouts Events in Posts or Pages via Widgets
  • Display Regular Google+ Events in Posts or Pages via short-code
  • Display Google+ Hangouts Events in Posts or Pages via short-code
  • Choose colors, fonts, size, and style for the widget (Google Fonts Included)
  • Links Directly to Hangout Event on Google+
  • Display Single Events (See FAQ)
  • Display Public Events from My calendars (exception for contacts calendar and country holidays calendar)
  • Display Events via short-code with control using attributes (See plugin settings help tab)
  • Support Google+ Embedded Posts
  • Ability to filter by only Google+ created Events
  • Extend google+ event on WordPress admin


  • Shortcode
  • Widget


  1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
  3. Configure Google+ Hangout Events using the following pages in the admin panel: Events -> Settings.

That’s it your done, you can add the Google Plus Hangout Events Widget to any sidebar.


Do I need an Google account?

Yes, you need Google account.

How do I change default style to my preferences?

Use /wp-content/plugins/yakadanda-google-hangout-events/build/css/google-hangout-events.css file as reference. Copy that file to your /wp-content/themes/active-theme/css/ folder as google-hangout-events.css

How to find event identifier to create a single event shortcode?

Single Event Example:
The random letters and numbers after ***.com/u/0/events/c is an event id, so the event identifier will be snlc77gi4v519jom5gb28217so without first letter ‘c’.
To create a single event you would place in shortcode [google+events id="snlc77gi4v519jom5gb28217so"]

Shortcode Reference
Shortcode Examples
  • [google+events]
  • [google+events type="hangout"]
  • [google+events src="gplus"]
  • [google+events limit="3"]
  • [google+events past="2"]
  • [google+events author="all"]
  • [google+events limit="5" type="normal" past="1" author="all"]
  • [google+events id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]
  • [google+events filter_out="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]
  • [google+events search="free text search terms"]
  • [google+events attendees="show"]
  • [google+events timezone="America/Los_Angeles"]
  • [google+events countdown="true"]
  • [google+events visibility="private"]
  1. type = all, normal, or hangout, by default type is all
  2. src = all, gcal (event from calendar), or gplus (event from google+), by default source is all
  3. limit = number of events to display (maximum is 20)
  4. past = number of months to display past events in X months ago, by default past is false
  5. author = self, other, or all, by default author is all
  6. id = Event identifier (string). Single Event Example: To create a single event you would place in shortcode [google+events id="snlc77gi4v519jom5gb28217so"]
  7. filter_out = Filter out certain events by event identifiers, seperated by comma
  8. search = Text search terms (string) to display events that match these terms in any field, except for extended properties
  9. attendees = Events can have attendees, the value can be show, show_all, or hide, the default value for attendees attribute is hide
  10. timezone = Time zone used in the response, optional. Default is time zone based on location (hangout event not have location) if not have location it will use google account/calendar time zone. Supported time zones at (string)
  11. countdown = true, or false, by default countdown is false
  12. visibility = Show event based on visibility. Visibilty can public, private, or all, default is public


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Contributors & Developers

“Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Remove minor bug


  • Update Google API Client Library based on
  • Modernize plugin files
  • Update Help section


  • Support WordPress 4.4
  • Update google library to v1.1.6
  • Update jCountdown
  • Add week time to countdown


  • Update google library
  • Cache preference
  • Remove Authorized redirect URI notice
  • Improve cache feature


  • Visibility feature
  • Update google library


  • Update google library
  • Update link and description on Settings page
  • Update Setup manual
  • Improve cache feature


  • Add Internationalization
  • Update google library


  • Update jCountDown
  • Update google library
  • Update Setup manual
  • Improve notification on Events Settings page


  • Update google library
  • Improve notice feature
  • Add cache feature to event query (frontend only)


  • Update google library
  • Update user interface
  • Improve enqueue scripts, default settings and menu icon


  • Update google library
  • Update settings page and documentation


  • Update google library
  • Add extend feature for google+ event
  • Move Google+ events menu on wordpress admin


  • Update google library
  • Add ‘other’ value to author options
  • Add source options (event from calendar or from google+)


  • Add reset features
  • Bug fixes and other small improvements


  • Change plugin redirect URI
  • Change connection method to Google API and saving method
  • Update google fonts
  • Add settings link on plugins page
  • Update Help section


  • Add rich snippets to shortcode and widgets


  • Add countdown feature to shortcode
  • Improve countdown feature on widgets


  • Differentiate events and hangout events on shortcode
  • Fix widget tiltle on Event widget and Hangout widget


  • Upgrade Google APIs Client Library to v0.6.7
  • Update Google fonts
  • Add Google+ Embedded Posts feature


  • Add timezone features to shortcode and widget
  • Rewrote help sections


  • Upgrade Google APIs Client Library to v0.6.6
  • Move How To manual and Shortcode manual to help tab
  • Fix the way to get timezone abbreviation


  • Update Google APIs Client Library


  • Add email verification to google authentication and authorization
  • Change default author event from self to all
  • Display coworker name who is organizer in shortcode
  • Add attendees attribute to shortcode


  • Add line breaks feature on event description


  • Update Google APIs Client Library for PHP to Google API PHP Client 0.6.2
  • Add filter_out attribute on shortcode to filter out certain events by event identifiers
  • Add search attribute on shortcode to display events that match the search terms in any field, except for extended properties


  • Update countdown feature to support next year’s event
  • Extend events fetch feature to load public events in more calendars (exception for contacts calendar and country holidays calendar)


  • Improve Save and Connect action when trying to connect with google api


  • Add feature to display an event on shortcode based on event identifier


  • Add link to Event button, Hangout button, and On Air button
  • Update Google APIs Client Library for PHP to Google API PHP Client 0.6.1


  • Add custom style feature for user preferences
  • Add Event button customization in plugin settings


  • Add handling API error for 403 http status


  • No today events or future events on the shortcode which have past attribute


  • Add author filter feature on widget and shortcode
  • Add past option on shortcode only


  • Add new widgets for normal event type
  • Add google+ events shortcode
  • Add time ago function for event create or event updated on the shortcode
  • Add google maps link with query search on the shortcode for normal event
  • Add Google fonts


  • Add 2nd widget as widget (extra)
  • Add countdown option feature for 2nd widget
  • Add logout action


  • Update to Google Calendar API v3
  • Add instructions page as manual
  • Display the connection status


  • Use calendar feed in Google Calendar API v2