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Get accurate and beautiful weather forecasts powered by Wunderground.com

2.1.2 and 2.1.3 on June 30, 2016

  • Added: Ability to override API key using the wunderground_api_key filter or the WUNDERGROUND_API_KEY constant
  • Fixed: Location autocomplete issue on HTTPS websites
  • Fixed: Don't cache responses if they result in errors (good idea, eh?)
  • Added: wunderground_include_pws filter to toggle whether to include Personal Weather Stations as data sources (Default: false, unless the location requested is specifically a PWS station)
  • Updated: Twig template framework from 1.21.0 to 1.24.1

2.1.1 on August 25, 2015

  • Fixed: WordPress 4.3 compatibility
  • Added: Display any errors while fetching forecasts to administrators
  • Updated: Polish translation (thanks Cezary!) and Brazilian Portuguese (thanks Filipe!)
  • Removed unused <thead> code in table-horizontal.html template
  • Updated: Twig template loader to version 1.21 from 1.18.1

2.1 on April 29, 2015

  • Added: Now supports Weather Underground Severe Weather alerts & warnings
  • Fixed: Issue using multi-word cities (thanks @christianriley!)
  • Fixed: Restored alt text for icon when using the Current template
  • Fixed: Widget preview for "Old School" icon set
  • Fixed: Fatal error if plugin or theme already used Twig template loader
  • Fixed: Replace Icon Set FAQ code
  • Updated: Translations - thanks to all the translators!
    • Slovenian: Aleš Hočevar
    • Bosnian: Marko Saraba

2.0.11 on December 4

  • Fixed: Fatal error when no location is set in shortcode
  • Fixed: Link to Wunderground now goes to forecast URL, not the weather station URL
  • Fixed: Support lowercase language parameters in the shortcode (fr, not only FR)
  • Fixed: Japanese Wunderground subdomain (nihongo.wunderground.com)
  • Fixed: Duplicate forecasts in Horizontal Table layout (reported here)
  • Fix: Remove erroneous PHP code in <table> tag
  • Tweak: Make icon names case insensitive. Before, icon names were case sensitive, so incredible didn't work, since the plugin expected Incredible. (reported here)
  • Tweak: Replace <table cellspacing="0"> with CSS
  • Added Bulgarian translation - thanks @cocacoli4ko!

2.0.10 on October 24

  • Added: Missing font files

2.0.9 on October 22

  • Added: Caching of forecast output HTML. This makes the plugin use fewer server resources when displaying the forecast.
  • Fixed: Widget forecasts use the correct date formatting (set by wunderground_get_date_format())
  • Modified: Locally storing font, which fixes issues with older IE versions causing site load time issues
  • Added: Hebrew translation - thanks, @nirbentzy!

2.0.8 on October 7

  • Fixed: PHP warning reported here
  • Fixed: Date wasn't respecting current timezone (as reported here)
  • Added: Support for [forecast] and [wunderground] shortcodes in Text widgets by adding a do_shortcode filter on widgets. This had been enabled in Version 1.x.
  • Added: wp_wunderground_forecast filter to be backward-compatible with Version 1.x

2.0.7 on October 3

  • Fixed: hidedata shortcode parameter wasn't working properly
  • Modified: Removed support for %%day%% %%month%% and %%year%% placeholder tags

2.0.6 on October 3

  • Added: Support for using using settings from Version 1.x as the defaults. This fixes the loss of your configuration if you use the [forecast] shortcode with no parameters.
  • Added: Lithuanian translation

2.0.5 on October 2

  • Added: datelabel parameter for backward compatibility
  • Added: wunderground_get_date_format() function to process date format
  • Added: German and Romanian translations
  • Fixed: Escaped translation strings
  • Tweak: Improved readme


  • Fixed: Widget location data saving is fixed
  • Fixed: Number of days display properly for the Simple forecast
  • Added: Support for RTL languages
  • Added: Show the Horizontal Table layout in widget options
  • Tweak: Move widget settings around
  • Added: Night forecast support for picker
  • Added: Locally host icons
  • Fixed: Fixed: Hide chance of precipitation when not set
  • Fixed: Show current forecast in horizontal table mode
  • Fixed: Show temperature in lieu of high/low for current conditions
  • Modified: Converted template files to include snippets for forecast elements
  • Tweak: Update language files
  • Tweak: Added descriptions to widget checkboxes
  • Tweak: Add search box as an optional widget checkbox
  • Tweak: Widget now uses wunderground_parse_atts()


  • Fixed: Cached results weren't being used!
  • Fixed: Autocomplete not working in admin Widgets page
  • Fixed: Handle queries with quotes in them
  • Modified: Switched to showing global results by default. You can still limit results by using the wunderground_autocomplete_country_code filter and returning a country code.


  • Fixed: table-horizontal layout now works
  • Fixed: simple template updated to use Chance of Precipitation translation string
  • Fixed: Added checks to make sure numdays is always less than 10
  • Added: hidedata attribute that works like showdata, but in reverse. By default, all items are shown when embedding the shortcode (conditions, precipitation %, icon, etc). If you want to hide the icon, for example, you would add hidedata="icon" to the shortcode.
  • Added: wunderground_twig_debug filter. You can force Twig debug mode by adding add_filter( 'wunderground_twig_debug' '__return_true' ); to your theme's functions.php file. You can also enable debug mode if you're logged in as an Administrator by adding ?debug to your current page's URL.


  • Added: location_title parameter. Setting location_title overwrites that location that is displayed in the search bar, so that if your location is "ugly", like longitude/latitude, you can overwrite that.
  • Fixed: Forecast icon display in themes that add borders, etc. to images
  • Fixed: Units (C/F) now working in shortcode
  • Fixed: Added support for Personal Weather Station codes in the shortcode


  • Major re-write You may need to re-configure your widget.
  • Images are now stored locally; this will allow use on SSL-secured websites.

  • Quick fix for icon issues: the icon images were broken.



  • Removed error generation when XML file cannot be read (Error on line 427, as reported). Now, it just outputs an HTML comment error message.


  • Fixed bug where Degree Measurement select drop-down would not show saved state as Celsius, even though it was working properly. (thanks Robson)
  • Added proper HTML escaping for High/Low formatting and temperature output


  • Added GoDaddy compatibility by switching from simplexml_load_file to wp_remote_fopen and simplexml_load_string (thanks, rjune)


  • Fixed issue with "Give thanks" link


  • Improved data storage, fixing issues users were having with Celsius / Fahrenheit settings and setting the number of columns in a table
  • A new cache option has been added to the shortcode. Add cache=0 or cache= to the shortcode to disable storing forecasts. Not recommended; will dramatically slow down site.
    • If you want to refresh the results, you can add ?cache=false to your URL and the forecast will be updated.
  • Added "width" option to shortcode to define table width. 100% is the default. Use width=0 or width= to disable hard-coding width in table.
  • Changed the default high/low setting to add the degree symbol.
  • Removed code whitespace when storing table for added speed
  • Added CSS classes to forecast columns based on weather conditions. This will allow you to make "Partly Cloudy" columns gray, "Sunny" blue, etc.
  • Added three new filters:
    • wp_wunderground_forecast_cache - How long results are cached for. Default: 6 hours.
    • wp_wunderground_forecast_icon
    • wp_wunderground_forecast_conditions
    • wp_wunderground_forecast_temp
  • Rounded column width to two digits. Instead of 16.66666667%, it's now 16.67%


  • Added data storage - the plugin will now store forecast tables for 6 hours. This should speed up the time it takes to load the forecasts.
  • Added a check for PHP5 and simplexml_load_file, which are required for the plugin.


  • Initial launch

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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