Related Products for WooCommerce


Related Products for WooCommerce allows you to choose related products for the particular product.

Not many of us would dare to buy a new product without consulting people who have used it before or who know about the product well. Recommendations play an important role in selling a product. People always tend to buy products that’s been heavily recommended by someone.

Adapting this simple yet effective consumer behavior to an online platform has been proved to bring heavy revenue from sales. Adding related products to the product or cart page increases the chances of customers making the purchase. Using this plugin you can

  • Disable the default related products section
  • Associate products(currently limited to 3) of your choice alongwith the chosen products

✅ Tested OK with WooCommerce 4.5.2

Related Products as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Displaying related products recommendations have become the best strategy for selling products. This feature has great influence on making customers purchase from your store. Showing related products at each stage of a product purchase increases the stores’ profit multiple times. eCommerce giant Amazon’s success is the best example for the related products technique. It acts literally like a virtual salesperson who accompanies us with better recommendations of choices throughout our purchase in the store.

It is also seen that when customers keep getting recommendations while purchasing a product it increases their confidence in the product thereby simplifying the decision making process without spending a lot of time on it. Thus online purchasing would be a great option for people who hate shopping or who do not have the time or patience for it.

Different ways to Show Related products on your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce Related Products feature is one of the important sales tools available for store owners. “Related products” can be employed on your website in different forms. When built-in features in WooCommerce enable you to manually list related products like Up-sells and cross-sells, with the help of third-party plugins you can equip your store to automatically list related products depending upon the activities of customers on your WooCommerce store.

Up-sells – These products are shown on the product page as an alternative to the product customers have chosen to purchase. There will be an upgrade of the chosen product either in quality or price thereby persuading the customer to choose the better one. It comes under the default text “you may also like”.

Cross-sells – On the contrary to up-sells cross-sells are displayed on the cart page under the title “you may be interested in”. These products would complement the products currently in the cart. On seeing this customer would feel an urge to buy the complementary products along with the products in their cart thereby selling more products for the store. Notifying customers about phone case while purchasing a phone would be a perfect example of cross-selling.


  • Product edit screen.


This section describes how to install the Related Products for WooCommerce plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin folder into the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


June 19, 2020
I'm trying the plugin and it looks very good but I believe the <h2><?php esc_html_e('Related products', 'wt-woocommerce-related-products'); ?></h2> is supposed to be outside the <ul class="products columns-3"> ... section. At least it is for our site (I'm trying it out on our staging site - so sorry I can't share the link). Can anyone else confirm/refute my remark?
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