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A Restaurant Plugin (not only for Pizza). Maintain your Menu (sizes, prices, categories). Accept COD orders. Multisite, Multilingual, WPML compatible.
* fix : erroneously used "minimum order for delivery" (as opposed to "minimum order for self-pickup") value when set to "No delivery offered / pickup only"
* tweak: capture/display (hopefully) more meaningful mail errors when using mail() or wp_mail()
28th March 2015
* fix : fixed bug introduced in that stopped button to redirect to order page
25th March 2015
* tweak : added distinct window.location.relaod(true) to scripts where appropriate
* tweak : very minor cart css adjustments
* tweak : added filter after cart icons
25th March 2015
* tweak : customer session data got unnecessarily re-saved every time when switching from delivery to self-pickup even if not on order page
* added: make formatted price output filterable (wppizza_filter_output_format_price) 19th March 2015
* added : further options for minicart (paddings, viewcart button etc)
17th March 2015
* fix: [admin print order] -> added missing "doctype=" to meta tag, plus a couple of minor tweaks to now also pass w3c validation. 14th March 2015
* fix: [html email template] -> added missing "doctype=" to meta tag, plus a couple of minor tweaks to now also pass w3c validation. 14th March 2015
* fix: when set to "prices entered include tax" , tax was not always calculated accurately in some non-english languages and latest language packs
12th March 2015
* tweak: option to enable minicart/small cart only for a set maximum bowser size * fix: minicart/small cart display did not always behave accurately on page load
11th March 2015

* multisite (parent site only - order history print): allow header of "print order" to use child sites blogname instead of parent site's name [wppizza->settings]. only applicable if displaying all orders of all sites in order history. * multisite (parent site only - order history print): allow display of site name where order was made .only applicable if displaying all orders of all sites in order history and header is set to show info of parent site. * added: automatically scroll to missing required input fields (if not already in view) on order and confirmation pages
* added: automatically scroll to top on thank you page if required
* added: option to dynamically add a minicart to top of page if main cart is not in view (enable in widget or per shortcode attribute minicart=1)
* tweak: minor css adjustments in cart
* tweak: wrapped customr details in html emails into their own table tag to not affect td widths in other elements
10th March 2015
* added: more currencies / alternative currency displays
* added: filter to currencies
* fix: entities in item sizes were not decoded in plaintext emails
1st March 2015
* added: optionally set order history polling to be active on page load (and allow timer to be other than 30 secs as default). [wppizza->settings : miscellaneous]
* tweak: some cart css tweaks for more theme compatibility
* added [internal]: additional methods in WPPIZZA_ORDER_DETAILS class (wppizza.order.details.inc.php)
19th February 2015 * fix: admin order history - accidentally inverted 2 variables in wppizza.order.details.inc.php
13th February 2015 * multisite: minor cosmetics error introduced in (wppizza->settings -> multisite showed description for non available fields when not in parent site)
13th February 2015 * internal: added more methods to WPPIZZA_ORDER_DETAILS to get variables/keys without needing an orderid
* multisite: "cart per site" (wppizza->settings) was only displayed for parent site when it should have been available for all sites
13th February 2015 * fix : eliminated PHP Notice: Undefined index: gateway-selected
* tweak: moved "empty order table" and "delete wppizza posts and categories" to wppizza->tools allowing it to be used independently of each other
* added: allow menu items - added to order page via shortcodes for example (eg upsells) - to be added to order, reloading page if necessary
10th February 2015 * fix: stopped iOS (iPhone, iPad etc) from clicking/adding things when scrolling 4th February 2015 MINOR UPDATES * tweak: added experimantal js (for development purposes only) - off by default
* added: a couple of filters for admin print order template (as per user request)
2nd February 2015 MINOR UPDATES * tweak: show some more system info variables (admin tools) * added: a couple of action hooks at end of email templates (as per user request)
2nd February 2015
* WPML: admin order settings : make sure original order page settings id gets used when translation does not exist (mainly for compatibility reasons with other non WPML plugins)
* WPML: some more method existance checking (namely "switch_lang") to perhaps get around some compatibility issues between WPML and other translation plugins (although non WPML are typically not really supported by the plugin, but worth the effort in a couple of places perhaps) * internal: wppizza->tools : make sure wppizza vars shown are coming directly from db before having had the chance of being filtered somewhere
* tweak: show admin order history on load without having to click button
* tweak: option to set admin max order history results to other than 20
* added: more filters added to admin order history as well as passing order status to filters 31st January 2015
* WPML: eliminated some possible - legacy - phpnotices regarding additives
* added: option to always load all css/js on all pages (to deal with certain layouts that do not pass along page id)
19th January 2015
* multisite|internal: store and use blogid per item in session too for use if/when appropriate
18th January 2015
* fixed (possible) session handling error introduced in v 2.11.7
15th January 2015

* tweak: split admin global settings into sections
* tweak: added general wppizza-optm class to opening times output spans
* tweak: more meaningful filenames on reports export * added: wrapper function wpizzaOpeningtimes() if wppizza options are not available (in multisite blogloop for example)
* multisite: remove multisite settings for single installs
* multisite: allow reporting for all subsites (in parent site only)
* multisite: allow order history for all subsites (in parent site only)
* multisite: order history print adds sitename for easier identification (in parent site only)
15th January 2015

* changelog 2.11 to <2.11.7 can be found in logs/changelog-2.11.txt

* changelog for version 2.10 can be found in logs/changelog-2.10.txt

1.0 -
* previous changes can be found in logs/changelog-1.0-

Requires: PHP 5.3+, WP 3.3+ or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-28
Active Installs: 1,000+


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