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A Restaurant Plugin (not only for Pizza). Maintain your Menu (sizes, prices, categories). Accept COD orders. Multisite, Multilingual, WPML compatible.

* fix: changed datatype on order_in and order_details columns of orders table from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT to allow for very very large orders
* fix: order page still allowed checkout even if minimum order was not reached (if only one gateway enabled)
* fix: bulkedit was broken since for status / comments / author
* fix: currency symbols in order info under cart not moving when set to be displayed on right
* fix: wrong (pickup) message shown when minimum order not reached for delivery
* tweak: some admin css tweaks
* tweak: capture user agent, remote address and referrer in db as user_data
* tweak: order_update timstamp in db now set according to WP timezone set (instead of - perhaps incorrectly set - php timezone)
* tweak: cart does not get unset anymore when there's a mail() error * tweak: some minor css tweaks (added a bit of styling to mail() error output) * tweak: eliminated some more possible php notices
* added: debug option to enable error reporting in ajax if necessary
* added: option to show failed orders in order history (enable in wppizza->settings => miscellaneous) 28th May 2015

* updated: chosen js library
* updated: timepicker js library
* updated: jquery validation js library
* updated: flot js library
19th May 2015
* fix/security: update pretty photo library to v3.1.6
19th May 2015
* fix: abs path error in grid css
19th May 2015
* added: [currently experimental] grid based layout option
* added: wppizza_is_current_businessday function to determine if a timestamp is between open and closing times of current business day
* tweak: 'key' to passed customer detail email variables
19th May 2015
* internal: updated EDD updater (should make some external gateway update notifications more reliable)
14th May 2015
* added: class (WPPIZZA_USER_DETAILS) to get order details for a specific logged in user (as yet unused)
* added: filter for gateways selection (in frontend) to allow to conditionally disable perhaps
* added: sortorder of menu items option (wppizza->layout)
* tweak: added prices to list of menu items (in admin)
* internal: added updated EDD class
* internal: also return order_date when using wppizza_gateway_get_order_details function
* internal/security: although the recently flagged/widespread XSS vulnerability should not be an issue in any wppizza version, "add_query_arg" functions are now being escaped nevertheless
11th May 2015
* tweak: clear session data when updating plugin to eliminate possible php notices or errors for already initialized sessions
* tweak: changed to a language agnostic menu item placeholder image
* tweak: log some possible ajax error to console, instead of alerting them
* tweak: order history polling failing silently for up to 5 times before throwing alert
* tweak: added some missing "!defined( 'ABSPATH' )" sanity checks (just to be doubly safe. though should not really be any issue not having it as in previous versions)
* added: [wppizza type="additives"] shortcode to display all additives somewhere if required. (no styling applied , but plenty of css classes available) 30th April 2015
* internal: also return transaction_details when using wppizza_gateway_get_order_details function
* tweak: set css max-width on ctips input field
* tweak: do not submit form when hitting enter in tips field, but apply tip instead
15th April 2015
* fix: removed some more possible php notices under certain circumstances
* fix: admin print order history -> summary prices error when hiding decimals (hide decimals function erroneously applied 2x)
12th April 2015
* added: option to not install default menu items, categories and/or pages by defining WPPIZZA_NO_DEFAULTS (no menu items, categories, pages), WPPIZZA_NO_DEFAULT_ITEMS (no menu items, categories) and/or WPPIZZA_NO_DEFAULT_PAGES (no pages) constants in wp-config.php
* added: more filter hooks in cart in various places
* fix: unclosed div element in wppizza-order.php
* fix: removed some more possible php notices under certain circumstances
* tweak: some minor css tweaks in cart
* tweak: some minor js tweaks (plus adding id to wrapper span) when using add_item_to_cart_button shortcode
* tweak: added spans/classes around item name in cart and on order page
* tweak: gateways using overlays instead of redirects will now also save user session data entered in order page
7th April 2015
* fix : erroneously used "minimum order for delivery" (as opposed to "minimum order for self-pickup") value when set to "No delivery offered / pickup only"
* tweak: capture/display (hopefully) more meaningful mail errors when using mail() or wp_mail()
28th March 2015
* fix : fixed bug introduced in that stopped button to redirect to order page
25th March 2015
* tweak : added distinct window.location.relaod(true) to scripts where appropriate
* tweak : very minor cart css adjustments
* tweak : added filter after cart icons
25th March 2015
* tweak : customer session data got unnecessarily re-saved every time when switching from delivery to self-pickup even if not on order page
* added: make formatted price output filterable (wppizza_filter_output_format_price)
19th March 2015
* added : further options for minicart (paddings, viewcart button etc)
17th March 2015
* fix: [admin print order] -> added missing "doctype=" to meta tag, plus a couple of minor tweaks to now also pass w3c validation.
14th March 2015
* fix: [html email template] -> added missing "doctype=" to meta tag, plus a couple of minor tweaks to now also pass w3c validation.
14th March 2015
* fix: when set to "prices entered include tax" , tax was not always calculated accurately in some non-english languages and latest language packs
12th March 2015
* tweak: option to enable minicart/small cart only for a set maximum bowser size
* fix: minicart/small cart display did not always behave accurately on page load
11th March 2015

* multisite (parent site only - order history print): allow header of "print order" to use child sites blogname instead of parent site's name [wppizza->settings]. only applicable if displaying all orders of all sites in order history.
* multisite (parent site only - order history print): allow display of site name where order was made .only applicable if displaying all orders of all sites in order history and header is set to show info of parent site.
* added: automatically scroll to missing required input fields (if not already in view) on order and confirmation pages
* added: automatically scroll to top on thank you page if required
* added: option to dynamically add a minicart to top of page if main cart is not in view (enable in widget or per shortcode attribute minicart=1)
* tweak: minor css adjustments in cart
* tweak: wrapped customr details in html emails into their own table tag to not affect td widths in other elements
10th March 2015

* changelogs <=2.11.7 can be found in /logs

Requires: PHP 5.3+, WP 3.3+ or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-5-28
Active Installs: 1,000+


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