WPMU Theme Usage Info


The plugin is deprecated and reaches a hard end-of-life date on 31. January 2018!


You should switch to Multisite Enhancements. It provides the same functionality and is actively maintained.

This plugin displays the count and the individual sites for each installed theme. It add a column to the Themes table on wp-admin/network/themes.php.

Optionally you can display the usage count in the theme details overlay on wp-admin/plugins.php activated via filter described in the FAQ.

  • Requires a WordPress Multisite Installation
  • JavaScript is required to toggle the list of sites using a plugin

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The plugin has reached its end-of-life. Do not use anymore.


  • Network Admin view of themes table showing the usage count


  1. Install by searching “WPMU Theme Usage Info” on Plugins > Add New > Search
  2. Activate by clicking “Network Activate”


Installation Instructions
  1. Install by searching “WPMU Theme Usage Info” on Plugins > Add New > Search
  2. Activate by clicking “Network Activate”
When is the stats data refreshed?
  • Auto refresh on every theme switch
    • Auto refresh on network/themes.php if Transient is expired (2h/24h on large networks)
    • Manual refresh if you visit network/themes.php?manual-stats-refresh=1
What happens on large installations
  • Auto refresh is not running on plugin (de)activation
    • Stats data is being regenerated every 24h (see action wpmu_plugin_stats_refresh)
  • [Filter] wpmu_theme_stats_refresh – (int) seconds – Manually set the expiration time of the data (Transient)
  • [Filter] wpmu_theme_stats_show_count – (bool) true|false – Activate the display of the usage count in the theme details overlay; use __return_true as callback for the filter


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Contributors & Developers

“WPMU Theme Usage Info” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.0 (2018-01-31)

  • END of LIFE

2.1 (2017-11-30)

  • Display deprecation notice
  • Set end-of-life to 2018-01-31

2.0 (2015-01-15)

  • Integrated data into ‘themes.php’ table
  • Moved from storing data in option to transient
  • Changed main filename resulting in a deactivation after update


  • fix + update of tablesort js library
  • tabbed settings
  • fixes for WP 3.5
  • move of the development repo to GitHub


  • Added a check for making sure the Theme Files are present, and will display a message if there is a site using a theme that no longer exists


  • Updated for 3.4. Because of the massive Theme info API change with 3.4, this plugin now REQURES 3.4+ to function

1.2 – 1.6

  • Unknown exactly because I wasn’t maintaining this plugin for public use for these versions, but the following occurred in here:
    • Properly enqueue scripts
    • Updated for 3.1. Then later dropped support for anything below 3.4
    • fixed lots of notices and warnings
    • properly store data after the 3.3 add_site_option changes


  • Adding Show/Hide blogs on the administrative page.