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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


Display mathematical equations within your posts and comments.

Where can I learn more about wpmathpub's graphics library?

wpmathpub is based on Pascal Brachet's phpmathpublisher library.

You can learn more about phpmathpublisher from here: overview

Note: wpmathpub WordPress plugin uses [pmath]your math text[/pmath] to create math graphical equations within posts and comments. While, from Pascal's demo and test site, you will use <m>your math text</m> to create math equations.

The [pmath] tag doesn't seem to work. How can I solve this problem?

Starting with version 1.0.7, use the wpmathpub plugin status display menu from your blog's admin site's "Manage" menu. See screenshot #5 (in the screenshots tab) for details. The status display will:

  • check your system for correct access to required directories,
  • determine if required libraries are available, and
  • show a sample math conversion from text to image format.

Do some plugins interfere with the wpmathpub plugin?

Starting with version 1.0.7, an enhanced priority scheme was implemented to improve reliability and better cooperation with some high bandwidth video streaming plugins.

At this time, only one plugin is known to play havoc with display of math images from within comments called: Live Comment Preview. Blog posts are not affected. This plugin causes the [pmath] start tag to get out of sync with the [/pmath] end tag.

If you suspect plugin interference, a simple test is to disable all of your plugins except wpmathpub. If wpmathpub works without other plugins, start turning on your plugins one by one to see which one(s) are interfering with [pmath] tag filtering. If you find one, let me know - I may be able to find a solution.

During installation how can I make sure the 'img' directory has write access?

The 'img' directory needs write access to create new math images from your blog's math text. Starting with version 1.0.5, the wpmathpub plugin automatically assigns the correct access rights to the 'img' directory on Linux/Unix installations. This auto-assignment feature can be turned off by changing line 55 in wpmathpub.php to read:

define("AUTOCHMOD", false);

Below is a sample bash shell session demonstrating how to manually locate the 'img' directory, change its mode to include write access, and verify the change was made:

<br/>-bash-3.00$ cd wp-content <br/>-bash-3.00$ cd plugins <br/>-bash-3.00$ cd wpmathpub <br/>-bash-3.00$ cd phpmathpublisher <br/>-bash-3.00$ chmod 755 img <br/>-bash-3.00$ stat -c %a img <br/>755 <br/>-bash-3.00$ stat -c %A img <br/>drwxr-xr-x

How can I disable the use of [pmath] tags within blog comments?

By default, the wpmathpub plugin supports user generated math equations in comments. Starting with wpmathpub plugin version 1.0.6, you can disable the use of [pmath] tags in comments by changing line 58 in wpmathpub.php to read:

define("ENGAGECOMMENTS", false);

This setting will not affect the display of math equations in blog posts and pages.

Can I use HTML entities like "& gt;" (for ">") in my math text equations?

Starting with wpmathpub version 1.0.5 HTML entities are supported.

Can I use pmath tags in blog posts AND blog comments?

Starting with wpmathpub version 1.0.5 both blog posts and comments support pmath tags.

I have a new Q

You may go to the WordPress wpmathpub support page to ask questions: WordPress wpmathpub Support Page

Requires: 1.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.15
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 700+


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