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WPeMatico is autoblogging in the blink of an eye! On complete autopilot WPeMatico gets new contents regularly for your site!


  • Fixes decoding html entities from the titles and post contents to UTF-8.
  • Fixes titles by getting especial characters before convert them to UTF-8
  • Tweaks the query of the campaigns to run the cron.


  • Fixes to save the posts as UTF-8 without html entities. (For international characters)
  • Fixes a PHP Warning that broke the licenses handler.
  • Fixes a PHP Warning at campaign running for PHP version lower than 7.0
  • Fixes a conditional in addons page that could allowing to print an extra column in other plugins pages.
  • Fixes a PHP Warning on Media page.
  • Fixes the notices for old PRO users to allow access to Campaigns and Licences page.
  • Some tweaks on the links in the Plugins page.


  • Improvements on Settings page in checkboxes for images functions and Help texts.
  • Added some WordPress filters and actions to Settings metaboxes.
  • Fixes the parser for html entities in the title for some wrong formatted feeds.
  • Improvements on running campaigns with php timeouts, value given by the plugin settings.
  • Improvements in some functionalities of the campaigns list.
  • The clock above with current date time is now alive by javascript.
  • Added Help Tab with descriptions and tips of every thing.
  • Background Color on selecting campaigns.
  • Added a column in the campaigns list with the campaign type.
  • Removes the unuseful filters in top of the campaigns list.
  • Moved the cron scheduler to its own metabox. (again)
  • Added a Select field with some predefined schedules for easy setup the cron.
  • New classes done from scratch for the management of the addons licenses.
  • Fixes different issues on uploading Addons.
  • Fixes a warning when activates some addons at same time.
  • Added new filters by campaign types.
  • Tweaks on how to load the Bulk Actions.
  • Enlarges the version required for the professional addon to 1.4
  • Professional Add-on:
  • Improves the Pro options for Images Metabox.
  • Improves some filters to make featured the RSS images.
  • Added an option to try to handle cases where images are delivered through a script and the correct file extension isn't available.
  • Fixes the Image rename feature when the image extension is missed, by adding '.jpg'
  • Fixes by adding the Featured Image as empty string to the post content when there is not a featured image.
  • Improvements on Custom function for uploads.
  • New feature to overwrite, rename or keep the duplicated images by names.

  • Improved getting the source permalinks and redirecting to the source sites.
  • Added a new post template tag to print the original feed content: {itemcontent}
  • Fixes the timeout banner in campaigns list that was missed in last version.
  • Fixes the sizes of the buttons with the new fonts introduced in WP 4.6.
  • Fixes a parameter with a filter for post titles.
  • Some improvements on addons Page.

  • Fixes a wrong parameter in an image name filter.
  • Extends the functionalities with some custom filters.
  • Ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Enlarges the version required for the professional addon to 1.3.8
  • Professional Add-on:
  • Adds new features: Rename the images uploaded to the website.
  • Keyword Filter for source item categories.

  • Tweaks on duplicate checking by item hash when get timeouts on running campaign.
  • Tweaks deleting options on uninstalling the plugin.
  • Many fixes on processing and showing Next Run Cron time across the screens.
  • Fixes notices on checking if a campaign are running.
  • Add some reference links inside Help screens to go to the FAQs.
  • NEW ADDON : WPeMatico Thumbnail Scratcher
  • Find images on search engines automatically.

  • Fixes Welcome screen on upgrading the plugin.
  • Fixes missing fields that were generating errors or crashed campaigns when running.


  • Added New Feature Campaign Types to improve the plugin and the addons.
  • New Feature to work with Youtube standard feeds. First approach.
  • Added Dashboard page to access to Last News and "Getting started" texts.
  • Added New filters to allow new Campaign Types.
  • Added new parameter $item to the filter 'wpematico_inserted_post'.
  • Fixes an issue on a filter uploading the featured images.
  • Fixes some issues getting images from text and stripping img tags from html.
  • Fixes an issue with some themes that hide the 'clear' CSS class in metaboxes.
  • Fixes some other minor bugs.
  • NEW ADDON : WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher
  • Allow publish posts from Facebook pages or groups in every campaign with Fb APP Credentials.

  • Added dinamic search for categories in campaign editing.
  • Fixes some errors on Addons Page with the new SSL certificate on etruel.com
  • Fixes Custom SimplePie Class error when other plugins load the library included in WordPress.
  • Fixes variable notices.
  • Some tweaks on debug file.

  • Fixes the order of some filters when is taking the date.
  • Some tweaks on readme file.
  • Added domain to plugin header for translations.
  • Full Content Add-on
  • Added a feature to get the featured image from open graph or twitter image from source code.
  • Fixes few filters that overwrite some campaign options.
  • Fixes the bug that gets the full content only in manual mode.


  • Fixes the WP_kses filters stripping videos for activated campaigns.
  • Fixes a bug related to uploads of the featured images.
  • Fixes the order of many parsers and filters for contents with images.
  • Fixes a bug with regex on post-template for adding the image in the content.
  • Improves the behaviour on Play/Run-once button in the campaigns list.
  • Improves performance on gettings redirections of feed permalinks.
  • Added a Welcome screen on plugin activated/updated. Thanks to EDD for its welcome file.
  • Professional Add-on
  • New improved function to add the custom featured image.
  • Improves the behaviour on cutting text with featured images.
  • Fixes double display of categories in Quick edit actions.
  • Fixes adding the featured images to custom fields.
  • Updated Plugin Updater class.
  • Full Content Add-on
  • Change the order of the filter to get the full content.
  • Updated Plugin Updater class.
  • Full Content and Professional Add-ons must be updated to this version.


  • Added a Password in plugin settings to run the external cron. Deactivated by default to backward compatibility, but strongly recommended.
  • Added options to delete all plugin data when is Uninstalled.
  • Added SimplePie section in debug file to test server compatibilities.
  • Some Cosmetic tweaks on List of All Campaigns.
  • Fixes on settings tabs. Licenses and Debug Info always at end.
  • Fixes a bug restoring the Post Format value on quick edit campaign.
  • Fixes a bug in trash to restore deleted campaigns.
  • Fixes adding the featured images at the beginning of the content when don't find images.
  • Many readme Tweaks (this file).
  • We continue improving new icons and banners.
  • We've replaced the ugly machine by a friendly robot. Robotico. :-)
  • Improves a cache for the wordpress reviews shown on Settings screen.
  • Full Content Addon
  • Added feature to read complete content for multi-page articles.
  • Added feature to get the title also from source web page instead of feed.
  • Added feature to get the date of the post from the source web page instead of feed.
  • Added feature to get the author also from source web page and optionally create it if not exist.
  • Added if gets empty full content then takes the original feed item content.
  • Updated Commands Reference in Help with examples.
  • Added around of 1000 config files for predefined websites.


  • Added a WordPress filter to integrate more default options to base plugin.
  • Added a filter to allow add help texts to campaign editing.
  • Fixes an issue on wpematico_pre_insert_post filter.
  • Fixes an issue that made a PHP notice on posts created by a deleted campaign.
  • Added Rewrite notices to campaign logs.
  • New Addon Publish 2 Email


  • Added Extensions menu as subitem of WPeMatico.
  • Added link of feed url in campaign editing.
  • Tweaks on notices for old versions of Addons.
  • Fixes saving html special chars on Word to category text field.
  • Fixes saving html special chars on "Rewrite to" textarea field.
  • Fixes checking corrects RegEx on Rewrites Origin field.
  • Some cosmetic fixes and more tips in Campaign Help tab.
  • Professional Addon
  • Fixed a debug notice with enclosure images.
  • Some cosmetic tweaks on Custom Fields metabox.
  • Full Content Addon
  • Updated content extractors to last versions.
  • Better support for videos.
  • Added support to get iframes, objects and embeds with videos.
  • Added some wordpress filters to allow add more allowed video sites, besides html tags to check by code.


  • Added feature to change the order of the URLs on feeds list using drag & drop.
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.5.
  • Colored meta boxes titles on campaign editing.
  • Many tweaks on Post Template Metabox to display the Help.
  • New data on Add-Ons page showing all Add-Ons currently installed and Add-Ons On sale on etruel's store.
  • Fixed - when saving Word to category and Rewriting fields for bad strip / slashes.
  • Fixed - Footer displayed on the Settings page.
  • Fixed - Settings are not deleted when uninstalling the plugin.
  • Some other tweaks and improvements.
  • [Professional] must download versions 1.3 (https://etruel.com/downloads/wpematico-professional/)
  • Added a feature to Keywords Filters to take one or all words to skip/keep a post.
  • [/Professional]


  • Added "Bulk Edit" for campaigns in list of campaigns, like WordPress standards. (Just a few fields but more to come ;)
  • Added support for standard categories, tags and formats on all Post Types.
  • Fixes AJAX updates for WPeMatico Add-Ons Page under Plugins Section.
  • Some tweaks on campaign logs.
  • [Professional]
  • =Added support for Custom taxonomies on Custom Post Types.=
  • Fixed a mistake in last version that has disabled automatic updates.
  • Some tweaks on campaign export/import.
  • [/Professional]


  • Improved external cron on wpe-cron.php
  • Fixed a featured image upload when cache images are deactivated. Now, it is possible to upload & attach only the featured image ignoring the others.
  • [PRO]
  • Improved getting images from enclosures and media fields of feed items.
  • Added Feature Export/Import single campaign. Must be activated on PRO Settings.
  • [/PRO]


  • Mayor upgrade, should be tested before upgrade on a live environment site.
  • Many improvements to schedules cron functions.
  • Many improvements on filters and content parsers and their process order.
  • Many improvements on featured images and in-content images.
  • Added feature to Remove Featured Image from content to avoid duplicated images on display.
  • Added option to follow redirects on URLs to get real source permalink.
  • Moved option Strip All HTML tags of content from PRO Version to Free.
  • Campaign editing hides Categories and Post Formats Metaboxes if Post Type value differs to Post.
  • Fixed - Post Formats Metabox will be shown only if current theme supports it.
  • Fixed - Notice headers already sent by settings_page.
  • Fixed - PHP warnings on Campaign See Last Log quick action and wpe-cron.php.
  • Added - Recalculate next cron to Campaign Reset Quick action.
  • Added a page for WPeMatico Addons to separate and hide these addons from WordPress plugins page.
  • Added help texts and tutorials on WordPress Help tab on top-right corner to campaign and Settings Pages.
  • Added an option on WordPress Settings->Writing to hide WordPress Reviews metabox on Settings pages.
  • [PRO] must download versions 1.3 PRO
  • FULL Content AddOn:
  • Separated from PRO as new Add-On to obtain better performance. You must Download the new add-on!!
  • Merged with TXT file Editor add-on for FREE, adds an editor for config files for every domain!
  • Also now you can move the config files of each source site to the upload folder to prevent files from being deletedwhen upgrading plugin.
  • Professional AddOn:
  • Added feature to skip a post if there’s no image in content.
  • Added feature Image URL Cleaner.
  • Added feature Strip all Images from content.
  • Fixed some lost images for upper chars.
  • Hide PRO Settings from Menu and leave just a tab into Settings.
  • Fixes when save custom fields values on escaping for HTML attributes.
  • [/PRO]
  • New Images and icons :-)


  • Added a Section on WordPress Settings->Writing to allow changes to WPeMatico Menu position.
  • Fixed metadata filters for unsaved custom fields.
  • Better process an error response on wp_remote_request on non WP_error objects.
  • [PRO] you must download version 1.2.6 PRO

  • [/PRO]

  • Removed SMTP mail method and added as Add-on.
  • Fixed Settings page for servers without mcrypt PHP extension.
  • Added Filters and Actions for new Add-ons.

  • Fixed white screen on Settings page when uses PHP < 5.4
  • Added WordPress filters to every item inserted on new posts.
  • [PRO] you must download version PRO
  • Added 'Strip HTML Tags From Title' option to Campaign Custom Title Options.
  • [/PRO]


  • Improved uploads and automatic filenames.
  • Fixed attachments to WordPress media when uploading already existing filenames.
  • Fixed Featured images and image urls with '%' in its paths.
  • Fixed rawurlencode of feeds with spaces in its url.
  • First attempt to avoid false positives on malware detection by removing encoding as base64 of smtp password. This means if you are using SMTP for emails you must input and save the password again... thanks mediocre antivirus...
  • Added new filters to fix "Post title links to source" on TwentyFifteen and other new themes.
  • Added .jpeg extension to allowed files to upload.
  • Fixed saving Word to category RegEx fields.
  • Fixed checking Regular expressions on save campaign.
  • [PRO] you must download 1.2.5 version PRO
  • Fixes saving Keyword filters.
  • [/PRO]

  • Fixed - when file extension is not allowed strip the image link to source if it is selected.
  • Fixed - now image extensions can be uppercases too.
  • Added wordpress filter to change files upload by extension.


  • Fixed, sometimes checkboxes don't save on campaign quick edit.
  • Several tweaks and improvements.
  • Divided Settings into new tabs system.
  • Rethinking images improves on downloading and uploading files, timeouts and server loads.
  • Added wpematico_img_src_url WP filter to allow modifications before downloads. (ex: to get full image instead of thumbnails)
  • Added Debug Info tab on Settings.
  • Removes smtp credentials values when selected PHP:mail as send method in Settings to avoid pass saving window on browser.
  • [PRO] you must download version 1.2.4 PRO
  • Fixed - Author per feed url not saved.
  • Integrated PRO Settings and Licenses screens in tabs inside WPeMatico Settings item menu.
  • Fixed a bug with var that may delete tags in some cases.
  • Better performance on getting remotes files.
  • New: Now with "Cut at" left first image of content as featured image.
  • [/PRO]


  • Some minor fixes.
  • Removed Quick edit when campaign is running.
  • Fixed a critical bug when attempting to get full content on PRO Version.
  • Fixed forced autotags if tags field are blank on PRO version.


  • Added a clock above campaigns list. Useful for tests with crons.
  • Fixed a critical bug when sending an email after fetch a campaign.
  • Fixed reset stats to 0 when saving a campaign. Now, you can reset it with quick action on campaigns list.
  • Improved use of bad tags in auto tags feature on PRO version.


  • New option to set a throttle between inserted posts to give a break for small servers.
  • Added better control on checking php 5.3 as requirement.
  • Added custom function to get plugin version to fix Warning: fopen(), fread() and fclose().
  • Tweaks to automatic upgrades with license key on PRO Version.
  • Fixed permalink filter on Post title links to source feature.


  • Mayor upgrade. Backup your database and deactivate PRO version (for last time) before upgrade!
  • Fixed: Quick edit for some lost fields values and bad columns after save.
  • Fixed: Rewrite input fields not saved in campaign.
  • Fixed: Almost all PHP notices were taken off.
  • Fixed: external cron broken call wpe-cron.php.
  • Fixed: columns data and order on campaign list.
  • New: Option to disable saving campaign custom fields on every post.
  • New: Option to allow external cron for WPeMatico without deactivate all WP Crons.
  • New: Option to write a log file for external cron.
  • New: Log file for external cron will be saved in the uploads folder, otherwise, it will try to save it to the same dir (app).
  • Improved fetching Videos from FEED content.
  • New: Added Option to show a button for empty trash on all (custom) post types you want.
  • Fixes correct encode decode SMTP email password.
  • New: Default values on Settings to Sender email and name for logs.
  • Fixed: Better-sanitized image names before save using WP filters.
  • Fixed: dequeue script Autosave.
  • [PRO] must download version 1.2 PRO
  • New feature: License key to launch automatic upgrades.
  • Automatic Upgrades from wordpress plugins page.
  • Removed the hated requirement to upgrade: Remember deactivate PRO version before upgrade. That is not necessary now.
  • Fixed: website will not crash when upgrading the free WPeMatico plugin or when it has not been activated yet.
  • Fixed: get automatically Image URL when selecting an image from the gallery as the Default Featured image.
  • New: Checked required versions to run with free version.
  • Removed 1 min. cron feature and HTML lawed for better performance.
  • [/PRO]

1.2 Beta

  • New Feature: Post Format for campaign posts.
  • New Feature: Quick Edit in campaigns list.
  • New options for SimplePie Filters on Settings. Strip attributes and other interesting things.
  • New tips help you to get a better layout on Settings and campaign edit pages.
  • New system message allows some new notices through plugin actions.
  • Added checked categories in a campaign to the top of the list.
  • Added option to jump and continue fetching a feed when a duplicate is found.
  • Added option “Pending status” to campaign posts.
  • Added control to save data before allowing to run the Campaign.
  • Added log file to external cron.
  • Improvements - use WordPress core Categories function for metabox instead of custom function.
  • Improvements to check url feeds when getting an Error on true feeds.
  • Improvements in ajax funtions checking url feeds.
  • Removed deprecated tools page to import old campaigns of plugin 0.xx versions.
  • Fixed page name for Settings Page to avoid overwriting other setting pages.
  • Fixed saving selected author in a campaign.
  • Fixed Quick add campaign in category checked after saving.
  • Fixed - Reset Campaign also clears last Log.
  • Changed and improved - file_get_contents to wp_remote_get that uses multiples methods to get remote images


  • Fixed tags issue reported on forums after last upgrade.


  • Added some filters to make plugin upgradable by modules or add-ons. This is just the beginning.
  • Added support for autotags in chinese language. Take in mind that there is not perfect, but better than nothing ;)
  • Some minor fixes on PHP Warning when running a campaign in manual mode.
  • Fixes campaign log page to works also on WordPress Multitenancy environments. (Thanks Relevad)


  • Some minor fixes to show uploaded images with urldecode in its filename.
  • Fixes a bug seeing log of campaign.


  • Some minor fixes. Droped many PHP notices.
  • [PRO] must download version 1.1.93 PRO
  • New feature: Filter Featured image by width or height on every post.
  • [/PRO]


  • Tested with WordPress 4.2alpha
  • Some minor fixes.
  • Some fixes and descriptions on Readme file :)
  • [PRO] must download version 1.1.92 PRO
  • New feature: Now you can filter images by width or height in new posts.
  • [/PRO]


  • Fixes and improved methods to download remote images on RSS feeds.


  • Compatible with php 5.4. Really lots of Strict Standars PHP Warning and notices fixed.
  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility.
  • New methods for check duplicated posts(types). !!!
  • Improved methods to download remote images on RSS feeds.
  • Improved method to save custom meta field with source permalink.
  • Fixes disabling WP autosave feature php notices.
  • Fixes - Content-Type to UTF-8 on Last Log campaign popup window.
  • Some cosmetic fixes.


  • New feature: Now you can rewrite part of the Post titles, too.
  • WordPress 3.7 compatibility.


  • Fixes for duplicated image uploads that happened -in some cases- with PRO Version installed.
  • Fixes for some images sizes that were not generated when attaching files to posts.
  • Some minor changes.
  • [PRO] must download 1.1.7 version PRO
  • Fixes - + "rare" code removal that was displayed on log when fetching rss images.
  • Fixes - KeywordFilter when selecting both title and content for search on "any" field.
  • Added - file getcontent.php for custom edit and use with CURL if needed
  • Added - tags for custom title feature: {title} and {counter} – it will be replaced on custom title field.
  • [/PRO]


  • DEPRECATED functions replaced to make the pluggin more compatible with WP3.6.
  • Some minor changes.
  • [PRO]
  • Fixes to autotags feature that did not work in some cases.
  • [/PRO]


  • New feature to allow or not posts duplicates.
  • Fixes - categories and tags added to posts.
  • Optimised screenshots to reduce the plugin size.
  • Some styles improvements.
  • Thanks for your donation, Mark :)


  • Removed a link in a PHP comment that was taken as malware.


  • Added - timeout on running campaigns. This feature allows to automatically Clear/Stop halted campaigns after some period of time.
  • Fixes to the use of wp_create_category and wp_insert_category functions that sometimes did not work.
  • Fixes to some styles that were working only on Firefox.


  • Added New feature: Now you can run all your campaigns (or any selected campaign) at once on the campaigns list.
  • Improved some ajax notifications.
  • Fixes to some styles that change with WP3.5.
  • Added an example of images usage with [gallery] shortcode on post template.
  • Upgraded package SimplePie to version 1.3.1.
  • Added SimplePie: Server Compatibility Test 1.3, for check if the plugin will work on server.
  • Fixes - loading localization textdomain.
  • Fixes - some issues with I18n.
  • Added Romanian & Slovak languages files.


  • Added New feature: Auto categories from source posts (where available).
  • Improved image sizes.
  • Updated language files. pot, es_ES. Spanish Language.
  • Small fix - item date.
  • Fixes to some files coded as ANSI instead of UTF-8
  • Fixes (when fetching) to The RegEx stripslashes in "Word to Category" and "rewriting options".


  • Added tags list to assign to posts in every campaign.
  • Added Feed date feature to use the datetime of source post.
  • Added {image} tag to post template for show featured image url into post content.
  • Added New option for strip links from post content.
  • Added to general Settings - no link to external images.
  • Fixes to allow the reset of some fields when saving a campaign.
  • Fixes The RegEx stripslashes in "Word to Category" and "rewriting options".
  • Some fixes related with images and images urls on media library.
  • Added Spanish language File.
  • [PRO]
  • Added Custom fields feature for fetched posts with values generated by template fields.
  • Added Auto generate tags, getting tags from post content.
  • Added images on enclosure media tags on feeds.
  • An issue fixed on Add feed image to full-content on PRO Version.
  • Default Featured image if not found image on content. Link or Upload new image from campaign.
  • Added strip HTML filter also to feed content as full-content.
  • [/PRO]


  • Fixes to many DEPRECATED PHP notices on log and interrupted cron: upgraded Simplepie library to 1.3.
  • New option on advanced settings to force the use of Simplepie library in plugin. Simplepie provided by WP is not compatible with PHP 5.3.
  • Added options to skip WordPress Post content filters. Beta. (It allows to embed code like flash or videos on posts)
  • Fixes to other minor details.


  • Fixes – Not running for more than five campaigns.
  • Fixed? problem with filter function wp_mail_content_type
  • Trying to make the pluggin more compatible with plugins that use public custom posts urls: Added 'public' => false and 'exclude_from_search' => true to custom post type 'campaign'.
  • Added new file to run external cron alone without call wp-cron.
  • New website for plugin WPeMatico


This is a big update. Lots of things you asked for, are ready in 1.0 version.

  • Now you can use WordPress custom post types for campaigns.
  • Now you can move and close metaboxes.
  • Now you can paginate and filter campaigns list by name.
  • Now we have an image background at WP repository. :)
  • Improved feed list with scroll into campaign.
  • Improved feed search filter.
  • Better help.
  • Better performance.
  • Colored boxes for better organization (To know what you’re doing.
  • More options on Settings.
  • New logo and images.
  • Totally translatable.
  • Better use of Ajax.
  • Better use of class SimplePie included into WordPress core.
  • Deactivated WordPress Autosave only when editing WPeMatico campaigns.
  • Automatic check fields values before saving a campaign without reloading the page and/or for lost fields content.
  • Option to activate or deactivate automatic feed check before saving a campaign.
  • Added option for testing purposes for only one feed.
  • Added description field for every campaign.
  • New option to del hash on feeds to fetch for duplicated posts. (Advanced config)
  • New option to see last log of every campaign. (Advanced config)
  • Now you can Disable Check Feeds before Saving. (Advanced config)
  • Now you can choose which roles to see on the dashboard widget.
  • Fixes - rewrite to also rewrite html code.
  • First image on content as WP feature image.
  • Now support relative paths for upload images from source content.
  • [PRO]
  • Option to automatic creation of author names based on source or custom typed author.
  • Option to assign author per feed instead of campaign author (or you can use both options).
  • Option to correct and fix wrong html code with lots of options from htmLawed.
  • [/PRO]


  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Fetch every 1 Minute.
  • [/PRO]
  • Minor fixes but an important one about duplicating posts.
  • Minor fixes layout bugs on Settings.


  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Attempt to get Full Content.
  • [/PRO]
  • First image attached to a post marked as Featured Image of the post.
  • Added support for WordPress Custom Post Types
  • Added check Feeds before saving a campaign.
  • Fixes to the layout with schedule options.
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Updated donate link with paypal.


  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Custom Title with counter.
  • [/PRO]
  • Added {author} tag for retrieve the name of the Author of the post.
  • Added {authorlink} tag for retrieve the original link of the Author of the post.
  • Added new method for check duplicate posts also with the source permalink.
  • Added option to display or not the dashboard widget.
  • Fixed the automatic update issue between standard and Pro versions.
  • Fixed some display issues in Keyword Filters box in PRO.
  • WordPress 3.3.1 compatibility.


  • WordPress 3.3 compatibility.
  • small fix with php function str_replace


  • New PRO version available at website.
  • [PRO]
  • New features: Delete last HTML tag option, Words count filters, Keywords filtering.
  • New options to enable or not new features: Words count filters, Keywords filtering.
  • Words count filters. Count how many words there are in your content to assign a category or to skip the post.
  • The content can be converted to text and cut to a desired amount of words or letters.
  • Keywords filtering. You can determine whether to skip the post for certain words in title or content or not.
  • [/PRO]
  • Fixes to images process after rewriting functions not to upload deleted images at content.
  • Fixed spaces of images names.
  • Fixed - little duplicate thing on titles with special chars.


  • New option to enable or not the new feature: Words to Category.
  • Words to Category. Define custom words to assign every posts to specified categories.
  • Fixes "No link to source images" Hide/show option on click "Enable cache img"
  • Added "checking" image near "Check all feeds" button.


  • WordPress 3.2.1 compatible.
  • Add ‘Activate/Deactivate’ to options in campaign's table.
  • Fixed - when clicking “Add more” in Rewrite, the form appears in the Post template section.


  • Upgrade only for WordPress 3.1 compatibility.


  • WordPress 3.0.4 compatible.
  • Fixes – now you can check for duplicates on draft, private and published posts.
  • Added {feeddescription} tag.
  • Fixes to some issues in template post tags.


  • Added Post template feature in every campaign.


  • Fixed Post title links to source option.
  • .pot language file updated.
  • Readme.txt updated.
  • Merry Christmas 2010. Jesus lives.


  • Some issues fixed when rewriting words & links.
  • Fixed - Link in Dashboard widget.
  • Fixed - Allow Ping option issue.
  • Change log e-mail to html format.
  • New options added to enable or disable image cache in every campaign.
  • New options added for each campaign to avoid linking to source image on error at image cache upload
  • Fixes - Tested up field on Readme.txt


  • Fixed an issue in 1st feed for checking.
  • Fixed - bug Warning & Error messages on running campaign.
  • Added Go Back button on error saving and getting the old values.
  • Added 2 more Screenshots on WordPress repository.
  • Readme.txt updated.


  • Fixes to the version number.
  • Fixes to the wrong message when activating.
  • Deleted .mo & .po files and replaced with new wordpress generated .pot


Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


12 of 18 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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