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This is for autoblogging. Drink a coffee meanwhile WPeMatico publish your posts. Post automatically from the RSS/Atom feeds organized into campaigns.


  • Fixed tags issue reported on forums after last upgrade.


  • Added some filters to make plugin upgradable by modules or add-ons. This is just the beginning.
  • Added support for autotags in chinese language. Take in mind that there is not perfect, but better than nothing ;)
  • Some minor fixes on PHP Warning when running a campaign in manual mode.
  • Fixed campaign log page to works also on WordPress Multitenancy environments. (Thanks Relevad)


  • Some minor fixes to show uploaded images with urldecode in its filename.
  • Fixed a bug seeing log of campaign.


  • Some minor fixes. Droped many PHP notices.
  • [PRO] must download version 1.1.93 PRO
  • New feature: Filter Featured image by width or height on every post.
  • [/PRO]


  • Tested with WordPress 4.2alpha
  • Some minor fixes.
  • Some fixes and descriptions on Readme file :)
  • [PRO] must download version 1.1.92 PRO
  • New feature: Now you can filter images by width or height in new posts.
  • [/PRO]


  • Fix and improved methods to download remote images on RSS feeds.


  • Compatible with php 5.4. A really lot of Strict Standars PHP Warning and notices fixed.
  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility.
  • New methods for check duplicated posts(types). !!!
  • Improved methods to download remote images on RSS feeds.
  • Improved method to save custom meta field with source permalink.
  • Fixed disabling WP autosave feature php notices.
  • Fixed Content-Type to UTF-8 on Last Log campaign popup window.
  • Some cosmetic fixes.


  • New feature: Now you can rewrite part of Post titles too.
  • WordPress 3.7 compatibility.


  • Fixed duplicate image uploads that was in some cases with PRO Version installed.
  • Fixed that don't generate all images sizes when attach files to posts.
  • Some minor changes.
  • [PRO] must download version 1.1.7 PRO
  • Fixed and removed the "rare" code displayed on log when fetch rss images.
  • Fixed KeywordFilter when select both title and content for search on "any" field.
  • Added file getcontent.php for custom edit and use with CURL if you need it.
  • Added tags for custom title feature: {title} and {counter} and will be replaced on custom title field.
  • [/PRO]


  • Replaced DEPRECATED functions for be more compatible with WP3.6.
  • Some minor changes.
  • [PRO]
  • Fixed autotags feature that not work on some cases.
  • [/PRO]


  • New feature for allow or not duplicates posts.
  • Fixed adding categories and tags to posts.
  • Screenshots optimized reduce the plugin size.
  • Some styles improvements.
  • Thanks for donate Mark :)


  • Just removed a link in a PHP comment that is taken as malware.


  • Added timeout on running campaigns. This feature automaticly Clear/Stop halted campaigns after some period of time.
  • Fixed use of wp_create_category and wp_insert_category functions that sometimes won't works.
  • Fixed some styles that were working only on Firefox.


  • Added New feature: Now you can run all or selected campaigns at once on campaigns list.
  • Improved some ajax notifications.
  • Fixed some styles that changes with WP3.5.
  • Added example of use of images with [gallery] shortcode on post template.
  • Upgraded package SimplePie to version 1.3.1.
  • Added SimplePie: Server Compatibility Test 1.3, for check if the plugin will work on server.
  • Fixed loading localization textdomain.
  • Fixed some issues with I18n.
  • Added Romanian & Slovak languages files.


  • Added New feature: Auto categories from source posts (were available).
  • Improved images size.
  • Updated language files. pot, es_ES. Spanish Language.
  • Small fix with item date.
  • Fix some files coded as ANSI instead UTF-8
  • Fixed (when fetching) The RegEx stripslashes in "Word to Category" and "rewriting options".


  • Added tags list to assign to posts in every campaign.
  • Added Feed date feature to use the datetime of source post.
  • Added {image} tag to post template for show featured image url into post content.
  • Added New option for strip links from post content.
  • Added also to general Settings no link external images.
  • Fixed resets some fields when save campaign.
  • Fixed The RegEx stripslashes in "Word to Category" and "rewriting options".
  • Some fixes related with images and images urls on media library.
  • Added Spanish language File.
  • [PRO]
  • Added Custom fields feature for fetched posts with values generated by template fields.
  • Added Auto generate tags, getting tags from post content.
  • Added images on enclosure media tags on feeds.
  • Fix an issue on Add feed image to full-content on PRO Version.
  • Default Featured image if not found image on content. Link or Upload new image from campaign.
  • Added strip HTML filter also to feed content as full-content.
  • [/PRO]


  • Fixed many DEPRECATED PHP notices on log and cron interrupted: upgraded Simplepie library to 1.3.
  • New option on advanced settings to force use of Simplepie library in plugin. Simplepie provided by WP is not compatible with PHP 5.3.
  • Added options for skip WordPress Post content filters. Beta. (this is for allow embed code like flash or videos on posts)
  • Fixed some other minor details.


  • Fixed not run for more than five campaigns.
  • Fixed? problem with filter function wp_mail_content_type
  • Trying to do more compatible with plugins that use public custom posts urls: Added 'public' => false and 'exclude_from_search' => true to custom post type 'campaign'.
  • Added new file for run external cron alone without call wp-cron.
  • New website for plugin WPeMatico


This is a really update. Lot of things that you asked for, are ready in 1.0 version.

  • Now use WordPress custom post types for campaigns.
  • Now you can move and close metaboxes.
  • Now you can paginate and filter campaigns list by name.
  • Now we have an image background at WP repository. :)
  • Improved feed list with scroll into campaign.
  • Improved feed search filter.
  • Better help.
  • Better performance.
  • Colored boxes for knowing what I'm doing.
  • More options on Settings.
  • New logo and images.
  • Totally translatable.
  • Better use of Ajax.
  • Better use of class SimplePie included into WordPress core.
  • Deactivated WordPress Autosave only editing WPeMatico campaigns.
  • Automatic check fields values before save campaign without reload page and/or lost fields content.
  • Option to activate or deactivate automatic feed check before save campaign.
  • Added option for test only one feed.
  • Added description field for every campaign.
  • New option to del hash on feeds for fetch duplicated posts. (Advanced config)
  • New option to see last log of every campaign. (Advanced config)
  • Now you can Disable Check Feeds before Save. (Advanced config)
  • Now you can choose which roles can see the dashboard widget.
  • Fixed rewrite to also rewrite html code.
  • First image on content as WP feature image.
  • Now support relative paths for upload images from source content.
  • [PRO]
  • Option to automatic create author names based on source or custom typed author.
  • Option to assign author per feed, instead campaign or both options.
  • Option for correct and fix wrong html code with a lot of options from htmLawed.
  • [/PRO]


  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Fetch every 1 Minute.
  • [/PRO]
  • Fix minor but important thing about duplicating posts.
  • Fix minnor layout bugs on Settings.


  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Attempt to get Full Content.
  • [/PRO]
  • First image attached to a post marked as Featured Image of the post.
  • Added support for WordPress Custom Post Types
  • Added check Feeds before save campaign.
  • Fix layout thing with schedule options.
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Updated donate link with paypal.


  • [PRO]
  • Added New Feature: Custom Title with counter.
  • [/PRO]
  • Added {author} tag for retrieve the name of the Author of the post.
  • Added {authorlink} tag for retrieve the original link of the Author of the post.
  • Added new method for check duplicate posts also with the source permalink.
  • Added option for display or not the dashboard widget.
  • Fix automatic update issue bettwen standard and Pro versions.
  • Fix some display issues in Keyword Filters box in PRO.
  • WordPress 3.3.1 compatibility.


  • WordPress 3.3 compatibility.
  • small fix with php function str_replace


  • New PRO version available at website.
  • [PRO]
  • New features: Delete last HTML tag option, Words count filters, Keywords filtering.
  • New options for enable or not new features: Words count filters, Keywords filtering.
  • Words count filters. Count how many words are in content for assign a category or skip the post.
  • Also the content can be converted to text and cutted at wanted amount of words or letters.
  • Keywords filtering. You can determine skip the post for certain words in title or content.
  • [/PRO]
  • Fixed images process after rewrite functions for not upload deleted images at content.
  • Fixed spaces at images names.
  • Fixed little duplicate thing on titles with special chars.


  • New option for enable or not the new feature: Words to Category.
  • Words to Category. Define custom words for assign every post to specified categories.
  • Fixed "No link to source images" Hide/show option on click "Enable cache img"
  • Added "checking" image near "Check all feeds" button.


  • WordPress 3.2.1 compatible.
  • Add ‘Activate/Deactivate’ to options in campaign's table.
  • Fixed when click “Add more” in Rewrite, the form appears in the Post template section.


  • Upgrade only for WordPress 3.1 compatibility.


  • WordPress 3.0.4 compatible.
  • Fixed now check for duplicates on draft, private and published post.
  • Added {feeddescription} tag.
  • Fixed some issues in template post tags.


  • Added Post template feature in every campaign.


  • Fix Post title links to source option.
  • .pot language file updated.
  • Readme.txt updated.
  • Merry Christmas 2010. Jesus lives.


  • Fix some issues on rewriting words & links.
  • Fix links in Dashboard widget.
  • Fix the Allow Ping option issue.
  • Change log e-mail to html format.
  • New options added for enable or disable image cache in every campaign.
  • New options added for not link to source image on error at image cache upload in every campaign.
  • Fix Tested up field on Readme.txt


  • Fix issue in 1st feed for checking.
  • Fix bug Warning & Error messages on running campaign.
  • Added Go Back button on error saving and get the old values.
  • Added 2 more Screenshots on WordPress repository.
  • Readme.txt updated.


  • Fixed version number.
  • Fix wrong message when activating.
  • Deleted .mo & .po files, replacing with new wordpress generated .pot


Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3alpha
Last Updated: 2015-6-4
Active Installs: 9,000+


3.4 out of 5 stars


5 of 12 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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