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WPBulky – WordPress Bulk Edit Post Types is a helpful tool that allows you to work in bulk with post types. The plugin supports sufficient tools to edit posts, pages, media such as title, slug, image, publish date, status, allow comments, allow
trackbacks, author, password … and many other post type properties. Take advantage of the plugin, you can master editing post types in bulk, save time and enhance site management at a high level.

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WPBulky – WP Bulk Edit Post Types can do functions to edit properties of Post types in bulk like such as some default post types of WordPress: Posts, Pages, Media.

This plugin’s function does not include editing post types of WooCommerce like product, shop_order and shop_coupon.

Bulk edit post types

  • Filter post types by ID; Title; Content; Excerpt; Slug; Range of date; status; Author; Taxonimies
  • Append, prepend and replace text in text fields in bulk
  • Add, change, remove images of post types in bulk
  • Enable, disable comments in bulk
  • Enable, disable all trackbacks in bulk
  • Change post type’s status in bulk maybe: Publish, Scheduled, Pending, Draft, Private
  • Assign, remove categories for post type in bulk
  • Assign, remove tags for post type in bulk
  • Change post type’s format in bulk maybe: Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Video
  • Set, edit, remove post type’s password in bulk
  • Change post type’s author in bulk

Support bulk edits in all fields of a post type
You can use filters to get fields of the post type based on their property to edit in bulk. The plugin is available with all fields of post types such as ID; Title; Content; Excerpt; Slug; Range of date; status; Author; Categories; Tags; Formats….

  • ID: You can filter the range of post types by ID, separate IDs with commas or minus.
  • Title: This allows you to filter a post type using the title that can be exact, like, not include, begin, end, or empty content.
  • Content: This allows you to filter post types using the content that can be exact, like, not include, begin, end, or empty content.
  • Excerpt: You can filter post types using the excerpt that can be exact, like, not include, begin, end, or empty content.
  • Slug: This allows you to filter post types using the slug that can be exact, like, not include, begin, end, or empty content.
  • Range of Post date: You can filter post types based on the date of post.
  • Post status: Filter post types by status: Draft, pending, private, publish.
  • Author: Filter post types users who release
  • Taxonomies: Filter post types based on taxonomies.

Manipulations with the table and cells to bulk edit post types

  • Select objects: Entire table; Columns; Rows,
  • Undo update.
  • Context menu
  • Copy – Paste
  • Select a range
  • Apply an edit to other cells by dragging the fill handle
  • Delete selected objects
  • Order ascending
  • Order descending.
  • Find and Replace.
  • Duplicate rows.

Bulk edit post types – Other outstanding features

  • The Search tool to find the fields to edit in bulk. On the other hand, you can save time to quickly look for fields you want to edit.
  • Filter orders by ID, Title.
  • Save filter when reloading the page. In particular, the save filter button helps to save all your settings so that the selected options will remain even when you load the page.


  • All free version features
  • Unlimited custom post types
  • History to record the edits.
  • Bulk edit Custom meta fields from third-party.


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Getting Started

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  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload wpbulky-wp-bulk-edit-post-types to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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