A CRM Zoho integration for WordPress to capture Leads and Contacts (NO LONGER SUPPORTED PLEASE READ UPDATE)


UPDATE: This plugin is no longer supported. Please use CRM WordPress Leads Plugin

Leads Builder for CRM supports Vtiger CRM, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and SugarCRM.


  • Generate forms with or without web forms.
  • Supports Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Generate forms in Page, Post or Widgets.
  • Captures potential leads to Vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and Salesforce.
  • Redirects User to the desired page after form submission.
  • Notification on success or failure of lead capture.
  • Converts new Users as your CRM contact.

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Have a experience of PRO version in our live demo or request for free trial in Leads Builder For CRM page to generate your own WordPress test environment.

To upgrade for Leads Builder For CRM Pro


  • The screenshot-1.png shows the Zoho CRM settings configuration
  • The screenshot-2.png shows the CRM Zoho lead fields to be shown in the contact form page or post.
  • The screenshot-3.png shows the CRM Zoho lead fields to be shown in the widget area.
  • The screenshot-4.png shows the form which captures the Zoho CRM leads.
  • The screenshot-5.png shows the form placed in widget area, which captures the Zoho CRM leads.


WP Leads Builder For CRM can be installed in usual 3 methods

I. For simple general way to install

* Go to Plugins → Add New →Upload
* Browse and Upload the downloaded zip file
* Activate the plugin.

II. For familiar FTP users

* Extract the plugin zip
* Upload plugin zip to /wp-content/plugins/
* Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins → Active

III. Straight from WordPress Admin

* Go to plugins → Add New
* Search for WP Leads Builder Any CRM
* Click Install Now → Activate


1) How to create form with Contact Form 7?

  • Enable the Contact Form 7 in CRM configuration under Form Type.
  • In CRM Forms menu select the required fields and Save.
  • The shortcode with selected fields will be created in Contact Form 7.
  • Place the shortcode in Post, Page or Widget.

2) Why I’m not able to submit the form created with Contact form?

  • After generating the shortcode for Contact form.
  • Go to Contact → Contact Forms → Edit view of the shortcode.
  • In Mail menu, configure all the settings and save.
  • If the mail is not configured the form will trigger an error message stating ‘Submission failed’.


Very poor piece of software

I initially thought my problems were all over when I found this plugin. I desperately needed something that would help me populate my Zoho CRM data from WordPress which was taking up far too much of my time.

However, things didn’t go right straight away with the paid version of this plugin.

I’ve emailed the developer with the list below which has been ignored completely by them.

The Account name in Zoho is simply the first name of the user in WordPress duplicated. So one account name in my listings is Nicki NIcki.

Where a billing and shipping address is entered into WordPress only the billing address details are taken to Zoho.

Perhaps the amateur nature of this software is best demonstrated in the next bug. In the fields mapping section for the Country field the only choices to map to are Shipping Company or Billing Company. What??

The extensive mapping feature of this plugin extend to giving you two choices for most fields, either Shipping Detail or Billing detail. For example for the Street field, you may map to either Shipping Street or Billing Street. If you have both then tough, you’re going to lose one. There are no custom fields available.

Overall this product is worse then useless as you end up with incorrect information in Zoho which I suggest is much worse than having no information at all.

A disappointed user when this product could have been so good.

The fastest and most accurate way to save your business cards into ZohoCRM

Tired of looking the place where your business cards can be saved, structured and always been with you? Our Magneticone Mobile business card reader will help you with it: only for 3 seconds it will import all card data directly to your SugarCRM system after snapping a photo! It allows to create a rich set of additional information about your potential client, partner, or colleague.
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Why gust our business card reader? In addition to general information you will get the opportunity to find out more about your contacts:
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– company info: size, industry, branch network, recent activity, etc.

How it works
Snap a photo of a business card
App recognizes it automatically
Get more data about person and company
A new contact is automatically stored into your CRM account
Build-in Business Card Reader to SugarCRM integration
Processes up to 20 business cards per minute
Precise and perfect business cards recognition
Preview and make necessary changes before saving
Works via your Android smartphone’s camera
Recognition in 25 languages supported, including multilingual cards
Precise conversion of business card data
“Get more data” feature uses only trusted sources
It does not violate any laws or the right of privacy
It always keeps your contacts secure
Business Card Reader is one of the best options, especially if you have multilingual needs.

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Contributors & Developers

“A CRM Zoho integration for WordPress to capture Leads and Contacts (NO LONGER SUPPORTED PLEASE READ UPDATE)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • WordPress 4.5 compatibility was checked.
  • Migration script added to get new wp-leads-builder-for-any-crm


  • Features moved to new combined plugin Leads Builder For Any CRM
  • Added: Debug mode enable/disable options.
  • Modified: Menu order changes.


  • Improved UI for better usability
  • Compatible with 3..9.1 and php 5.4
  • Warnings and minor bug fixes
  • Improved autentication error on authtokens


This is the basic version. Tested and found works well without any issues.