WP WDFY Integration of Wodify


WP-WDFY integrates information from the online performance tracking software Wodify into your WordPress based web site.

DISCLAIMER: The plugin and its author are in no way associated with or endorsed by WODIFY. The plugin relies on the API provided by Wodify.


  • Automatic WOD posting: Automatically create posts from Wodify WODs now including images.
  • Upcoming Classes widget: Displays the upcoming classes from Wodify for a selected number of days.
  • WOD Widget: Displays the WOD of a selected day, program, and location.
  • WOD shortcode: Insert a selected WOD into a post, page, …
  • WOD block: Insert a selected WOD into a page or post using the new block editor
  • Wodify link shortcode: Inserts responsive text or logo links to the Wodify web app into posts, pages, …


  • Display your upcoming classes from Wodify in a widget
  • Plugin configuration screen with definition of class colors for widget
  • With this plugin you can use a shortcode in your posts and pages to display the WOD from Wodify for a specific day in your page.
  • When the page is rendered the plugin will pull the WOD from Wodify (or from its cache if available).



  • Install and Activate the Plugin via the WordPress Plugin menu
  • Under Settings / Wodify integration enter the API Key for your Wodify tenant. To find you API Key look here: Finding your Wodify API Key
  • After saving the API key, optionally set the default Location and Default Program parameters.

Configure Features:

WOD Posting: Automatically create WordPress posts from Wodify WODs

  • Go to Settings/Wodify
  • Chose the WOD Settings page
  • Activate automatic WOD posting by changing the frequency
  • Configure the locations and programs to create automated posts for, remember to Activate each line in the “Create Post” column

WOD Widget: Displays the WOD of a selected day, program, and location. To use:

  • Go to Appearance/Widgets and add the “Wodify WOD” widget to a widget area of your choice.
  • Set the title
  • Set the Location and program parameters of the widget
  • Select the day to display the WOD for
  • If you wish to ignore the Blog publish date for your WOD set in Wodify, set to “Yes”. If set to “No”, WOD will not be displayed before that date.
  • If you would like the plugin to cache the WOD returned by Wodify select “Yes”; select “No” if the WOD should be pulled from Wodify whenever the widget is displayed
  • If you wish to exclude certain components from being displayed, specify the respective component names to be excluded as comma separated list, e.g. “Warm-up, Cool-down”. Use “Header” for the WOD header (name and comment) section.
  • If you wish to display only selected components, specify the respective component names to be shown as comma separated list, e.g. “Metcon, Weightlifting”. Use “Header” for the WOD header (name and comment) section.
  • Decide if WOD images should be displayed

Feel free to style the output with your CSS.

Upcoming classes widget: Displays the upcoming classes from Wodify for a selected number of days. To use:

  • Under Settings/Wodify configure the caching frequency for classes information.
  • Optionally, under Settings / Wodify configure the colors to use for the different programs (otherwise colors from Wodify will be used).
  • Also in Settings/Wodify you can deactivate programs for the calendar widget entirely, however see below how to hide or show specific components in a widget.
  • In Settings/Wodify configure URLs for the different programs, e.g. a description page in your site for each program.
  • Go to Appearance/Widgets and add the “Wodify Upcoming Classes” widget to a widget area of your choice.
  • Set the title
  • Chose the number of upcoming days to display. Defaults to “today +2 days”
  • Set the number of classes to display without scrolling. Defaults to 3. If there are more than 3 classes they will autoscroll in the widget.
  • Change the height of the display box for one class. Defaults to 64 pixels. Increase depending on your font-size to display more information without hovering with the mouse.
  • Set/change the content of the lines displayed for each class. Defaults to something sensible 😉
  • If you wish to exclude certain components from being displayed, specify the respective component names to be excluded as comma separated list, e.g. “Warm-up, Cool-down”. Use “Header” for the WOD header (name and comment) section, “Announcements” for the respective section.
  • If you wish to display only selected components, specify the respective component names to be shown as comma separated list, e.g. “Metcon, Weightlifting”. Use “Header” for the WOD header (name and comment) section, “Announcements” for the respective section.
  • Deactivate caching if you always want to pull the most recent information from Wodify on page load. Activate caching to reduce page load times. Please be aware that caching depends on the caching frequency setup in the plugin’s settings.

Feel free to style the output with your CSS.

Shortcode ‘wdfywod’: Output a selected WOD into a post, page, …


  • location: Location name from Wodify, defaults to setting from Settings page
  • date: Date in Format Y/m/d, defaults to today’s date. Or relative to today’s date “+1”, “+2”, “-1”, Use “MON”, “TUE”, “WED”, “THU”, “FRI”, “SAT”, “SUN” to display WOD for a specific upcoming weekday
  • program: Name of the program to display the WOD for, defaults to the program chosen on the Settings page.
  • ignorepublishdate: By default the shortcode will respect the BlogPublish Date set in Wodify. If this attribute is set to “true” the WOD will be displayed anyway if available.
  • includecomponents: comma seperated list of WOD component names. If specified, only components with these names will be shown, names are case-sensitive. Use “Header” for the WOD header (name and comment) section
  • excludecomponents: comma seperated list of WOD component names. If specified, components with the specified names will not be shown, names are case-sensitive. Use “Header” for the WOD header (name and comment) section
  • cache: set to “false” in order to always access Wodify and disable local caching, defaults to “true”
  • showimages: set to true to display images, false to skip images, defaults to the value setup in general settings


  • [wdfywod date=”2016/10/08″ location=”AMRAP42″ program=”Crossfit”]
  • [wdfywod]
  • [wdfywod date=”+1″ ignorepublishdate=”true” excludecomponents=”Header,Warm-up”]

Shortcode ‘wdfylink’: Inserts a link to a Wodify application web page (user must be logged in or login manually) or the Wodify homepage


  • device: “mobile” to link mobile web app, “desktop” to link to desktop web page. “auto” to use responsive css to determine link target, defaults to “auto”
  • page: “wod” (default) | “calendar” | “whiteboard” | “home”
  • newtab: “true” to open inserted link in new tab, defaults to “false”
  • logo: “black” | “black2″ |”vblack” | “vblack2” logos for black background “2” indicates double size, “v” vertical logo
    “white” | “white2″ |”vwhite” | “vwhite2” logos for white background “2” indicates double size, “v” vertical logo
    “color” | “color2″ |”vcolor” | “vcolor2” colored logos (for white background) “2” indicates double size, “v” vertical logo
    “none” (default) create text link with text enclosed in shortcode (default Text: “Wodify”)


  • [wdfylink page=”calendar” newtab=”true”]Click here to go to the Wodify calendar[/wdfylink]
  • [wdfylink]Click here to go to Wodify[/wdfylink]
  • [wdfylink logo=”black”/]


Excellent app; developer SUPER helpful

I recently installed this app on our website. It was excellent but quickly realized that it was formatted in 24 hr. time. I contacted the developer. He responded within minutes, addressed my issue, and released a new version that fixed the formatting issue within 48 hrs.!!!

Much Needed! Great and timely support.

This is a crucial piece of software between the Wodify platform and WordPress that is well overdue. The developer was very responsive to issues we had which ultimately elevated the plugin to a stable place for our custom Crossfit clients using WordPress. INDUSTRY11 Highly recommends. Can't wait to see what future updates have to offer in terms of customization, etc..
Read all 3 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WP WDFY Integration of Wodify” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.2 (2019/03/12)

  • ADDED customize post type of automatically created WODs

2.1 (2019/01/29)

  • FIXED a bug where debug output would show in automatically created WOD posts

2.0 (2019/01/11)

  • ADDED new WOD block for WordPress 5 block editor

1.17 (2019/01/08)

  • Added some diagnostic functions
  • Tested on WordPress 5.0

1.16 (2018/12/09)

  • Minor code clean-up.
  • Tested on WordPress 5.0

1.15 (2018/03/08)

  • FIXED error with a specific WordPress timezone setting
  • IMPROVED internal change to use WordPress http API for Wodify access

1.14 (2018/02/28)

  • FIXED Timezone issue for WOD shortcodes and widgets (today’s WOD might not always have been today’s depending on your timezone)
  • FIXED Timezone issue for upcoming classes widget
  • FIXED minor translation issue
  • FIXED minor security issues

1.13 (2018/02/11)

  • INFO tested up to current WordPress version
  • ADDED Diagnostic information download button for support purposes.
  • FIX small layout fix when there are no announcements
  • FIX Announcement now work with Wodify – Wodify fixed their API – you need to activate “publish externally” on announcement you would like to publish through the plugin

1.12.1 (2017/11/17)

  • FIXED All external links with target=_blank now using rel=”noopener” for security reasons
  • INFO tested up to WordPress 4.9

1.12 (2017/10/22)

  • FIXED (Important!) Again… Wodify changed parts of the API without any notification (WODs could display warnings)

1.11 (2017/09/12)

  • FIXED (Important!) Wodify changed parts of their API without telling anyone which broke at least the plugin’s backend (programs list)
  • ADDED plugin now handels announcements with WODs. New attribute “Announcements for shortcode and widget include/exclude components”

1.10.5 (2017/08/21)

  • FIXED adapt to inconsistency in Wodify’s picture handling in WODs

1.10.4 (2017/08/21)

  • FIXED more formatting error in WOD comments
  • FIXED problem if all components are images

1.10.3 (2017/08/21)

  • FIXED Formatting error in WOD comments

1.10.2 (2017/07/27)

  • CHANGED WOD Caching to improve cache behaviour for recently changed WODS

1.10.1 (2017/06/10)

  • ADDED/FIXED WOD Component Comments will now be displayed

1.9.2 (2017/05/03)

  • ADDED WOD shortcode parameter to display WOD for a specific (upcoming) weekday
  • FIXED minor readme spelling changes

1.9.1 (2017/04/01)

  • FIXED problem with multiple coaches in classes widget

1.9 (2017/02/05)

  • ADDED show WOD images (must be activated in settings, widgets or shortcodes)
  • ADDED donation link and plugin info in settings
  • FIXED disabling individual auto WOD post setting did not work correctly
  • FIXED Wodify API returns last edited date time for WODs in time zone EST instead of the setup time zone, plugin now accounts for that (WOD caching)

1.8.2 (2017/02/01)

  • FIXED WOD not displaying when it contained only one component
  • IMPROVED Added CSS style for “WOD not available” message

1.8.1 (2017/01/14)

  • CHANGED the plugin now respects the date and time formats from WordPress settings

1.8 (2017/01/08)

  • ADDED new WOD name parameter for post title of automated WOD posts

1.7.8 (2016/12/18)

  • FIX hopefully fixing PHP 5.4 compatibility

1.7.7 (2016/12/16)

  • FIX wrong settings link in plugin manager
  • IMPROVED correctly add current plugin version to css/js cache buster

1.7.6 (2016/12/13)

  • FIX bug fixing for settings page and some minor other fixes

1.7.5 (2016/12/03)

  • FIX publish offset in automatic WOD posts now working

1.7.4 (2016/12/02)

  • FIXED some more caching issues with classes and wods
  • IMPROVED prepared plugin for integration to translate.wordpress.com

1.7.2 (2016/12/01)

  • FIXED problem with classes widget not updating (when there is only a single location in Wodify)- mostly introduced with 1.7.1 sorry for that
  • IMPROVED WOD recaching through URL parameter
  • IMPROVED class cache configuration

1.7.1 (2016/11/30)

  • IMPROVED to avoid losing settings when saving with broken Wodify connection, basic data (locations, programs, coaches) is now returned also from outdated cache if Wodify call fails.
  • FIXED Potential problems when only one program, coach, or location was returned from Wodify
  • FIXED Shortcode wdfywod documentation in readme and on plugin settings page

1.7 (2016/11/29)

  • ADDED automatic post creation for WODs
  • ADDED filter classes for a specific coach
  • IMPROVED visual reservation info for “open” classes now shown like an empty class (grey instead green)

1.6.1 (2016/11/23)

  • FIX removed “from cache” text from WOD output

1.6 (2016/11/20)

  • ADDED configure URLs for each coach to be used as link target when coach names are displayed, e.g. in classes widget
  • ADDED parameter for switching auto-scrolling on/off on classes widget
  • ADDED URL parameter to explicitely trigger cache refresh for WODs displayed in the current page (see WOD tab in settings)
  • IMPROVED Cleaned up settings panel and added some documentation and description texts
  • FIXED initialization of new classes widget parameters to avoid PHP Notices

1.5 (2016/11/19)

  • ADDED caching for classes via WordPress cron
  • ADDED Visual reservation status for classes widget
  • ADDED setting to chose what WOD publish date from Wodify the plugin will use
  • IMPROVED help texts on settings page
  • IMPROVED optimized Wodify logos
  • IMPROVED styling of links in classes widget
  • FIXED default for cache settings for WODs
  • FIXED PHP warning and classes not showing, when there is only one class on a specific day

1.4.1 (2016/11/12)

  • FIX styles for Wodify logo caused layout problem with page

1.4 (2016/11/11)

  • CHANGED/ADDED link shortcode now uses new Wodify logos, size can additionally be styled through css

1.3 (2016/11/04)

  • ADD configure URL for each program to be used as link target in classes widget (e.g. class descriptions)
  • FIX load script and style resources with version number to avoid browser caching problems
  • FIX Program color setup if there is only one program in Wodify
  • FIX set initial program color correctly on program page
  • FIX some translations

1.2 (2016/10/31)

  • FIX small layout glitch of classes widget on mobile devices

1.1.1 (2016/10/30)

  • FIX fix issues in 1.0 release

1.0 (2016/10/30)

  • ADDED Upcoming classes widget
  • ADDED setting for Wodify timezone to correctly calculate times from Wodify, fixes potential issues with Blog publish date
  • ADDED caching locations and programs from wodify for one day improving backend performance
  • FIXED caching issue with WODs (“no WOD” for next day cached forever)
  • FIXED Filter out URL from hero WODs
  • FIXED incomplete translations


  • ADDED “includecomponents” attricbute for [wdfywod] shortcode to show only selected components
  • ADDED “excludecomponents” attricbute for [wdfywod] shortcode to hide selected components
  • ADDED caching for all WOD pulling from Wodify. Only WODs +/- 7 days around today are cached
  • ADDED “cache” attribute for [wdfywod] shortcode to disable caching (set to “false” to disable caching)
  • ADDED div Tags around WOD sections
  • ADDED WOD Widget setting for WOD day selection, cache settings and inlcuding and excluding WOD components from display


  • ADDED Settings link on plugins page
  • FIXED PHP notices from shortcodes
  • FIXED PHP includes


  • ADDED “date” attribute of [wdfywod] shortcode now accepts relative dates, e.g. “+1” or “-1”


  • bug fix in widget


  • ADDED: widget option to ignore Wodify WOD publish settings
  • CHANGED: Added timeout (2s) for Wodify WOD API calls
  • CHANGED: Error logging for wodify API removed
  • FIXED: minor internal error handling


  • name change to WP WDFY


  • bug fix in wdfylink shortcode


  • ADDED WOD caching in widget to reduce API calls and speed up page loads
  • ADDED WOD display in widget respects BlogPublish Date set in Wodify
  • ADDED WOD display via shortcode by default respects BlogPublish Date set in Wodify, can be overriden using new “ignorepublishdate” attribute


  • ADDED “logo” attribute for “wdfylink” shortcode


  • bug fixes


  • more bug fixes with WOD display no working in all environments


  • bug fixes


  • some fixes in readme.txt


  • first public release, added shortcodes “wdfylink” and “wdfywod”


  • Renamed to WordPress requirements


  • first version comes with a lightweight widget to display the current day’s WOD on your webpage