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WP Video Posts

Upload videos to create custom video posts. With FFMPEG installed, it encodes and creates splash image.


  • Added a notification to the description that the plugin is no longer actively supported or being developed.


  • Added audio levels option for Video JS player.
  • Added audio levels and autoplay option for a video shortcode.


  • Fixed a bug on a debug option.


  • Updated the way FFMPEG detection is handled: encoding test is performed only instead of a combined detection.
  • Added FFMPEG check on init() hook if option is not set.


  • Added a fix for an E level notice.


  • Rewrote js processing of uploading / editing: added ajax forms processing including file uploading
  • Changed public functions to static: wpvp_return_bytes(), wpvp_max_upload_size()
  • Moved video upload / edit html into the template files. Users can now overwrite these template files with their own in their template.


  • Added an option in the settings to make a video description field for the front end uploader optional.
  • Updated video js files to version 4.10.1
  • Changed wpvp_flowplayer shortcode to a more generic wpvp_player. The old version will still work.
  • Rewrote video editing form submission to be ajax driven instead of on page reload.
  • Moved js code for the video upload form processing into an external file.
  • Added an option to choose a default user to attribute video posts to when "Allow guests to upload videos" option is selected.
  • Added mp4 box path to the actual processing line (bug fix).
  • Implemented a better way of updating video post meta data on post update.
  • Fix a bug with settings for video posts in main loop not being processed correctly.


  • Incorrect update for 3.1.6 fix.


  • Added option for MP4Box path specification.
  • Added extension path to extension check.


  • Bug fixing for front end uploader.


  • Bug fixing. Important to update.


  • Typo fix for the "none" setting in -vpre.


  • Typo fix for the front end uploader.
  • Added disable flag -vpre (video preset) if "none" is passed in the options.


  • Added permission check on test directory within the plugin.


  • Multisite bug fix for uploaded media location.
  • Added on demand check for ffmpeg (under options) to enable re-checking.
  • Added both video js and flowplayer to widgets video posts display.
  • Defaulted player to video js (html5).
  • General bug fixes.


  • Added FFMPEG options to remove / change flags passed to ffmpeg during encoding.
  • Implemented a cleaner check for ffmpeg existance on the server.
  • Added an option to select between a flowplayer and a video js player (HTML 5). Defaults to a flowplayer.
  • Added an option to have a "clean" url for video posts (no '/videos/' in the post slug).
  • Added an option for video js player to autoplay and display a splash image or not.


  • Fixed bug with dimensions for thumb video typo not having a space after the flag therefore the thumb was not generated nor saved.
  • Added flash rewrite rule on plugin activation/deactivation to update the permalink structure on custom post creation so that you don't have to resave your permalink settings to allow the links to the video posts to work.


  • Fixed bug with dimensions for thumb and video due to a type in the variable named being used.


  • Major code restructuring (if anyone cares): moved all the functions into classes and cleaned up the code (fewer functions and compressed variable checks)
  • Added an option to display video posts in the main WordPress query (on latest posts page (front page), category, tags, author, and feeds)
  • Insert error message into post description if FFMPEG is not installed.
  • Bug fix: meta data not being recorded on post upload from front end and with posts set to "Publish"
  • Bug fix: checking for set up width only for thumbnails on ffmpeg encoding
  • Bug fix: attaching incorrect image path as a featured image when the video is not encoded due to the absence of ffmpeg on the server (no featured image is set now for this case)
  • Removed jquery deregister/register and enqueued script with jquery dependency instead
  • Removed the inline scripts from the footer and put all js scripts into external files.
  • Debugger added: option to enable debug mode in the options. Results are being written to /tmp/debug.log.


  • Fixed issue with dimensions in the plugin configurations for height and width.
  • Added a check to the encoded file to determine what tags was used.
  • Tested with the latest version of WordPress to ensure compatibility.


  • Removed a couple of flags in the FFMPEG command due to a number of people's FFMPEG installation not being configured to support these parameters.
  • This version fixes the bug where upon uploading a video, the thumbnail gets generated but the video file that is converted is of 0 bytes.


  • Fixed a syntax error where two cases were being meant due to a missing break; in a switch-case.


  • Fixed the inclusion of javascript file and upload gif due to mistake in adding the files to the repository.


  • Added front end video uploader and front end editor functionality to allow users and/or other bloggers of your site to upload videos without having to have access to the dashboard.
    • Control who is allowed to upload videos from the front end.
    • Choose the default post status for videos uploaded from the front end.
    • Choose whether users who upload videos receive a notification email once the video has been published. Only works for video posts who are defaulted to Draft or Pending Review statuses.
    • Choose which categories uploaded videos are allowed to be saved into.
    • Filter extension types which are allowed to be uploaded.
  • Added more features in the WP Video Posts Options for the administrator.
  • Added support for post tags.
  • Cleaned up CSS and Javascript.


  • Removed hardcoded path for FFMPEG where we thought was standard but it varies among various hosting providers.
  • Attempted to mitigate javascript conflict with other plugins and themes.


  • Fixed conflict with media uploader for other plugins and post/page media uploader.
  • Fixed bug with creating video posts with previously uploaded videos being inserted from Media Library.
  • Changed default splash image to be a jpg instead of a png file since the splash image generated when FFMPEG is installed is output as a jpg file. This allowed us to only have to check for the jpg mime type.
  • Fixed bug for headers being sent message due to echoing flowplayer script include instead of enqueueing the script.


  • Added a widget to the plugin to allow you to display your videos that were uploaded or from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • The added widget can display your videos in a vertical or horizontal layout. It also gives you the options to show the player or thumbnails that link to the video post. See screenshot-4 for more options available in the widget.


  • Added support for plugin for those without FFMPEG installed on their server. Without FFMPEG installed, this plugin doesn't take advantage of all the features it offers.
  • Added default splash image in case this plugin is used without FFMPEG.


Initial release

Requires: 3.2.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.13
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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