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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP-United : phpBB WordPress Integration

WP-United integrates phpBB and WordPress to make a social site. Enable any of these modules: sign-on, theming, widgets, cross-posting and behaviour.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed broken jQuery UI code causing path to show as unselected after saving settings.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed broken draggable connectors on user mapper permissions page.


  • BUGFIX: Quick change to fix brokwn template integration in WP v3.9.1. Development has been paused for over a year, and there are more bugs to fix -- please watch this space.
  • BUGFIX: Broken autocomplete in user mapper (thanks nata-lee)
  • NEW: Replace phpBB avatars with a WordPress default when the user deletes it.


  • BUGFIX: Subscriber permission was missing in new installs, preventing permissions mapping from working and causing various other bugs
  • NEW: Page is reloaded if WP-United manages to log in phpBB on a full-page phpBB-in-wordpress page after phpBB has already run
  • NEW/BUGFIX: Arbitrate between phpBB & WordPress' make clickable functions properly. To use this new bugfix, you will need to upgrade the phpBB side
  • BUGFIX: 404 headers sent on full page template integrations now properly fixed
  • BUGFIX: Integrated phpBB users with WordPress counterparts that had been deleted were showing as "integrated" in the user mapper. Don't automatically re-integrate them, but show them as unintegrated so they can be attended to manually if needed.
  • BUGFIX: Don't blindly follow and interpret stylesheet loops -- e.g. stylesheet A imports stylesheet B which imports stylesheet A and a black hole opens up
  • BUGFIX: Cross-posting with explicit excerpts set were posting as full posts regardless of options
  • BUGFIX: PM popup spawned from nav header widget was showing 404 error
  • BUGFIX: Add users to default group correctly when crreated via WordPress, and add them to the "newly registered" group if needed
  • BUGFIX: Integrated users couldn't log in to phpBB after doing a password reset in WordPress
  • NEW: More donation options on the support page, including BitCoin and Google Checkout (Sorry, but every little bit is appreciated...!)
  • NEW: Added new template edit to phpBB to fix issues with colour picker on posting page. You will need to apply the changes to each installed template
  • NEW: Full translation into Serbian (Latin Script) (Thank you Uros Gavric!) and a partial translation into Brazillian Portuguese (Thank you Leonardo Silva!)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed corrupt characters in German translation


  • BUGFIX: style-fixer breaking images in imported stylesheets
  • BUGFIX: style fixer dupe checker was comparing reset stylesheets
  • BUGFIX: Errors on loading some stylesheets
  • IMPROVEMENT: More robust setting and clearing of logged in cookies
  • BUGFIX: colour chooser and and embedded width/height (old HTML4 html attributes) not working on integrated pages.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed warnings on cross-posting due to deprecated WP-United "Users have own blogs" functions
  • BUGFIX: Cross-posting spam filter settings couldn't be changed
  • BUGFIX: User mapper view and suggestion autocomplete was dying on some non-ascii characters
  • BUGFIX: Cross-posted topics published by a different user than the author were posting with the username of the publisher rather than the author
  • BUGFIX/NEW: phpBB avatars can also be fetched for WordPress themes that call by e-mail.
  • NEW: Added the option to remove the phpBB style switcher from the nav header bar widget
  • NEW: Nicer headers on modified stylesheets
  • NEW: reply counts on latest topics widget
  • BUGFIX: Some integrated forums return 404 headers on some pages
  • BUGFIX: Don't update session page when establishing phpBB session from WordPress, fixes broken topic view count
  • BUGFIX: When cross-posting a scheduled blog post, get the excerpt/full-post choice right if set to "ask me".


  • Urgent bug-fix for improper error handling causing WP-United to catch all PHP errors, including those from other plugins.


  • NEW: Full French (Thank you Valbuena72) and Russian (Thank you Kot-Someone) translations
  • NEW: Autologin / "Remember me" now mapped across between phpBB & WP when logging in.
  • NEW: Template integrator can now recurse into most @imported child stylesheets -- and at least will not choke on those it can't
  • BUGFIX: Better handling of modified wp-config file by core-patcher, and fix for short PHP tag in processed code (should fix some errors on logout, profile update, etc.)
  • NEW: User banning and board shutdown now displays a WordPress message when user integration is active
  • NEW: Allow selection of fall-back templates for older WordPress themes with no page templates
  • NEW: template integrator can now handle absolute CSS URLs starting with /
  • BUGFIX: Regression, missing cross-posted comments permission


  • NEW: Forum bottom nav bar widget (to match the top bar widget; thanks *daniel!)
  • BUGFIX: Error with French phpBB language file
  • BUGFIX: Javascript errors with some translations
  • BUGFIX: Error in user mapper with russian localisation
  • IMPROVEMENT: Minor cosmetic improvements to setings panels


  • NEW: Re-write of cross-posting and cross-posted comments. Cross-posted comments now appear mixed with WordPress comments, and can be viewed, filtered and managed from WordPress as well as phpBB. Cross-posted topics now also fully support custom ordering, threading and guest posting, and are stored and recalled more efficiently.
  • NEW: Cross-posted comments (posted by guests) that are pending moderator approval in phpBB now show up in WordPress, with the appropriate "pending approval" message.
  • NEW: Guest-cross-posted comments now store e-mail and website, just like native comments.
  • NEW: New cross-posting comment permission in phpBB allows guests to cross-post comments without having to open your forum up to guests.
  • NEW: Cross-posts by unauthenticated users can now be passed through WordPress filters (e.g. Akismet).
  • NEW: The initial connection screen now falls back to manual path entry if your server has restrictions on scannng the document root
  • NEW: You can choose to enter the phpBB path and document root manually, in case your phpBB root is under a different document root.
  • BUGFIX: Users getting logged out of phpBB on full-page phpBB-in-WordPress
  • WORKAROUND: Incorrect user integration flow when Ultimate TinyMCE (or similar plugins that set current user too early) are active.
  • BUGFIX: Regression in avatars; default avatars getting syncd to phpBB rather than true Gravatars.
  • BUGFIX: categories/tags & stats not showing up for some users if the same database user is used for phpBB & WordPress in some circumstances.
  • BUGFIX: Initial connect screen was complaining about lack of phpBB MOD before even trying to connect
  • NEW: More errors can now be passed through on the initial connect & settings screens: No more guessing what it is keeping you from installing.
  • NEW / BUGFIX: The forum page title keeps getting reset back to "Forum" and the page creation date keeps updating.
  • BUGFIX: Top navbar not correctly showing post name
  • BUGFIX: Numerous issues with caching of template-integrated stylesheets leading to very full caches and some styling errors.
  • BUGFIX: Userdata cache not cleared on first integrated login to phpBB
  • BUGFIX: $table_prefix was getting unset on phpBB-in-WordPress pages, upsetting some mods
  • BUGFIX: Improve handling of double-byte characters when escaping cross-posted topic titles and user names in user mapper.
  • BUGFIX: Clash with the phpBB classifieds MOD
  • BUGFIX: Synced avatars losing CSS styling
  • ENHANCEMENT: Try multiple ways to initialise admin javascript, so it works even when other plugins with script errors halt JavaScript loading
  • NEW: Lots more login integration debugging, so you can see what is causing login integration problems. Now works on WP pages and in admin too.
  • NEW: Some more core rewriting and cleanup; the context switcher is now separated into its own parent class; the main plugin is now divided into auto-loading modules.


  • BUGFIX: Regression, profile update in WordPress was not triggering profile update in phpBB
  • BUGFIX: Unread PMs not displaying in user login/profile widget or top navigation widget
  • UPDATED: Removed output buffering intercept, should now work with gzip-enabled themes
  • UPDATED: Now works properly with W3 Total Cache and some other plugins that buffer output
  • BUGFIX: Broken template tag for profile link (only affected legacy users with manually added wp-united template tags in their templates)


  • NEW/BUGFIX: The full page option now only allows page templates to be chosen, and works with child themes and subfolders
  • BUGFIX: Error when updating avatars & profiles or logging out on full page reverse integration
  • BUGFIX: suppressing unnecessarily triggered errors on initial connect and settings changes
  • BUGFIX: Avatar marker added incorrectly to custom-set WordPress avatars
  • BUGFIX: theme preview not working when WordPress-in-phpBB template integration is on
  • BUGFIX: Difficult to change padding value in theme integration advanced settings, and the "reset to default" link didn't work
  • BUGFIX: Autologin warning on login block widget in full page reverse integration
  • CHANGE/BUGFIX: username & e-mail validation more reliable
  • UPDATED: Specify index.php for forum link in admin bar in case index.php is not default served page


  • BUGFIX: WordPress users created in user mapper set to administrators. if you have created WordPress users using the user mapper previously, please check to ensure they are not administrators.
  • BUGFIX: WordPress register date now showing correctly in user mapper and minor mapper display fixes
  • BUGFIX: improper context switching in user mapper causing error with W3 Total Cache
  • BUGFIX: phpBB normal ranks not showing for users in user mapper
  • BUGFIX: minor avatar notice
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect "forgot password" link in user login block widget
  • NEW: integrated links in WP menu bar (admin-bar)
  • Code cleanup and improved code documentation. Developers/hackers look at wp-united.php to get started.


  • This quick release fixes a missing file, a bug in the user mapper due to the large changes in v0.9.1.0, and the install.xml file. Please update.


  • NEW: Quick poll widget! Can have multiple polls per page, can submit via AJAX, BBCode & smilies etc. work. Can use prosilver or subsilver2 forum styles.
  • NEW: Forum top bar widget, complete with phpBB-style breadcrumbs in WordPress!
  • NEW: Forum birthdays widget!
  • NEW: phpBB MOD installation is now more closely checked, and we also ensure the phpBB MOD and WordPress plugin versions match.
  • NEW: The cross-post prefix, [BLOG], can now be changed in the settings panel.
  • NEW: Smilies now obey phpBB's max smilies per post setting
  • NEW: Get Help screen now shows active plugins, theme and memory settings to help in error reporting
  • NEW: WP-United Extras: Drop-in plugins for easy additions to WP-United. The first 'extra' is the Quick poll widget! In future versions there will be a UI added to download additional extras.
  • BUGFIX / NEW: Allow password portability for passwords with htmlentities or leading/trailing spaces
  • BUGFIX / NEW: WordPress initial init is deferred when in phpBB until after phpBB auth has completed, this solves a number of login oddities with plugins and with admin bar not showing on phpBB-in-WordPress pages.
  • BUGFIX: RTL layout not preserved when using template integration
  • BUGFIX: Warnings on reply posting pages due to phpBB request variables interfering with WP_Query when template is integrated.
  • BUGFIX: WordPress adding slashes to phpBB post and get variables
  • BUGFIX: A number of minor bugs and error notices in widgets
  • BUGFIX: Template cache not working when WordPress version has a dash in it (e.g. RC releases)
  • BUGFIX: phpBB header/footer added to WP ajax on WordPress-in-phpBB pages
  • BUGFIX: WP logout link in user profile/loginblock widget not showing phpBB status if user is not integrated
  • BUGFIX: login/out link in "useful links" widget reversing login and logout actions
  • BUGFIX: Better error handling if the plugin gets disabled due to errors


  • NEW: Quick user search box added to user mapper
  • NEW: Synchronize profiles user mapper button and bulk action
  • UPDATED: User mapper allows processing up to 250 users at once
  • UPDATED: Don't repaginate user mapper after processing actions
  • UPDATED: More permissive in returned messages from server when connecting and enabling (fixes errors on servers where files have leading or trailing garbage).
  • BUGFIX: User mapper dying on entities in usernames
  • BUGFIX: User mapper not displaying user names in alphabetical order when phpBB was on left
  • BUGFIX: Load version when WP-United is disabled so things like "Get Help" still work.
  • BUGFIX: Rank images had incorrect URLs


  • NEW: New widget: Useful forum links
  • BUGFIX: Explicitly disable WP admin bar on simple header & footer phpBB-in-WordPress pages
  • BUGFIX: Link to post not displaying in cross-post
  • BUGFIX: Cross-post box not honouring excerpt/fullpost/askme choice


  • WP-United is, for the most part, completely rewritten, to improve flexibility and compatibility
  • The vast majority of WP-United now sits under WordPress rather than phpBB. Find plugin, click install, done... that's what the aim is.
  • Modular -- hooks and files are only loaded if those options are selected
  • Brand new, modern, admin panel:
    • A completely re-imagined settings panel, with modern UI and with most options significantly simplified
    • No more Wizards!
    • Panel communicates with phpBB asynchronously -- no more blank pages!
    • New interactive user mapper that can integate, break integrations, create, delete and edit users in a few clicks
    • New draggable, connectable permissions mapper to hide the arcane phpBB permissions UI
    • Less options, more sensible defaults, all in one place
  • Completely re-written user integration
    • User integration is now bi-directional. Log in or register in WordPress or phpBB, and seamlessly access the site
    • Roles are now set at user creation time, not every visit -- much more flexible
    • Bi-directional profile sync. Update your profile anywhere and it works
    • Auto-synced avatars. Get your Gravatar in phpBB -- without having to anything
    • Designed to work with external auth providers. e.g. click the Facebook button in the oneall plugin, and you get both a phpBB and WordPress account
  • Widgets all ported to new WordPress API.
  • Widgets now colour phpBB usernames according to default group colour
  • Numerous bugs addressed
  • User blogs has been removed. It will be added back, working with WP-MS, in the next release.
  • Translations all moved to WordPress


  • Fixed plugin fixer not covering all global variables
  • Fixed plugin fixer not working with plugins tha use PHP short tags
  • Suppress errors during path detection, etc, for people with open_basedir restrictions
  • Fixed: If forum and blog are both in root directory, add explicit "index.php" to the forum link
  • Added more classes to the login / userinfo widget to facilitate styling.
  • New option: cross-post excerpts or full posts. Three choices: Excerpt / full post / ask each time
  • Removed inline JavaScript for smilies. All WP-United JS moved to wp-united/js/wpu-min.js
  • Fixed tags/categories not showing up properly on cross-posted posts
  • Show "cross-post" in past tense in force xpost box if already xposted.
  • Added two new options, SHOW_BLOG_LINK, and WPU_INTEG_DEFAULT_STYLE -- full info in options.php
  • Fixed problem links in reverse integration, e.g. on phpBB FAQ page
  • Fixed uncategorized checked when selecting cross-posting
  • changed some BBCode translations
  • Stopped allowing submission of blank cross-posted comments
  • Fixed smiley path in cross-posted comments sometimes not correct
  • User mapper is now case insensitive when looking for suggested phpBB username matches
  • Added new option, WPU_SHOW_TAGCATS, to suppress display of categories & tags in cross-posts
  • Fixed avatar and other details not synced when deleted by user in UCP
  • Added option in options.php to define templates on which the WordPress header/footer should not appear, and pre-filled it with some shoutboxes.
  • Installer auto-purges cache again when finished to ensure WP-United tab appears


  • NEW: wpu-install.php removed, replaced by auto-installer
  • Fixed comments closed for global announcements when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed unreliable display of comment date/time
  • Added better error catching for people who don't install the mod properly (e.g. if they activate the plugin without installing/setting up, or run it without the plugin)
  • Fixed various unfriendly error messages
  • Fixed timezone of cross-posts
  • Improved BBCode & magic URL checking, stopped double-pass of make clickable
  • Fixed errors with user blogs list, and improved login_userinfo
  • Fixed username incorrect when editing cross-posted posts
  • Fixed integration error message after updating password or username under some circumstances
  • ... and several other minor bug fixes

For previous changes, please view the full package at wp-united.com.

Requires: 3.4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.17
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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