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WP Ultimate Search

Powerful AJAX-based search alternative which supports faceting queries by taxonomies, terms, location, and post metadata.


  • Bugfix for Tags



  • Fixed missing argument bug in widget


  • Added built in custom results templates (post with thumbnail, title only, thumbnail only)
  • Added ability to override default settings via shortcode / template tag
  • Added support for ACF date field
  • Added support for ACF true/false field
  • Fixed bug with AND logic and hierarchical taxonomies
  • Fixed cursor not appearing on initial search bar focus in Square style
  • Fixed bug where clicking on placeholder text would prevent search
  • Changed "include" and "exclude" fields to require term IDs instead of names
  • Continuing style refinements


  • Added cancel button next to facets in single facet mode
  • Dropdown menu no longer appears in wrong location when facets are deleted
  • "AND" logic now works correctly again
  • Fixed bug where meta field options wouldn't display properly
  • Fixed bug caused by using Single Facet Mode with a metadata facet


  • Values will no longer appear in dropdown if they're already in use in the search bar
  • Fixed shortcode outputting contents at top of page
  • Value dropdown will no longer appear when navigating to results page via permalink


  • Added ability to search for posts by user
  • Added ability to confine all searches to a single facet
  • Added ability to only allow facets to be used once
  • Added option to disable permalink generation
  • Refactored database query for faster response times
  • Fixed bug where multiple parameters wouldn't be received from permalinks
  • Fixed bug where URL wouldn't reset when 'clear search' was clicked
  • Fixed broken "results page" dropdown
  • Misc. style fixes and normalizing


  • Fixed bug with text searches


  • Updated visualsearch.js to latest version
  • Can now specify remainder preface for text queries
  • Settings will now be set to defaults on first install
  • Fixed extra history state being added when navigating to results page from widget
  • Moved screenshots to /assets/ folder


  • Fixed bug that prevented radius searches from working properly
  • Fixed bug that broke in-page anchors on some sites
  • Misc. bugfixes


  • Updated options framework to work with new admin styles
  • Simplified pro upgrade process
  • Fixed typo in installation instructions
  • Fixed bug caused by ampersands in permalinks
  • Fixed PHP notices on multisite installations


  • Fixed PHP warnings


  • Added radius search capability based on ACF Map field
  • Added ability to confine taxonomy searches to given terms
  • Added ability to exclude specific post types from results
  • Added ability to search for addresses stored with an ACF Map field
  • Added ability to disable autocomplete per facet
  • Fixed bug where spaces in facet names would break permalinks
  • Fixed bug where permalinks weren't updated when last facet was removed
  • Fixed bug where lowercase terms would appear after capitalized ones
  • Fixed bug where pressing backspace would sometimes cause the browser to navigate back
  • Fixed bugs that sometimes prevented premium upgrade


  • Added ability to choose either AND or OR logic for query components within the same taxonomy
  • Added the ability to search for posts based on their ACF checkboxes
  • Added support for ACF comboxboxes
  • Upgraded to EDD for licensing and upgrade
  • Added settings to plugin action links
  • Fixed bug where taxonomies created by plugins like Taxonomy Manager would generate notices


  • Misc. bugfixes to 1.2


  • Added an alternative square search bar style
  • Added option to disable built-in taxonomies and revert to a plain text search
  • Added option to restrict script loading to only pages with search bar
  • Improved iOS support
  • Fixed bug where tag search wouldn't work for some users
  • Fixed "clear search" icon not clearing results
  • Fixed wpdb->prepare() notice appearing in WP 3.6
  • Fixed dropdown items appearing outside of search bar when a term was deleted
  • Added browser navigation history when moving from widget to results page
  • Minified visualsearch.js script


  • Misc. bugfixes to 1.1


  • Added support for special characters in facet values
  • Fixed permalinked searches rendering spaces as underscores
  • Fixed bug that would cause the "no results" message to not show
  • Removed iOS/Safari warning message. Update to Safari has fixed the bug.
  • Added Clear Search Results button option
  • Added option to disable the facet options popping up on first focus
  • Added option for placeholder text in the search bar
  • Fixed bug where search results page wouldn't load on sites without pretty permalinks
  • Added option to disable search results highlighting
  • DB queries updated to support WordPress 3.6
  • Misc. style refinements and bugfixes


  • Updates to premium upgrade process
  • Removed premium 'teasers' from options page to comply with repository guidelines


WARNING: If you encounter any problems with this update, check the "Reset options" box and hit Save Changes to restore initial settings.

  • Sped up load times
  • Silenced PHP notices when wp_debug was turned on
  • Fixed bug that prevented option saving with some database configurations


  • Bugfix release:
  • Minified spin.js
  • Moved result highlighting out of php (buggy) and into JS
  • Fixed bug where warnings would be issued on sites with no eligible meta fields
  • Removed debugging function in visualsearch.js that occasionally caused conflicts with other scripts
  • Updated visualsearch.js to v0.4.0
  • Added default styling to search bar so bar will be displayed before scripts have loaded


  • Option to replace WordPress default search
  • Ability to search in custom taxonomies (with upgrade)
  • Ability to search in post meta fields (with upgrade)
  • Searches now generate permalinks
  • Supports user-created search results templates
  • Many more tweaks and optimizations


  • Can search post tags
  • Optimized database interaction


  • Added options page
  • Ability to search within shortcodes
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Can search by multiple categories (OR)
  • Option to put scripts in header or footer
  • Will throw an error if search results shortcode isn't present on page
  • Loading animations
  • Fixed bug where widget wouldn't display on home page
  • Misc. performance tweaks


  • First public release

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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