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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP UI - Tabs, Accordions, Sliders

Easily add Tabs, Accordion, dialogs and spoilers to your posts. With 14 fresh & Unique CSS3 styles and 24 multiple jQuery UI custom themes.

Where can i find a Tutorial/quick start guide?

Read the Quick start guide to learn about editor interface.

How do i get some feature working in this plugin?

Most likely there is an option exactly for the purpose you are searching for. Please check the options page.

Your plugin is awesome! Do you provide CSS customization services?

Yes, you can request a quote through my Contact page.

How do i get regular updates?

Give a 5 Star rating, or Like Us on Facebook and stay updated. or Follow @kavingray on twitter!

Where can i find recent & up-to-date FAQ?

Can be found here.

How do i use multiple jQuery UI themes?

It is possible from WP UI 0.5.5 to use multiple jQuery UI themes on the same page. Check out this guide.

Where can i demo the custom CSS3 styles?

Demo with the style switcher can be found here.

What if the user does not have Javascript enabled?

All the code will degrade gracefully with javascript disabled. Please try disabling the Javascript in your browser to get the idea.

Can i use all the available jQuery UI themes?

Yes. Just enter the name of jQuery UI theme as value to the shortcode [wptabs] style argument. From Version 0.5.5, it is now possible to use multiple UI themes, with this guide.

Why are some of my shortcodes appear on the rendered page?

Make sure each one of your shortcodes is in the separate line but please do avoid empty lines. eg.

  [wptabtitle]Tab 1[/wptabtitle]
  [wptabcontent]Contents of the first tab goes here. Any thing, blah blah.[/wptabcontent]
  [wptabtitle]Tab 2[/wptabtitle]
  [wptabcontent]Content inside the second tab is here.[/wptabcontent]

Why do i see closing shortcodes in the rendered page?

Shortcodes should be entered into the wordpress post editor's HTML mode. WP Visual mode editor can insert additional paragraph <p> tags before and after the shortcodes, thereby rendering those invalid.

My Accordions seems to be broken, with para tags in between?

View the shortcodes in HTML editor, and remove the blank spaces/linebreaks between lines. Sometimes it might help to put the entire shortcode in a single line, but leaving a couple of spaces between each shortcode.

How do i insert or choose posts easily?

Editor menu allows you to insert content manually and choose the posts. You can choose from a list of posts.

How do i differentiate between a styling and javascript conflict?

Not working at all? Something other broken? It's mostly a javascript conflict. But when there is a CSS conflict - things work, but just not looking as expected.

Why does the tabs/accordions behave strangely sometimes?

This can be related to lot of white space between the shortcodes, which are converted by wordpress into empty space enclosed within <p> tags. Remove the unwanted space between the shortcodes.

Where can i get help on this plugin?

Documentation is available right within the wordpress admin. It is present in the

  • Post editor - look for the menu button in Visual mode and "?" icon in the HTML mode. This opens a document with common usage of the plugin shortcodes and their arguments.
  • Contextual Help - Available on the options page on the top right corner, below the username. Click each tab and information related to that tab will appear.


I have some exciting idea/suggestion about this plugin!

I'd love to hear about it. Please drop me a mail here.

How can i support this plugin?

  • Support the plugin by considering a donation.
  • Give this plugin a nice 5 star rating on the plugin page.
  • Tell others that it works, with the compatibility box on the plugin page.
  • Support us by a like on Facebook
  • Tweet about the plugin or follow us on twitter @kavingray.
  • We'd really appreciate a review or a blog post.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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