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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP UI - Tabs, Accordions, Sliders

Easily add Tabs, Accordion, dialogs and spoilers to your posts. With 14 fresh & Unique CSS3 styles and 24 multiple jQuery UI custom themes.


  • Single line tabs.
  • Compatibility mode to deal with conflicts automatically.
  • Better non-English characters support with HTML IDs
  • Ability to customize your own ID attr, thus desired URL hash.
  • 6 Styles removed, Can be re added through styles upload.
  • BugFixes : Changes to play along well with jQuery > 1.10 & 2.0.
  • BugFix : Accordion autoheight fix
  • Bugfix : Styles demo in options page.
  • Bugfix : spoilers cutoff show/hide text, speed fix.
  • Bugfix : Vertical tabs not showing with jQuery UI themes.


  • Major changes : Please save the options after updating.
  • Important : Feature Changes.
  • Updated for WP 3.5 and above.
  • Redone Widgets and Admin page. Backup your old widget data before updating.
  • Rewritten linking support -> Now open dialogs with URL hash.
  • Loading jQuery UI from Google CDN now Optional.
  • Redone Admin options page, with added features - Import, export options.
  • Enhanced support for IE 7 - 10, Accordions fixed for IE 7-9.
  • Styles now based on scss, scss available in GitHub.
  • Fixed admin page buttons and dialogs.
  • Numerous performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Scripts updated for latest version for jQuery and jQuery UI.


  • Plugin is now on GitHub.
  • Completely rewritten Tabs, accordions, spoilers using jQuery UI widget factory.
  • Support for use on Dynamic pages.
  • Linking to tabs and accordion panels from other pages and the same page finally available.
  • Support for nested linking.
  • Editor panel now displays post counts with categories and tags.
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress >= 3.4.1.
  • Vastly unused Post widget, pagination, scroller functions were removed.
  • Some styles tweaked and perfected. Check out the dialog styles. :)


  • Support for jQuery UI buttons.
  • Rewritten Dialogs handling, Dialogs are now accessible through Image maps and links.
  • Bleeding edge channel, for cool yet experimental features enabled through admin.
  • Improved support for feeds with long URLs and foreign characters.
  • New Image shortcode, Easily link any media gallery image.
  • WP UI styles cleaned and updated.
  • Improved documentation and Quick start guide.
  • Serbian translation by Zoran Aksic, downloadable from plugin page.
  • Numerous performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • BugFixes related to previous version.
  • On Demand script loading using jQuery.
  • Feeds access/excerpt handling.
  • Custom themes uploading error handling and directory browsing improved.
  • Options page modal windows are now handled by colorbox, replacing thickbox.
  • Related posts widget updated.
  • Fix regarding post meta.
  • Options handling changed and might require a manual save for upgrading users.


  • Lots of changes and rewrites from the last release.
  • WordPress 3.3 compatible - Try the tour and help.
  • Completely overhauled editor interface.
  • Revamped tinyMCE and QTags buttons - ready for 3.3 .
  • Load scripts on demand or use conditional logic.
  • Caching images and scripts to improve functionality. Uses wp-content/uploads/wp-ui/cache/ for cache files and images.
  • Display Related/Popular/Recent/Random Posts with the new posts widget.
  • WordPress widgets, manual content or posts widget.
  • Improved/revamped options page with new options added.
  • Interactive tour, that briefs the new features on editor interface.
  • Use images or icons in tabs ( with [wptabtitle] shortcode )
  • New theme "wpui-gene" - minimalistic.
  • New on spoilers - Use [wpspoiler background="minimal green".... Also try blue or red instead of green.
  • Re-Save the Options, please. Deactivate the plugin first if you are uploading manually. :)


  • Get and display RSS feeds inside the wp ui widgets.
  • Rewritten documentation available right from within editor.
  • Vertical style on tabs now more sleek and compact.
  • Add unlimited post and feed templates.
  • Select custom/exclusive styles as defaults.
  • Scan styles path issue has been corrected and now works 100%.
  • TinyMCE/quicktags buttons corrected.


  • Compatibility and bug fixes.
  • Style fixes for IE < 8.
  • Help on editor page, Style chooser on options page should now work perfectly.
  • Please remember to save the options.


  • Tons of compatibility fixes. jQuery version requirement relaxed to 1.4.2.
  • Another Tabs design, no-background tabs. Use background="false" with wptabs shortcode.
  • Style Fixes - uniform feel. Use the custom css panel to enter your font size rule.
  • New shortcode wpui_loop outputs custom loop anywhere and is not limited to WP UI.
  • Pagination for retrieved posts. Basic pagination for now, to be used with the wpui_loop shortcode.
  • Twitter and e-commerce widgets blank page fix.


  • Detailed Preview of jQuery UI themes and CSS3 styles.
  • Dialog positions, style conflicts fixed.
  • Bug fixes, including Line breaks fix, and improved security.
  • Auto fix the missing options that are essential.
  • Optional scroll follow navigation for tabs
  • Numerous style conflicts are fixed across multiple wordpress themes.


  • Display post/posts and pages within Tabs/accordion/dialogs/sliders.
  • Mousewheel support and vertical styling for Tabs.
  • Dialogs completely styled and ready for action.
  • Template feature for the posts.
  • Sliders/dialogs rewritten.
  • Various bugfixes.


  • Fix: array_key_exists error when there are no custom themes listed.


  • jQuery UI custom themes, manageable through options page.
  • Tabs/accordion events choice - Mouseover/Click(default)
  • UI Dialog, some basic support.
  • Complete Linking and history.
  • Tabs/accordion custom styles were modified to cooperate with the jQuery UI themes.
  • Accordion/Tabs - contact form 7 related bug totally fixed - ( Missing submit button )
  • Additional fix for preventing thickbox from breaking jQuery UI functionality (originally unrelated to WP UI).


  • Accordion easing effects added.
  • Many other options were added to the options page.
  • Tab name special characters fix.


  • Fixed "Unable to attach Media - Images to the post with the plugin activated" problem.
  • Fixed the options page contextual help and other documentation.
  • License copy added.


  • The First public release.
  • Custom CSS3 styles.
  • Uses jQuery 1.6.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.12.
  • Added more features to tabs - Nested, AJAX loading etc.
  • Plugin now supports Tabs, Accordion, Sliders, Collapsibles.


  • Plugin scripts rewritten with reusability in mind. IE support, from IE6.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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