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Add beautiful, fully customizable post tiles or tiled galleries anywhere on your WordPress site easily with WP Tiles.

I get a notice saying that I need to upgrade my PHP version, what does that mean?

Check out this post on our website.

My images are blurry / pixelated / low quaility! What's up?

WP Tiles by default uses the large image size provided by WordPress. This is the same size as you would get when you insert an image into a page and select 'Large' for its size. However, users (that's you!) can change this size in their admin panel (in Settings -> Media). If the large size is smaller than the largest tile, the images will be stretched (proportionally).

There are 3 ways out:

  1. Change your Large image size to be bigger (in Settings -> Media)
  2. Select a different size for WP Tiles to use in the admin panel (WP Tiles -> Image Settings)
  3. Override the image size in the shortcode: [wp-tiles image_size='full']

WP Tiles is loading slow! What can I do?

See the previous question! WP Tiles uses the large image size in WordPress by default. If that size is gigantic, or if you have set WP Tiles to use an even larger size (like full), then WP Tiles will load heavy images. Adjusting the image size down should make your website load faster again.

WP Tiles is not selecting the image I want from posts! Hm?

By default, WP Tiles will try its hardest to select an image from your posts, in this order: 1. Featured Image 2. First attached image 3. First image in post itself

If you want to limit this, there are 3 options, either in the admin panel (WP Tiles -> Image Settings), or in the shortcode ([wp-tiles image_source=...]):

Attached Only attached_only - Don't look inside post content for image Featured Image Only featured_only - Only use Featured Image Only show image for Media Posts attachment_only - Don't show image, unless the post itself is a media post

Can I change what is shown on the tiles?

Yes! The content of the tiles is determined by the 'byline template'. As with everything in WP Tiles, you can either set the template in the options panel, or put it in the shortcode directly. In the shortcode use the byline_template attribute for the byline on image tiles. Use byline_template_textonly for bylines on text-only tiles.

In the template, wherever you put the following tags, they will be replaced by content from the post:

  • %title%, %content%, %date%, %excerpt%, %link%, %author%, %featured_image% - All taken from the post
  • %categories% - Comma separated list of categories
  • %category_links% - Like above, but with links
  • %tags, %tag_links% - Same as categories
  • %meta:META_KEY% - Replace META_KEY by the meta key you want to display
  • %tax:TAXONOMY%, %tax_links:TAXONOMY%

Also see this page in our documentation.

Can I add WP Tiles to my theme or plugin? Or can I show tiles in my templates, for example on in the category archives?

To show WP Tiles in your templates, there are template tags available. See the documentation on the website here.

Can I hide the tooltips that appear when I hover over tiles?

It's not a default WP Tiles option, but there is a simple plugin that does exactly that:

No Title Tooltips

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
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