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WP Table of Paginated Contents handles naming of each post page and produces a Table of Contents.
It uses the native <!--nextpage--> tag but adds a shortcode to store section titles.

Check the screenshots for a clearer idea.


  • Naming of each post page;
  • Output or generation of a Table of Contents (using a list or a drop down menu);
  • Output or generation of next/prev post pages navigation, using the section titles.

Suggestions are welcome and please report any bugs found!


This plugin provides two main methods to be used within the loop (

To echo the table of contents:

To echo the next/prev navigation links:

Usage Examples

To output the Table of Contents use the following snippet, inside your post loop:

<?php if( function_exists( 'wptopc' ) ){ wptopc(); } ?>

Alternatively you may output the Table of Contents as a drop down menu using the snippet:

<?php if( function_exists( 'wptopc' ) ){ wptopc("select", "The Post Table of Contents"); } ?>

To output a next/prev navigation with the section titles, use the following snippet, inside your post loop:

<?php if( function_exists( 'wptopc_pagination_links' ) ){ wptopc_pagination_links(); } ?>

To store the output of these functions prefix them with “get_”, like in:


  • The outputs (check the usage section).
  • The TinyMCE button.
  • The naming prompt.


Requires double quotes around titles

Stephanie Mitchell

I like this plugin a lot - however it broke in v2.1 - titles in the shortcodes weren't being recognised correctly, if at all.

The fix turned out to be enclosing the titles in double quotes, thus:

[section_title title=This won't work]
[section_title title="This works"]

Unfortunately, the TinyMCE button for inserting shortcodes doesn't add them. Everything's fine if you remember to add them yourself, though.

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2.1 (19/12/2015)

  • Added 3 parameters to link functions to allow more customization.

1.3 (19/04/2014)

  • Fixed TinyMCE plugin;
  • Tested under 3.9.

1.2 (01/07/2012)

  • Added prepend and append options;
  • Tested under 3.4.1.

1.1.1 (25/04/2012)

  • Tested under 3.3.2.

1.1 (25/04/2012)

  • Feature: added ‘get_’ alternative methods, providing the ability to store outputs (without echoing).

1.0.1 (03/04/2012)

  • Images and donators list included (no longer remotely loaded).

1.0 (26/03/2012)

  • Initial release.

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