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Plugin provides syntax highlighting for about 116 programming languages via Geshi.

2.4 (07.01.2015)

  • Tested with WordPress 4.4.1

2.3.1 (22.02.2014)

  • Tested with WordPress 3.8.1

2.3 (11.02.2011)

  • Added [filesytax] tag, that allows to insert into post files, highlighted from filesystem. Related security settings are added to options. The use of this tag should be enabled in options too.
  • Due to security settings added to options, only blog admin is now allowed to change them
  • Added doclinks_off settings option which enables you to control the generation of documentation URLs for keywords by default
  • Added doclinks option to [codesyntax] and [filesyntax] tags to control the generation of documentation URLs per each source piece
  • Several bugfixes
  • User satisfactory texts are now displayed after some time of using plugin in settings
  • Bugfix: comments are now highlighted correctly even when using external CSS styles for highlighting

2.2.7 (28.09.2010)

  • Critical bug fix (not all blogs affected though): slashes in theme folder name do not duplicate now

2.2.6 (24.09.2010)

  • wp-content is now movable/renameable. Just don't forget to change theme path in WP-SynHighlight options if even you left it on defaults. For more details on the operation see Codex

2.2.5 (22.09.2010)

  • GUI Mode editor javascript bug fixed
  • Comments display fixed, tag eliminated. Will see, how it will go

2.2.4 (12.07.2010)

  • HTML validation bug fixed. Thanks to whallify for reporting and providing a fix

2.2.3 (06.07.2010)

  • Minor plugin activation bug fixed. Thanks to Aziz Light for reporting.

2.2.2 (03.05.2010)

  • Theme path fixes (when is set to be different from default). Thanks to chandima for reporting
  • <code> tags in comments eliminated. Thanks to Navarr for reporting
  • Unicode symbols conversion bug fixed completely. Thanks to simplylinux.ch for reporting

2.2.1 (26.01.2010)

  • Theme path showed as unsaved in options. Now fixed thanks to Willington Vega for patch.

2.2 (12.01.2010)

  • Added option to set code block height in pixels. See plugin options.

2.1.1 (10.01.2010)

  • Small bug fixed with default CSS styling. It is set to old behaviour and can now be changed from options. External CSS option is preferred.
  • Windows Live Writer compatibility introduced (it corrupts shortcodes a little sometimes)
  • Localization updated to include some missing phrases

2.1 (10.01.2010)

  • An option added to output highlighting using CSS styles. See plugin options to control behaviour. Thanks to Artem Russakovskii for the concept and the idea.
  • Warning added to remind users to start PHP code from <?php tag to highlight properly
  • Minor options bug fixed

2.0 (05.01.2010)

  • SuperGUI mode added. Now you can edit your source code and have a realtime code syntax highlighting.
  • Now editor button supports detecting of existing shortcodes in text
  • highlight_lines option empty behavior fixed
  • GUI mode visualization of shortcode changed to full-pre for better display


  • Added a possibility to select default code options on settings page. For example, you may set, that all code blocks on all pages should be collapsed by default
  • Added highlight_lines parameter which you can set to a comma-delimited list of line numbers, that you need to be specially highlighted in the code block
  • English localization fixed.
  • Fixed box buttons border style if it is defined in CSS by your theme
  • Added plugin settings link to the plugin description in the plugin list
  • Russian localization added


  • Geshi syntax highlighting for 1C language improved.


  • Box buttons border removed to comply with some styles.


  • Code initial state option added, for instance, to make code block collapsed by default when the page is opened by user
  • Code block folding animation added
  • Theming is now supported. See themes directory for details. You can set current theme in plugin options.
  • Code block corners are now look rounded at least in Firefox. Stupid IE...
  • Print code button added
  • Show code only button added
  • Padding bug of


ol> block fixed when line numbers are shown * Geshi updated to latest stable ( * 1C language syntax highlighting (primarily intended for russian users though). It is crippled, because Geshi doesn't work well with UTF-8 encoded keywords. But it is best I can do. Language code is c1.


  • Localization corrected and now plugin is fully localizable. For now English and Russian languages added
  • TinyMCE Files slightly rearranged
  • Compatibility with other plugins using own Geshi libs added. Geshi is now loaded only if it wasn't loaded by some other plugin earlier.
  • Russian localization fixed (button name is now displayed properly)
  • Line height in CSS enforced to be 100% to avoid problems with some WP themes.


  • Another Unicode three-dots symbol presentation fixed


  • Another Unicode double-dashes symbol presentation fixed


  • Another Unicode quote-like symbol presentation fixed


  • Editor button UI added for convinient selecting all codesyntax tag options
  • Code is now correctly trimmed preventing nasty newlines from appearing
  • Bug fixed with non-latin code titles


  • css stylesheet problem with incorrect displaying short code fragments fixed. Thanks to Warun Kietduriyakul for reporting a bug.
  • inove theme css stylesheet problem fixed. Thanks to Warun Kietduriyakul for reporting a bug.


  • css stylesheet path problem fixed. Thanks to Warun Kietduriyakul for reporting a bug.


  • Editor button for GUI mode fixed at last and is working ok now. I am sorry for this bug.


  • Editor button for GUI mode
  • Syntax highlighting in comments
  • Collapsable code area with customizable css
  • New options for bbcode: title and bookmarkname

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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