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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Supersized

Full screen background slideshow in any page/post, with images from WP Media Gallery, NextGEN Gallery, Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, folder, or XML file


  • Bug fix: metabox content rewritten in the page/post editing screen to work with the new version of jQuery that shipped with WordPress 3.6.
  • Updated the jQuery UI style to the latest available (v1.10.3).


  • Added the option Always fill screen in Size and position, to allow the image to always fill the screen (image is cropped). This possibility had disappeared when the new Size and position button was introduced in v.3.1.2.


  • Bug fix (tested): corrected several errors in the automatic options conversion routine that were still preventing the plugin to work correctly. This bug fix will only work on new updates from versions before v.3.1.2. If you were faced with problems when updating to v.3.1.2 or v.3.1.3, the solution is to take a note of your current options and then to reset the options and enter your own options again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Bug fix: added more checks in the automatic options conversion routine to avoid the issue of losing the options when updating. This bug fix will only work on new updates from versions earlier than v.3.1.2. If you were faced with the problem when updating to v.3.1.2, the solution is to take a note of your current options and then to reset the options and enter your own options again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Bug fix: fixed a small syntax error in jquery code used by the plugin that was causing problems with the display of the backend metabox in WP 3.5.
  • Bug fix: the options selected through an xml file should now work as advertised.
  • Bug fix: the thumb tray will now appear only when the corresponding option (Thumbnail tray) is selected, even if the option for showing the tray at startup is selected.
  • Bug fix: modified the Flickr, Picasa, and Smugmug code used by the plugin to avoid the disappearance of the navigation arrows when a long caption is displayed.
  • Bug fix: the Fit always option should now work also with Flickr, Picasa, and Smugmug images.
  • Modified the Size and position option: Fit always, Fit portrait, and Fit landscape are now mutually exclusive. There was no point in selecting both Fit portrait and Fit landscape at the same time to do what Fit always does anyway.
  • Added support for displaying the Supersized source meta box in custom post types (thanks to JonasVorwerk).
  • Added enhanced jquery animate to remove flickering on iPad and iPhone (jquery.animate-enhanced plugin).
  • Added more details for the use of some options in the admin.
  • Added an automatic option updater to set the right format for the on/off options.
  • Updated the example.xml file with the missing options for Picasa, and Smugmug.
  • Cleaned up some code.
  • Tested up to WP 3.5.


  • Bug fix: moved a few lines in their correct position in the code. This small mistake was generating warnings about invalid arguments passed to the implode() function.
  • Bug fix: added a few additional checks in the admin to avoid warnings about invalid arguments passed to the implode() function.
  • Bug fix: rewrote the install() function to remove errors introduced in version 3.1.
  • Eliminated a few php notices (undefined index).
  • Cleaned up some html in the admin of the plugin.


  • Added support for the use of images from Picasa and Smugmug.
  • Added the ability to sort Flickr images (thanks to mendhak).
  • Now with easy individual selection of source (WP Media Gallery, NextGen Gallery, Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, custom dir, or XML file) for each page/post.
  • Bug fix: Removed a trailing slash in the function listing the folders and files. This was causing an open_basedir restriction error in php versions older than 5.2.2.
  • Bug fix: The image source selected within a post/page is now used even when the Flickr or Single modes are defined as default in the plugin options.
  • Bug fix: The debugging mode will not break the page anymore. Debugging info now appears correctly as a comment in the page source.
  • Bug fix for square photos in Flickr module (thanks to Matt Richardson).
  • Added a jquery.easing.compatibility.js file to help solving issues that appeared for some users (thanks to Twanneman "Twanneman").
  • Improved: Navigation arrows will not be displayed anymore when there is only one image to show. Thanks to Artem and Glark for noticing this issue and hacking a solution while I was updating the plugin.
  • Modified the plugin files structure to improve modularity.
  • Cleaned up the code of the install function.
  • Updated the readme.


  • Added an option to display the thumbtray at startup to avoid having to click on the button to show it.
  • Bug fix: added typecasting to the array_merge() function.
  • Improvement: now also checking that the NextGEN Gallery plugin is active (on top of checking for its presence).
  • Updated the readme.


  • Bug fix: the plugin should now work as expected on some configurations where the backend was screwed up due to a wrong function call.
  • Bug fix: re-enabled the previous glob() function (on top of the new one) to allow for different configurations, some of them missing their images.


  • Added support for the use of images from NextGEN galleries.
  • Added a panel in post/page editor to allow the selection of the images source - no need to type your selection in a custom field anymore.
  • Redesigned the options panel, using tabs to reduce clutter.
  • Added a folder selector to the options page for easy selection of the default folder or NextGEN gallery.
  • Added the ability to have captions displayed even if the rest of the Supersized footer is off (allows displaying html from image caption even with the footer option off).
  • Added checks for the existence and read permissions for image folders and NextGEN or WP Media gallery images - displays an informative error image if an error is detected.
  • Updated with the latest versions of Supersized (3.2.7) and its Shutter theme (1.2).
  • Improved: the glob() function should now work better for users with some servers that do not support the BRACE option. Thanks to Jan for suggesting this.
  • Improved: replaced the url by the absolute path for reading xml files to avoid possible problems with some hosts. Thanks to Aaron Ware for suggesting this.
  • Improved: automatic removal of slashes in the default dir and custom dir paths.
  • Bug fix: archive, tag, category, or date pages should now correctly display the default images.
  • Bug fix: the plugin should now work correctly with xml files containing no images: default images are shown instead (as advertised!).
  • Bug fix: the plugin should now work correctly with IE when using WP Gallery images. Thanks to Simon for spotting this bug.
  • Updated the readme.
  • Removed the xmlLib library. The plugin now uses standard SimpleXML functions. IMPORTANT: if you use xml files for defining your images, two slides field names must be renamed: slide-link to slide_link and slide-thumb to slide_thumb in the xml files.


  • Added the ability to use the WordPress Media Gallery images attached to pages/posts as source of images.
  • Added the ability to use an xml file to define all images, titles, links, and options for each post/page separately.
  • Added the ability to use HTML and links in the caption of the images (only when using the xml file).
  • Behaviour change: slight modification to allow an image to be displayed even when there is only one in the chosen folder and in slideshow mode.
  • Behaviour change: removed the option Only on posts/pages with custom field SupersizedDir. Any post/page that has a custom field SupersizedDir filled in will use Supersized.
  • Bug fix: the navigation controls are now working as expected in the Flickr mode.


  • Bug fix: WP Supersized now works correctly with WPML-translated pages/posts (caution: not tested if you use a different domain per language).
  • Added a donation link in the plugin admin.


  • Bug fix: modified the way the plugin finds the slides folder so that it finally works with non-standard WordPress installations (e.g. when WordPress has its own folder). Special thanks to Joke and Sandro who helped me finding the solution to this bug by testing several beta versions on their system.
  • Bug fix: the play/pause buttons behave correctly again (a previously corrected bug had been reintroduced when updating to Supersized 3.2.6).


  • Updated with the latest version of Supersized (3.2.6).


  • Added the option to output a few comments in the source of the web page to help in debugging the problems that some users have with the file path to their images folders.
  • Bug fix: filenames are now always sorted alphabetically in the slides list output.


  • Bug fix: fixed a bug in the Single image mode that prevented the image to be displayed.


  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused an error when there was no thumbs folder.


  • Updated with the latest version of Supersized (3.2.5).
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that prevented images to be displayed correctly when in Tag or Category results page.
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that prevented Supersized to be used in subcategories of a chosen category.
  • Bug fix: WP Supersized should now take into account the location of the wp-content folder also in non-standard WordPress installations.
  • Added the ability to use gif and png image formats in addition to jpg (can now also be jpeg).
  • Added the options to use Supersized everywhere, on Search results page only, on Date archives, or on Any archive.
  • Added the option to have a URL of your choice when clicked on the background image (one for all images), or none.


  • Updated with the latest modified Supersized Flickr engine, including the option to choose images by tags.
  • Bug fix: the Flickr slideshow broken with the previous update now works again.


  • Updated with the latest version of Supersized (3.2.4).
  • The slides folder must now be renamed supersized-slides and be placed in the /wp-content directory instead of the /wp-content/plugins/wp-supersized directory. This allows updates without losing your images.
  • Added the ability to choose any folder within the /wp-content folder as a default slides folder.
  • Added the ability to select a different slides folder for each page/post through the custom field SupersizedDir.
  • Added more options for selecting the pages/posts where Supersized will be used: Category archive, Tag archive, Category ID, Tag ID.
  • Bug fix: Random image now works as expected in Single image mode.
  • Bug fix: the loader image (progress.gif) now loads and displays correctly.
  • Added new Supersized options.
  • Admin page ready for translation (.pot file available). Anyone interested in translating WP Supersized in his/her own language ?
  • Added French translation.
  • Removed the Supersized logo option (not present in the original Supersized example anymore).


  • The very first version.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 8,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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