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WP Store Locator

An easy to use location management system that enables users to search for nearby physical stores.

2.0.4, November 23, 2015

  • Fixed: HTML entity encoding issue in the marker tooltip, via momo-fr and js-enigma.
  • Fixed: Missing tooltip text for the start marker, and the info window for the start marker breaking when the Geolocation API successfully determined the users location.
  • Fixed: Multiple shortcode attributes ignoring the "false" value, via dynamitepets and drfoxg.
  • Changed: If a WPML compatible plugin is detected, a notice is shown above the label section explaining that the "String Translations" section in the used multilingual plugin should be used to change the labels.
  • Changed: Removed the "sensor" parameter from the Google Maps JavaScript API. It triggered a 'SensorNotRequired' warning.
  • Changed: Updated translation files.

2.0.3, October 27, 2015

  • Fixed: The default search radius is no longer ignored if the Geolocation API is used. Via xeyefex.
  • Changed: Replaced get_page ( deprecated ) with get_post.
  • Changed: Adjusted the position, and size of the reset map / current location icon to make them match with the new control styles introduced in v3.22 of the Google Maps API.
  • Changed: Made it harder for themes to overwrite the icon font that is used to show the reset map / current location icon.
  • Changed: Removed support for the map's pan control and zoom control style from the settings page and [wpsl_map] shortcode attributes. They are both deprecated in v3.22 of the Google Maps API.

2.0.2, September 19, 2015

  • Fixed: Not all users always seeing the notice to convert the 1.x locations to custom post types.
  • Fixed: Prevented empty search results from ending up in the autoload transient.
  • Fixed: The autoload transient not being cleared after changing the start location on the settings page.
  • Changed: Added extra CSS to make it harder for themes to turn the map completely grey, and set the default opening hours alignment to left.
  • Changed: If you use the store locator in a tab, then it no longer requires the tab anchor to be 'wpsl-map-tab'. You can use whatever you want with the 'wpsl_map_tab_anchor' filter.

2.0.1, September 10, 2015

  • Fixed: Prevented other plugins that use underscore or backbone from breaking the JavaScript templates, via fatman49 and zurf.
  • Fixed: Street view not showing the correct location after using it more then once, via marijke_25.

2.0, September 7, 2015

  • New: Moved away from a custom db table, the store locations are now registered as custom post types.
  • Note: The upgrade procedure will ask you to convert the current store locations to custom post types. This takes around 1 minute for every 1000 store locations.
  • New: The option to enable/disable permalinks for the stores, and set a custom slug from the settings page.
  • New: Three new shortcodes: [wpsl_map], [wpsl_hours] and [wpsl_address].
  • New: A template attribute for the wpsl shortcode, via Damien Carbery.
  • New: Supports WPML and qTranslate X.
  • New: A textarea on the settings page where you can paste JSON code to create a custom map style.
  • New: The option to hide the search radius dropdown on the frontend.
  • New: A wpsl_geolocation_timeout filter.
  • New: The option to choose between different address formats, and a filter to add custom ones.
  • New: The option to use the InfoBox library to style the info window.
  • New: The option to choose between two different effects when a user hovers over the result list.
  • New: Set the opening hours through dropdowns instead of a textarea.
  • New: Filters that make it possible to add custom store data, and change the HTML structure of the info window and store listing template.
  • New: The option to define a max location load if the auto loading of locations is enabled.
  • New: The option to enable/disable scroll wheel zooming and the map type control on the map.
  • New: Added 'Email' and 'Url' to the labels on the settings page.
  • New: Added a general settings and documentation link to the plugin action links.
  • New: The option to set a max auto zoom level to prevent the auto zoom from zooming to far.
  • New: The option to set a different map type for the location preview.
  • New: A check to see if the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant is set, if this is the case the full scripts are loaded, otherwise the minified scripts are used.
  • New: A wpsl_thumb_size filter that enables you to set the thumb size on the frontend without editing CSS files.
  • New: The option to hide the distance in the store listing.
  • New: Added JS code that prevents a grey map when the store locator is placed in a tab. This does require the use of a #wpsl-map-tab anchor.
  • New: Portuguese translation via RĂºben Martins.
  • Changed: Better error handling for the Geolocation API.
  • Changed: Regardless of the selected template, the store map is always placed before the store list on smaller screens.
  • Changed: The wp-content/languages folder is checked for translations before using the translations in the plugin folder.
  • Changed: The 'reset map' button now uses an icon font, and is placed in right bottom corner together with a new 'current location' icon.
  • Changed: The cluster marker image will use HTTPS when available.
  • Changed: Increased the default Geolocation timeout from 3000 to 5000 ms.
  • Changed: The geocode requests to the Google Maps API will always use HTTPS.
  • Changed: Instead of curl or file_get_contents the Google Maps API request will now use wp_remote_get.
  • Changed: Replaced the 'wpsl_capability' filter with a 'Store Locator Manager' role.
  • Changed: Added an extra check in JS to prevent the search radius or max results value being set to NaN.
  • Changed: The wpsl_templates filter now expects an id field to be present in the array.
  • Changed: Renamed the 'wpsl_gmap_api_attributes' filter to wpsl_gmap_api_params.
  • Changed: Added the 'enableHighAccuracy' parameter to the Geolocation request to make it more accurate on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented the settings page from saving the changes on servers that used the mod_security module.
  • Fixed: The pan control option not working on the frontend if it was enabled on the settings page.
  • Fixed: Prevented an empty comma from appearing in the direction URL if the zip code didn't exist.
  • Fixed: Modified the CSS to prevent themes hiding the map images.
  • Fixed: Dragging the store location marker in the store editor would sometimes return the incorrect coordinates.
  • Fixed: The 'Back' button appeared multiple times after the user clicked on the 'Directions' link from different info windows.
  • Fixed: The dropdown fields not being restored to the default values after the 'reset map' button was clicked.
  • Note: Requires at least WP 3.7 instead of WP 3.5.


  • Fixed: The store search breaking after the reset button was clicked, via Drew75
  • Fixed: Two PHP notices.


  • Fixed: Clicking the marker would no longer open the info window after a Google Maps API update. This only happened if street view was enabled.
  • Fixed: A fatal error on some installations caused by the usage of mysql_real_escape_string, it is replaced with esc_sql.
  • Fixed: A problem where some themes would just show "1" instead of the shortcode output.
  • Fixed: The "dismiss" link not working in the notice that reminds users to define a start point.
  • Fixed: A missing html tag that broken the store listing in IE7/8.
  • Changed: Replaced the non-GPL compatible dropdown script.


  • Fixed the geocoding request for the map preview on the add/edit page not including the zipcode when it's present, which can misplace the marker


  • Fixed compatibility issues with the Google Maps field in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Fixed the store urls in the store listings sometimes breaking
  • Removed the requirement for a zipcode on the add/edit store page
  • Improved the documentation in the js files


  • Fixed an js error breaking the store locator


  • Fixed the directions url sometimes showing an incomplete address due to an encoding issue
  • Fixed the 'items' count on the store overview page showing the incorrect number after deleting a store
  • Fixed the autocomplete for the 'start point' field sometimes not working on the settings page
  • Fixed php notices breaking the store search when wp_debug is set to true
  • Fixed the bulk actions when set to 'Bulk Actions' showing the full store list without paging
  • Fixed small css alignment issues in the admin area
  • Fixed the js script still trying to load store data when autoload was disabled
  • Fixed the clickable area around the marker being to big
  • Improved: After a user clicks on 'directions' and then clicks 'back', the map view is returned to the original location
  • Removed: the 'Preview location on the map' button no longer updates the zip code value it receives from the Google Maps API
  • Changed the way the dropdown filters are handled on mobile devices. They are now styled and behave according to the default UI of the device
  • Added support for WP Multisite
  • Added 'Screen Options' for the 'Current Stores' page, so you can define the amount of stores that are visible on a single page
  • Added the option to make phone numbers clickable on mobile devices by adding a link around them with 'tel:'
  • Added the option to make store names automatically clickable if the store url exists
  • Added the option to show a 'zoom here' and 'street view' (when available) into the infowindow
  • Added a second address field to the store fields
  • Added the option to enable marker clusters
  • Added the option to set a default country for the "Add Store" page
  • Added Dutch (nl_NL) translations
  • Added a .pot file to the languages folder for translators
  • Added error handling for the driving directions
  • Added several filters for developers: 'wpsl_templates' for loading a custom template from another directory 'wpsl_menu_position' for adjusting the position of the store locator menu in the admin panel 'wpsl_capability' to manually set the required user capability for adding/editing stores 'wpsl_gmap_api_attributes' to modify the Google maps parameters ( change the map language dynamically )


  • Fixed the store search not returning any results when the limit results dropdown is hidden


  • Added an option to choose where the 'More info' details is shown, either in the store listings or on the map
  • Added the 'back' and 'reset' text to the label fields on the settings page
  • Added the option to remove the scrollbar when the store listings are shown below the map
  • Improved the position of the reset button when the map controls are right aligned
  • Fixed the 'More info' translation not working
  • Fixed the start position marker disappearing when dragged


  • Fixed the distance format always using km when you click the 'directions' text in the marker
  • Fixed an issue where a CSS rule in some themes would place a background image on the active item in the dropdown list
  • Added an option to disable the mouse cursor on pageload focusing on the location input field
  • Added an option to add a 'More info' link to the store listings, which when clicked will open the info window in the marker on the map


  • Added an option to show the store listings below the map instead of next to it
  • Added an option to open the directions in a new window on maps.google.com itself
  • Fixed a 'too much recursion' js error that showed up when no start location was defined
  • Fixed the auto loading of stores not being ordered by distance
  • Fixed a problem with the input fields not always aligning in Chrome
  • Improved the handling of thumbnails. If the thumbnail format is disabled in the theme, it will look for the medium or full format instead
  • Several other small code improvements


  • Added the option to open a link in a new window
  • Added the option to show a reset button that will reset the map back to how it was on page load
  • Added the option to load all stores on page load
  • Fixed a problem with the shortcode output


  • Fixed the styling for the store locator dropdowns being applied site wide
  • Fixed a problem with slashes in store titles


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 6 days ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


99 of 144 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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