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WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

Powerful anti-spam plugin that eliminates blog comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes contact form.

Installation Instructions

  1. After downloading, unzip file and upload the enclosed wp-spamfree directory to your WordPress plugins directory: /wp-content/plugins/.

  2. As always, activate the plugin on your WordPress plugins page.

  3. Check to make sure the plugin is installed properly. Many support requests for this plugin originate from improper installation and can be easily prevented. To check proper installation status, go to the WP-SpamFree page in your Admin. It's a submenu link on the Plugins page. Go the the 'Installation Status' area near the top and it will tell you if the plugin is installed correctly. If it tells you that the plugin is not installed correctly, please double-check what directory you have installed WP-SpamFree in, delete any WP-SpamFree files you have uploaded to your server, re-read the Installation Instructions, and start the Installation process over from step 1. If it is installed correctly, then move on to the next step.

  4. Select desired configuration options. Due to popular request, I've added the option to block trackbacks and pingbacks if the user feels they are excessive. I'd recommend not doing this, but the choice is yours.

  5. If you are using front-end anti-spam plugins (CAPTCHA's, challenge questions, etc), be sure they are disabled since there's no longer a need for them, and these could likely conflict. (Back-end anti-spam plugins like Akismet are fine, although unnecessary.)

You're done! Sit back and see what it feels like to live without comment spam!

For Best Results

WP-SpamFree was created specifically to stop automated comment spam (which accounts for over 99% of comment spam), and recently we have added some features that help combat human comment spam, as well as trackback/pingback spam. Unfortunately, no plugin can perfectly detect human comment spam. As other experts will tell you, the most effective strategy for blocking spam involves applying a variety of techniques. For best results, enable comment moderation, and if you desire a backup, feel free to use Akismet (even though unnecessary), as the two plugins are compatible.

Displaying Stats on Your Blog

Want to show off your spam stats on your blog and tell others about WP-SpamFree? Simply add the following code to your WordPress theme where you'd like the stats displayed: <?php if ( function_exists(spamfree_counter) ) { spamfree_counter(1); } ?> where '1' is the style. Replace the '1' with a number from 1-9 corresponding to one of the background styles you'd like to use. (See plugin admin page for more info.)

To add stats to individual posts, you'll need to install the Exec-PHP plugin.

To add smaller counter to your site, add the following code to your WordPress theme where you'd like the stats displayed: <?php if ( function_exists(spamfree_counter) ) { spamfree_counter(1); } ?> where '1' is the style. Replace the '1' with a number from 1-5 that corresponds to one of the following. (See plugin admin page for more info.)

Or, you can simply use the widget. It displays stats in the style of small counter #1. Now you can show spam stats on your blog without knowing any code.

Adding a Contact Form to Your Blog

First create a page (not post) where you want to have your contact form. Then, insert the following tag (using the HTML editing tab, NOT the Visual editor) and you're done: <!--spamfree-contact-->

There is no need to configure the form. It allows you to simply drop it into the page you want to install it on. However, there are a few basic configuration options. You can choose whether or not to include Phone and Website fields, whether they should be required, add a drop down menu with up to 10 options, set the width and height of the Message box, set the minimum message length, set the form recipient, enter a custom message to be displayed upon successful contact form submission, and choose whether or not to include user technical data in the email.

If you want to modify the style of the form using CSS, all the form elements have an ID attribute you can reference in your stylesheet.

What the Contact Form feature IS: A simple drop-in contact form that won't get spammed.

What the Contact Form feature is NOT: A configurable and full-featured plugin like some other contact form plugins out there.

Note: Please do not request new features for the contact form, as the main focus of the plugin is spam protection. Thank you.

Configuration Information

Spam Options

M2 - Use two methods to set cookies. This adds a secondary non-JavaScript method to set cookies in addition to the standard JS method.

Blocked Comment Logging Mode This is a temporary diagnostic mode that logs blocked comment submissions for 7 days, then turns off automatically. If you want to see what spam has been blocked on your site, this is the option to use. Also, if you experience any technical issues, this will help with diagnosis, as you can email this log file to support if necessary. If you suspect you are having a technical issue, please turn this on right away and start logging data. Then submit a support request, and we'll email you back asking to see the log file so we can help you fix whatever the issue may be. The log is cleared each time this feature is turned on, so make sure you download the file before turning it back on. Also the log is capped at 2MB for security. This feature may use slightly higher server resources, so for best performance, only use when necessary. (Most websites won't notice any difference.)

Log All Comments Requires that Blocked Comment Logging Mode be engaged. Instead of only logging blocked comments, this will allow the log to capture all comments while logging mode is turned on. This provides more technical data for comment submissions than WordPress provides, and helps us improve the plugin. If you plan on submitting spam samples to us for analysis, it's helpful for you to turn this on, otherwise it's not necessary. If you have any spam comments that you feel WP-SpamFree should have blocked (usually human spam), then please submit a support request. When we email you back we will ask you to forward the data to us by email.

This extra data will be extremely valuable in helping us improve the spam protection capabilites of the plugin.

Disable trackbacks. Use if trackback spam is excessive. It is recomended that you don't use this option unless you are experiencing an extreme spam attack.

Disable pingbacks. Use if pingback spam is excessive. The disadvantage is a reduction of communication between blogs. When blogs ping each other, it's like saying "Hi, I just wrote about you" and disabling these pingbacks eliminates that ability. It is recomended that you don't use this option unless you are experiencing an extreme spam attack.

Help promote WP-SpamFree? This places a small link under the comments and contact form, letting others know what's blocking spam on your blog. This plugin is provided for free, so this is much appreciated. It's a small way you can give back and let others know about WP-SpamFree.

Contact Form Options These are self-explanatory.

Requires: 2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 40,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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