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WP Songbook

Plugin, that allows people to manage song lyrics on WordPress-based website. Adds many features to simplify and improve the process.


  • Added song metabox security
  • Added improved function for upgrading from old 1.6, tested
  • Added debug logs
  • Fixed non existing index in metabox
  • Fixed song list
  • Fixed for WordPress v4.0, ceased support for older versions


  • Fixed song list logic
  • Fixed Windows WAMP absolute paths issue


  • Added taxonomy terms separator option to settings
  • Removed error displaying (for testing on my localhost)
  • Fixed Undefined Ajax class call


  • Fixed foreach loop error
  • Fixed language support


  • Added possibility to display languages in song list
  • Fixed language directory


  • Fixed error in class.mess.php


  • Fixed language files names to fit textdomain


  • Fixed inclusion of non existing file
  • Fixed flush_rewrite_rules and register Posttype action


  • Fixed unexpected output on activation
  • Fixed unexisting function on add_action
  • Added condition for adding code to admin head tag to not add unnecessary code


  • Disabled version upgrade for errors


  • Fixed language domain problem


  • Finally relased the version on 14th of may 2016 after a lot of work
  • Please, leave a topic in support forum if anything doesn't work
  • Removed WPSB_LANGDOM constant to work better with WP.org translations
  • Added flush_rewrite_rules after install or update

= 2.0.η.1= - Finished song content filter (files and taxonomies) - Added hook to solve small differences between the old and new version - Removed unnecessary admin scripts


  • Added possibility to filter and remove the "Next / Prev post" when the song is being displayed
  • Added languages taxonomy
  • Added songbook metabox default options javascript object
  • Added warnings and messages
  • Added PHP docs for some classes and methods
  • Fixed warning caused by passing function to empty() condition
  • Finished song list (file and video links), added JQuery UI Tooltips for icons
  • jQuery dragsort plugin replaced by Wordpres's built in jQuery UI Sortable


  • Added possibility to add a link "back to song list" into theme (see Installation tab)


  • Added settings value check to prevent wrong values and breaking script
  • Added possibility to link shared Google docs or any other link to a song files metabox
  • Added small statistic overview to the settings
  • Finished song list items and the song content hooks
  • Prepared for PHP 7 constructors


  • Fixed sort order in list


  • Rebuilt song info metabox
  • List may contain list of taxonomy terms linked to list of their songs
  • Added meta field for song duration
  • Added bones for future playlists feature

2.0.α & 2.0.β

  • Everything's back compatible - you shouldn't loose anything, but for safety, backup your data before updating
  • Completely rebuilt code for better functionality and extensibility, replacing the old not properly working version
  • Refined plugin settings page and song metaboxes
  • Removed help page - basic guide is located on settings page and every option has its description
  • Started archiving versions in the "Developers" tab
  • Not all functions are available yet, use only for testing


  • Added option to allow adding comments to lyrics
  • Fixed problem with lyrics wrapper


  • Trying to fix some bug in code, that may couse PHP error on some servers


  • Added edit song button into song list
  • Readded video link to the song list
  • Fixed bug that added link back to list to song list
  • Tested and improved for WordPress 4.0
  • Fixed few PHP warnings


  • Fixed error with displaying list


  • Now allows choose content displayed in the list by default
  • Improved filtering archive link for custom taxonomies
  • Improved creating list table to be easier to add new columns for future
  • Updated language files


  • Fixed warnings and notices shown by WP_DEBUG that may couse errors
  • Updated language files


  • Added new warnings
  • Improved few functions to work better
  • Removed few parts, that could be wrong and arent necessary


  • Fixed missing files, that resulted in error


  • Added taxonomy Album + enable option to settings
  • Added taxonomy Genre + enable option to settings
  • Now there's an option to use publish year in the songlist (you can set time in editor on right side in publication controls)
  • Added options to allow of displaying song list grid new columns Album, Genre and Year
  • Updated language files with few new phrases


  • Now its possible to display list of author's songs
  • Button for displaying Authors name was added to song list
  • Added options to show or hide list header and link to list of author
  • Updated language files


  • Added warnings and messages to inform if something is wrong
  • Fixed saving the options


  • Language files revision
  • Added new screenshots and improved readme file to contain important informations
  • Updated Screenshots


  • Fixed readme.txt to give relevant informations about this plugin
  • If theres any file to display (and not blocked by any private rule), is displayed
  • Removed Fancybox for license troubles


  • At first, the files are now working, Im sorry for all troubles
  • You can choose song lyrics wrap element to improve look of the page
  • Fixed icons to fit new WP admin lookup
  • If installing, default settings are automatically added
  • Auto creating new page for song list is now option of song list page select
  • If any file is removed from WordPress, appears as broken in editor and is no more linked to song after saving
  • Option to show Go Back to song list button in all songs
  • Added second column to plugin settings page
  • Removed list of added files from song list - it only caused errors
  • All styles are now external


  • When removing plugin, all settings are removed from database
  • Fixed: If no author is set to song, nothing will appear in song list


  • Fixed bugs with attaching files - didn't save value when no file is chosen
  • Fixed bug with listing files and songs
  • Files no more appears in song when they were deleted from WordPress
  • Improved admin script and style including
  • Since this version automatically adds default settings after install


  • Many key core changes
  • Changed song listing system
  • Now existing page with songs is detected by exist, not by option
  • Updated language files
  • Added option to show files to logged/unlogged users


  • Fixed some language bugs
  • Added settings and guide links to the plugins page


  • Im very sorry for that troubles I made you. Now it shouldn't happen anymore. Hope :)


  • Bug: last version, after wordpress installation on some hostings causes error


  • Its great to tell, all basic things are working well :)
  • After saving settings you know what was changed.
  • If you have any problem or idea, let me know.


  • Finally added songbook settings page and fixed troubles with metaboxes


  • Added filebox for adding files to songs and other to add aditional info about song. Now you can define song tempo or add link to video on internet.


  • Solved trouble with displaying, shortcodes and added new feature - Widget for displaying newest songs


  • Added to repository, still not finished but stable. Adds CPT Song, Taxonomy Author and some plugin "guide of use" to WordPress installation

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


2.5 out of 5 stars


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