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WP Socializer

Super Cool Plugin for inserting all kinds of Social Bookmarking & Sharing buttons. Has customizable Floating Share Bar, Widgets, Shortcodes also.

  • Admin interface width increased
  • Added note about the next release of WP Socializer

  • (NEW) Social button site (VKontakte) (now contains 108 social bookmarking buttons)
  • Sharethis code fix.
  • Sharethis twitter handle fix.
  • Pinterest alignment fix.
  • Social buttons url encoding fix.
  • Facebook button code updated.
  • (NEW) Facebook like button for different languages.
  • Google plus button code updated
  • Removed outdated options in admin page
  • Minor UI changes

  • Added option to Sharethis "CopyNshare" feature.
  • Fixed the issue in page URL outside the post loop. The wrong share count displayed for various buttons is therefore fixed.
  • Fixed small UI related bugs.

  • Fix Facebook popup transparency.
  • Removed credit links.
  • Revised the email link.
  • Fixed some debug notices.

  • Fixed Twitter title encoding bug.
  • Added Facebook like and send button to the floating sharebar.
  • Fixed bug in sharethis shortcode.
  • Added option to disable mobile mode for floating sharebar.
  • Fixed the irregular position of large pinterest button.


  • Added mobile optimization or small screen support for the floating sharebar
  • Facebook comments popup clipping is fixed.
  • Sharethis "undefined" object issue is fixed.
  • Social button CSS file size is reduced and notable tweaks are made to the social buttons.
  • Scripts and styles are now loaded properly in the frontend as per the API
  • Source code is revised and optimized.
  • Some minor admin UI improvements are made.


  • Added option to adjust the distance between the floating sharebar and the post.
  • Sharebar can be floated on right side also.
  • More than 90 Sharethis services are made available for selection.
  • Added option to hide the credit links.
  • Minor UI tweaks.


  • Incompatibility of the "latest jQuery version" with other plugins is fixed.
  • Several WordPress notices are fixed.
  • Encoding of Hyphen to – is now corrected for Twitter button.


  • Retweet floating share bar "username" bug fixed
  • Smarter tracing of images in a post for pinterest
  • Revised code for getting post details
  • Bug fixed in the "title" tag for twitter in the urlencoding of hyphen.
  • Bug fixed in the mailto link for the "email" button
  • Changed hover title of "add to favorites"
  • Cleared various "error notices" in the front end
  • Fixed several "&" to "&amp" conversion for the social buttons
  • Fixed no "alt" attribute to retweet and pinterest buttons
  • Fixed several "W3 Validator" errors
  • Admin interface tweaked and now more helpful and easy
  • Admin page tabs are renamed
  • Admin page "In posts and pages" is renamed to "Shortcodes"
  • Bug fixed in the publisher key field in the admin page
  • Removed url encoding for Sharethis buttons
  • Fixed Facebook send form "Clipping"


  • New "Smart Load" feature to load buttons faster using async method.
  • Can load button scripts after a specific time (Smart Load).
  • Facebook button now uses HTML5 code instead of iframe.
  • Facebook Send button now available.
  • TinyMCE toolbar button now updated.


  • New CSS3 on-hover effects for social bookmarking buttons (Magnify and Jump).
  • New "Comments" button for the floating share bar.
  • Updated "Twitter" button icon.
  • Floating share bar Javascript is revised and fade effects are added.


  • XSS Vulnerability issue in the "Services selector" page is fixed.
  • Added nounce to the Admin page forms.
  • Fixed bug in the Twitter social button template.
  • Fixed the collision of the quotes in the excerpt with the HTML tags for the email button.


  • Facebook like button centered in the left float sharing bar.
  • Facebook like button iframe CSS zero margin fix is done for themes.
  • Bug fixed in the wp_socializer(); function for printing templates.
  • Retweet button now traces the title of the post from the home page.
  • Small admin interface tweaks.


  • Facebook like button bug is fixed.
  • Facebook send button not available.
  • Email button bug fixed.
  • Added query strings to all WP Socializer CSS and JS files.


  • Admin UI is completely changed as per users request.
  • Floating share buttons are added.
  • Added a new social bookmarking buttons: Google+, Pinterest & OkNotizie
  • Pinterest button automatically recognizes the first image in the post.
  • Send button is included in Facebook.
  • Embed codes are updated for Facebook and StumbleUpon.
  • Removed Google Buzz completely.
  • Removed the "Retweet" (the unofficial button offered by retweet.com) service.
  • Two old inbuilt templates are removed and two new templates are added.
  • Lots and lots of bugs are fixed.
  • Email button problem is fixed.
  • Old translations (German & Chinese) are removed.


  • Facebook like box, Google + badge widget is included.
  • LinkedIn buttons are added.
  • Google Buzz is removed.
  • Templates are updated.
  • Option to change the rel="nofollow" attribute.
  • Minor admin UI changes and improvements.


  • Conflict with the tinyMCE editor fixed.
  • A "WP Socializer" button is added to the visual editing and code editing toolbar for inserting social buttons into posts easily.


  • Admin Blank page error fixed in Firefox 3.6.x
  • Encoded title fix for Sharethis buttons.
  • Social buttons max-width bug fixed for IE 8.
  • Fixed broken link in the admin bar.
  • Updated the AW updates the notification widget.
  • Added useful notices and informaion bars to the administration page for beginners.


  • Core code completely re-written for future supports and advancements.
  • Additional social bookmarking buttons are added.
  • Addthis buttons are updated and new type of buttons are available.
  • Sharethis buttons are introduced.
  • Twitter’s Official button is added.
  • Facebook like button code is updated.
  • Google +1 button, StumbleUpon, Reddit buttons are added.
  • Adminitration page completely redesiged.
  • Inbuilt menus are added for inserting buttons into template.
  • One-click templates are introduced.
  • Shortcodes feature is introduced.
  • and more..


  • Initial Version

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


1 of 2 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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