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WordPress SMS

A complete wordpress plugin to send sms with a high capability.


  • PHP 7.1 compatibility
  • Added mobile number checker in register and update profile page for avoid to duplicate mobile numbers
  • Added post_content to the post notification input data. (Supported until 10 words due for restrictions in some gateways)
  • Changed title_post, url_post, date_post to post_title, post_url, post_date on post notification input data.
  • Fixed Spelling mistakes in language file.


  • Fixed default gateway issue.
  • Fixed Illegal error in cf7 sms meta box.


  • Important! Please keep your gateway information before updating/installing (username, password or anything). Because in this version used a new setting page.
  • Added setting class for all options in the plugin for better settings performance.
  • Added new classes for doing any proccess.
  • Added resalaty.com gateway.
  • Added return request in the gateway tab on the option page for get any message of the request.
  • Added WP_Error in the all gateway classes.
  • Added ‌Bulk send status in the gateway tabs on the setting page.
  • Added response gateway message after sending sms on the sending page.
  • Removed newsletter tabs from option page and moved all option on the newsletter widget.
  • Improvement options page and removed all notice errors in setting page.
  • Improvement all syntax for notice errors.
  • Improvement main class.
  • Fixed load template widget in admin.
  • Fixed widget plugin name (Important! after update, re-add SMS newsletter form widget in your theme)
  • Fixed notice error in cf7 editor panel, used id() method instead.
  • Removed function: wp_subscribes.


  • Compatible with WP 4.7
  • Fixes issue when enable plugin to add new cap.
  • Fixes issue (Missing $this->validateNumber on the default gateway class)
  • Fixes issue (Missing $user->ID in mobile field when create new user)
  • Improvement structure files, folders and cleaning codes.



  • Added fortytwo.com gateway.
  • Added parsgreen (api.ir) gateway.
  • Compatible up to wordpress 4.6
  • Fixes Undefined index error in plugin pages
  • Updated textplode gateway.


  • Added new gateway (springedge.com)
  • Added new gateway (textplode.com)
  • Added new gateway (textplode.com)
  • Language (Brazil) updated.


  • Added New gateway (sonoratecnologia.com.br).
  • Removed dashicons from WP_List_Table.


  • Added New capabilities: wpsms_sendsms, wpsms_outbox, wpsms_subscribers, wpsms_subscribe_groups and wpsms_setting to user roles for manage page access.
  • Added New filters wp_sms_from, wp_sms_to, wp_sms_msg in the plugin.
  • Added New gateway (bulutfon.com).
  • Added New gateway (iransms.co).
  • Added New gateway (arkapayamak.ir).
  • Added New gateway (chaparpanel.ir).
  • Fixed issue when you rename wp-content folder. now plugin it's work if the folder name does not wp-content.
  • Fixed Undefined index errors in ths plugin when wordpress debug is enable.
  • Fixed Issue in outbox, subscribe and group page after bulk edit.
  • Updated http to https link in gateway.sa gateway.
  • Updated Language file and any string in the plugin.
  • Renamed wp_after_sms_gateway action to wp_sms_after_gateway.
  • Renamed wps_add_subscriber action to wp_sms_add_subscriber.
  • Renamed wps_delete_subscriber action to wp_sms_delete_subscriber.
  • Renamed wps_update_subscriber action to wp_sms_update_subscriber.
  • Renamed wps_add_group action to wp_sms_add_group.
  • Renamed wps_delete_group action to wp_sms_delete_group.
  • Renamed wps_update_group action to wp_sms_update_group.
  • Removed select access option in settig page.
  • Removed Hook method from WP_SMS class and used do_action for gateways class.
  • Removed gateway message in wp-admin.
  • Removed Suggestion sms from plugin (Because of the inefficiency).


  • Compatible with wordpress 4.5
  • Gateway smsline.ir Added.


  • Gateway gateway.sa Added.
  • Gateway modiranweb.net Added.
  • Fixed empty value in cf7 option.
  • Fixed Subscribe url and credit url in dashboard glance.


  • Language German updated. (Thanks Robert Skiba Medientechnik)
  • Fixed activation code for SMS newsletter.
  • Fixed Showing SMS tab in CF7 Meta box.
  • Gateway esms24.ir Added.
  • Gateway payamakaria.ir Added.
  • Gateway tgfsms.ir Added.
  • Gateway `pichakhost.com Added.
  • Gateway `tsms.ir Added.
  • Gateway `parsasms.com Added.


  • Gateway Bestit.co Added.
  • Gateway Pegah-Payamak.ir Added.
  • Gateway Loginpanel.ir Added.
  • Gateway Adspanel.ir Added.
  • Gateway Adspanel.ir Added.
  • Gateway Mydnspanel.com Added.
  • Fixed Update option on notification page.
  • Language Arabic updated. (Thanks Hammad)


  • Gateway LabsMobile updated.
  • Gateway Mtarget updated.
  • Gateway Razpayamak Added.
  • Added select status in edit subscribe page.
  • Fixed send to subscribes in Send SMS page.
  • Fixed send notification new post to subscribers.
  • Fixed custom text for notifications new post.


  • Fixed show group page and subscribe page on admin.
  • Language: Swedish added. (Thanks Kramfors)


  • Added WP_SMS_Subscriptions class for processing subscribers (just in admin).
  • Added Default_Gateway class for use it if webservice not active in the plugin.
  • Added check sms credit in SendSMS method.
  • Added subscribers hook to plugin hooks collactions.
  • Added user to newsletter when the user register in the wordpress.
  • Added send message to form field on Contact Form 7.
  • Added manage subscribe group in the plugin menu.
  • Added access level for view send page sms.
  • Added show/hide group in subscribe form.
  • Added resend sms on outbox message.
  • Added custom message for sms post suggestion.
  • Added css file for sms post suggestion form.
  • Added select group in sms meta box for sending the sms to subscribers when publish new post.
  • Added note for gateways after web services list.
  • Added smsapi.pl polish gateway.
  • Added wifisms.ir iranian gateway.
  • Improvement list table in for subscriber and outbox page (use WP_List_Table library).
  • Improvement notifications page.
  • Fixed notification new comment conflict with woocommerce.
  • Compatible with wordpress 4.3.
  • Language: updated.
  • Reseted all notifications option.
  • Remove add-ons page.
  • Remove wordpress pointer from plugin.
  • Remove admin stylesheet old version.


  • Added Sarinapayamak.com webservice
  • Added mtarget.fr webservice
  • Added bearsms.com webservice
  • Added smss.co.il webservice
  • Added sms77.de webservice
  • Added isms.ir webservice
  • Fixed Notification sms after enable plugin
  • Fixed Integration with new ver of CF7
  • Update Arabic translation.
  • Added German translation. Thanks Robert Skiba


  • Added rules on mobile field number for subscribe form. (maximum and minimum number)
  • Added place holder on mobile filed number for subscribe form for help to user.
  • Added Chinese translator. (Thanks Jack Chen)
  • Added Addons page in plugin.
  • Added payamgah.net webservice.
  • Added sabasms.biz webservice.
  • Added chapargah.ir webservice.
  • Added farapayamak.com webservice.
  • Added yashil-sms.ir webservice.
  • Improved subscribe ajax form.
  • Improved subscribe form and changed the form design.
  • Fixed a problem in send post to subscribers.


  • Fixed Contact form 7 shortcode. currently supported.


  • Added smshosting.it webservice.
  • Added afilnet.com webservice.
  • Added faraed.com webservice.
  • Added spadsms.ir webservice.
  • Added niazpardaz.com (New webservice).
  • Added bandarsms.ir webservice.


  • Added MarkazPayamak.ir webservice.
  • Added payamak-panel.com webservice.
  • Added barmanpayamak.ir webservice.
  • Added farazpayam.com webservice.
  • Added 0098sms.com webservice.
  • Added amansoft.ir webservice.
  • Change webservice in asanak.ir webservice.


  • Added Variables %status% and %order_name% for woocommerce new order.
  • Added smsservice.ir webservice.
  • Added asanak.ir webservice.
  • Updated idehpayam Webservice.
  • Added Mobile field number in create a new user from admin.
  • Fixed notification sms when create a new user.
  • Fixed return credit in smsglobal webservice.


  • Added Numbers of WordPress Users to send sms page.
  • Added Mobile validate number to class plugin.
  • Added Option for Disable/Enable credit account in admin menu.
  • Added afe.ir webservice.
  • Added smshooshmand.com webservice.
  • Added Description field optino for subscribe form widget.
  • Included username & password field for reset button in webservice tab.
  • Updated: Widget code now adhears to WordPress standards.


  • Added navid-soft web service.
  • Remove number_format in show credit sms.


  • Fixed problem in include files.


  • Added smsroo.ir web service.
  • Added smsban.ir web service.


  • Fixed nusoap_client issue when include this class with other plugins.
  • Remove mobile country code from tell friend section.
  • Change folder and files structure plugin.


  • Added SMS.ir (new version) web service.
  • Added Smsmelli.com (new version) web service.
  • Fixed sms items in posted sms page.
  • Fixed subscribe items in subscribe page.
  • Fixed Mobile validation number.
  • Fixed Warning error when export subscribers.
  • Changed rial unit to credit.


  • Fixed Notifications sms to subscribes.
  • Added Rayanbit.net web service.
  • Added Danish language.


  • Fixed Mobile validation in subscribe form.
  • Added Reset button for remove web service data.
  • Added Melipayaamak web service.
  • Added Postgah web service.
  • Added Smsfa web service.
  • Added Turkish language.


  • Fixed: database error for exists table.
  • Fixed: small bugs.
  • Added: chosen javascript library to plugin.
  • Added: ssmss.ir Webservice.
  • Added: isun.company Webservice.
  • Added: idehpayam.com Webservice.
  • Added: smsarak.ir Webservice.
  • Added: difaan Webservice.
  • Added: Novinpayamak Webservice.
  • Added: Dot4all Webservice.


  • Added: sms-gateway.at Webservice.
  • Added: Spanish language.
  • Updated: for WordPress 4.0 release.


  • Added: Smstoos Webservice.
  • Added: Smsmaster Webservice.
  • Fixed: Showing sms credit in adminbar. Not be displayed for the users.
  • Fixed: Send sms for subscriber when publish new posts.


  • Added: Avalpayam Webservice.
  • Fixed: bugs in database queries.


  • Added: Option to add mobile field in register form.
  • Added: Welcome message for new user.
  • Added: Matin SMS Webservice.
  • Added: Iranspk Webservice.
  • Added: Freepayamak Webservice.
  • Added: IT Payamak Webservice.
  • Added: Irsmsland Webservice.
  • Fixed: Error Call to a member function GetCredit() in webservie page.
  • Fixed: Bug in notification register new user.
  • Updated: Arabic language.


  • Fixed: Error Call to undefined method stdClass::SendSMS() when enable/update plugin.
  • Added: Option to enable mobile field to profile page. (Setting -> Features)
  • Added: Import & export in subscribe list page.
  • Added: Groups link in subscribe page.
  • Added: Search items in subscribe list page.
  • Added: Novin sms Webservice.
  • Added: Hamyaar sms Webservice.


  • Added: SMSde Webservice.


  • Added: Payamakalmas Webservice.
  • Added: SMS (IPE) Webservice.
  • Added: Popaksms Webservice.


  • Added: WP_SMS Class and placing a parent class.
  • Added: wp_sms_send Action when Send sms from the plugin.
  • Added: wp_sms_subscribe Action when register a new subscriber.
  • Added: Notification SMS when registering a new subscribe.
  • Added: Ponisha SMS Webservice.
  • Added: SMS Credit and total subscriber in At a Glance.
  • Fixed: Saved sms sender with InsertToDB method.
  • Optimized: Subscribe SMS ajax form.


  • Updated: ippanel.com Webservice.
  • Added: Sarab SMS Webservice.


  • Updated: Opilio Webservice.
  • Added: Sharif Pardazan (2345.ir) Webservice.


  • Added: Asia Payamak Webservice.


  • Added: Arad SMS Webservice.


  • Added: Notification SMS when get new order from Woocommerce plugin.
  • Added: Notification SMS when get new order from Easy Digital Downloads plugin.


  • Added: Tabs option in setting page.
  • Added: Notification SMS when registering a new username.
  • Added: Notification SMS when get new comment.
  • Added: Notification SMS when username login.
  • Added: Text format to published new post notification.
  • Added: MP Panel Webservice.
  • Added: Mediana Webservice.


  • Changed: Aadat 24 web service.
  • Changed: Parand Host web service URL.


  • Added: Adpdigital Webservice.
  • Added: Joghataysms Webservice.
  • Fixed: Iransmspanel webservice.
  • Changed: Parand Host web service URL.
  • Changed: Hi SMS web service URL.
  • Changed: Nasrpayam web service URL.


  • Added: Hi SMS Webservice.


  • Added: Niazpardaz Webservice.
  • Fixed: Oplio Webservice.


  • Added: Payameroz Webservice.
  • Added: Unisender Webservice.
  • Fixed: small bug in cf7.


  • Resolved: include tell-a-freind.php file.


  • Added: Metabox sms to Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Added: SMS Message sender page.
  • Added: PayamResan Webservice.
  • Optimized: include files.
  • Resolved: create tables when install plugin.
  • Language: updated.


  • Resolved: loading image.
  • Added: Fayasms Webservice.


  • Added: SMS Bartar Webservice.


  • Added: Pagination in Subscribes Newsletter page.
  • Added: Group for Subscribes.
  • Optimized: jQuery Calling.
  • Resolved: Subscribe widget form.
  • Resolved: Small problems.


  • Added: Nasrpayam Webservice.


  • Added: Caffeweb Webservice.


  • Resolved: add subscriber in from WordPress Admin->Newsletter subscriber.
  • Added: TCIsms Webservice.


  • Added: ImenCms Webservice.


  • Added: Textsms Webservice.


  • Added: Smsmart Webservice.


  • Added: PayamakNet Webservice.


  • Added: BarzinSMS Webservice.
  • Update: jQuery to 1.9.1.


  • Resolved: opilo Webservice.


  • Resolved: paaz Webservice.


  • Added: JahanPayamak Webservice.


  • Added: SMS-S Webservice.
  • Added: SMSGlobal Webservice.
  • Added: paaz Webservice.
  • Added: CSS file in setting page.
  • Resolved: Loads the plugin's translated strings problem.
  • Language: updated.


  • Added: Tablighsmsi Webservice.


  • Added: Smscall Webservice.


  • Added: Smsdehi Webservice.


  • Added: Sadat24 Webservice.


  • Added: Arabic language.
  • Added: Notification SMS when messages received from Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Small changes in editing Subscribers.


  • Added: Ariaideh Web Service.


  • Added: Persian SMS Web Service.


  • Added: SMS Click Web Service.


  • Added: ParandHost Web Service.
  • Troubleshooting jQuery in Send SMS page.


  • Added: PayameAvval Web Service.


  • Added: SMSFa Web Service.
  • Optimize in translation functions.
  • Added: edit subscribers.


  • Added: your mobile number.
  • Added: Enable/Disable calling jQuery in wordpress.
  • Added: Notification of a new wordPress version by SMS.


  • Fix a problem in jquery.


  • Fix a problem in Get credit method.
  • Fix a problem in ALTER TABLE.
  • Fix a problem Active/Deactive all subscribe.


  • Added Enable/Disable username in subscribe page.
  • Fix a problem in show credit.
  • Fix a problem in menu link.
  • Fix a problem in word counter.


  • Added: Hostiran Web Service.
  • Added: Iran SMS Panel Web Service.
  • Remove Orangesms Service.
  • Added Activation subscribe.
  • Optimize plugin.
  • Update jquery to 1.7.2


  • Added: Portuguese language.
  • Update last credit when send sms page.


  • Fix a problem.
  • Fix a display the correct number in the list of newsletter subscribers.


  • Fix a problem.


  • Fix a problem.
  • Fix credit unit in multi language.


  • Added: register link for webservice.
  • Added: Suggestion post by SMS.


  • Fix a problem.


  • Adding show SMS credit in the dashboard right now.
  • Adding show total subscribers in the dashboard right now.
  • Adding Shortcode.
  • Added: Panizsms Web Service.
  • Added: Orangesms Web Service.


  • Start plugin

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 day ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


3.5 out of 5 stars


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