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  • [Note] A few weeks ago we started hitting the limits imposed on our site by our existing hosting provider. It was clearly time to find a new home for Slimstat. We've been working on migrating our web platform (website and add-on repository API) to a new more powerful server, and a new domain: wp-slimstat.com.
  • [Note] Our dev team has released updates for our premium add-ons Export to Excel, Email Reports and User Overview, which are now fully compatible with Slimstat 4. Go get your copy today.
  • [Update] More adjustments to streamline the report API and make it easier for our users to add new custom reports.
  • [Update] Restored the following reports: Recent/Top Downloads, Recent/Top Outbound Links, Top Entry Pages, Top Exit Pages.
  • [Fix] Bug preventing some outbound links to be properly tracked.
  • [Fix] In a Windows Server environment, the way the checkboxes are added under Screen Options was creating some issues (thank you, Rafael Ortman).
  • [Fix] Post and page titles were not being displayed when the corresponding option was set


  • [Note] We are starting to hit the limits imposed by our current hosting provider, so it's time to move to a new more reliable server farm. We will be migrating our platform in the next few weeks, and this might cause some downtime for those trying to buy our premium add-ons. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • [Update] Minor adjustments to our codebase to make Slimstat easily extensible. Now you can quickly add your own reports by just passing some simple information to the plugin. More information soon available on our knowledge base website.
  • [Update] Our premium add-on Export to Excel has been updated to be compatible with Slimstat 4.0.
  • [Fix] We took care of some other tenacious warnings displayed with DEBUG_MODE enabled.


  • [Note] We'd like to hear from you: have you noticed any performance improvements after switching to Slimstat 4.0? Let us know through the forum or contant our support team.
  • [New] Our dev team is moving forward with their effort to give Slimstat's source code a good scrub. After cleaning up the database library, it was now the report library's turn. Again, if you developed your own custom report, you will probably need to update your code to make it work with our new library. We are going to update our online documentation in the next few days.
  • [New] The DB library function wp_slimstat_db::get_popular has been renamed wp_slimstat_db::get_top for consistency with the rest our codebase. Please update your code accordingly.
  • [New] Say hello to your new shortcodes. We merged the ShortCodes add-on directly into our main plugin. This improves the overall performance and streamlines our software lifecycle. Please note: the shortcode syntax has been updated and simplified (you need to replace 'popular' with 'top'). All the information is being added to our knowledge base for your convenience. Stay tuned or contact our support team for more information.
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.14.2. Please consider supporting this project by purchasing a license.
  • [Fix] We took care of various warnings displayed with DEBUG_MODE enabled.
  • [Fix] The data import script failed to do its job in some multisite environments (thank you, pepe).
  • [Fix] In Client Mode (aka Javascript mode), all page content types were being set to 'admin', under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] THe uninstall script was not removing the 'old' tables (wp_slim_stats_3, wp_slim_stats_archive_3).


  • [Note] There seem to be some issues with the tracker not being updated throughout the CDN. If you are using this service, please disable it temporarily (Settings > Advanced > Enable CDN = No) until this is resolved. We are in touch with the team managing the CDN.
  • [Fix] Some users reported a PHP syntax error message related to a short syntax used by the heuristic browser detection script (thank you, engesco)
  • [Fix] A PHP warning was being displayed for some undefined indexes (thank you, mark_kay)


  • [Note] Version 4.0 had a bumpy start, but that's expected when something radically new is released to the public. We thank you for your patience while we addressed the bugs that didn't surface during our tests.
  • [Note] Make sure to uninstall the Dashboard Widgets add-on before upgrading to Slimstat 4.0, or you might get a white screen of death. If this is the case, please remove the folder wp-content/plugins/wp-slimstat-dashboard-widgets via FTP. You will not lose your data.
  • [New] Say hello to your new Dashboard Widgets. We decided to merge our free add-on into the main plugin: this way you don't have to deal with a separate software, our update cycle is streamlined, and performance increases. You can always deactivate this integration by using the corresponding option under Settings > General.
  • [Fix] A few people pointed out a Unexpected T_FUNCTION parse error. Slimstat officially requires PHP 5.3 to function properly. Nevertheless, we implemented a workaround so that people with PHP 5.2 can still enjoy all the power of our plugin. Thank you for your patience.
  • [Fix] MySQL Error 121 was preventing the plugin from creating the new table structure, if MySQL was configured to work in strict mode (thank you, wvploeg)
  • [Fix] If you compile PHP with certain flags on Ubuntu, gzopen is not available (thank you, larryisthere)


  • [Note] A brave new world is now ready to be explored: Slimstat 4.0. This version introduces a totally redesigned database architecture, new streamlined tracking code, new heuristic user agent parser, new filters and much more. You will surely notice the performance improvements!
  • [Note] Our dev team should have read this article a long time ago. But it's never too late, and we can guarantee you that the new denormalized table structure will make your report generation so quick that your jaw will drop. Sure, the table size will increase 50%, but in the age where space is cheap, the real precious resource is time. The time you won't have to wait for your report to appear!
  • [Note] Upon update, Slimstat will convert the old table structure to the new one. Just to stay on the safe side, the old tables will not be removed (wp_slim_stats will be renamed to wp_slim_stats_3). After a transition period, we will offer the option to remove the old tables with a button in the settings.
  • [Note] Please make sure that your MySQL user can issue a RENAME command.
  • [Note] We are now working on our premium add-ons to make them compatible with Slimstat 4.0. Some of them might stop working until a new update is available.
  • [New] MaxMind upload folder path can now be filtered (thank you, chrisl27).
  • [New] The new tracker is measuring both the screen resolution and the viewport size. Here you can find more information on this topic.
  • [New] The library wp-slimstat-db.php has been cleaned up and reorganized (20% smaller!). Please note: some of the function signatures have changed (order of parameters), please update your custom code accordingly or contact us for more information.
  • [New] Internal downloads are now tracked as regular pageviews, with content_type = download. This allows to make our filters more intuitive and our reports faster.
  • [New] The table wp_slim_events will now store all the information regarding events happening on your pages (including the coordinates of clicks for the heatmap).
  • [New] Inline data attributes on links will tell you right away if an external URL will be tracked or not.
  • [New] Custom reports can now be added to ANY screen, and soon you will be able to move any built-in report to any screen.
  • [Update] We are making our source code easier to read, by applying some well established best practices about indentation, spacing and variable names.
  • [Update] Removed the chart Average Pageviews per Visit, which required a complex SQL query to be generated, and didn't convey any key information, according to a quick survey we had among some of our users.
  • [Update] The Spy View report under the Overview tab has been merged with the Real-Time log, since users were pointing out that it was confusing to have two separate reports displaying pretty much the same information.
  • [Update] We decided to hide some reports under the Site Analysis tab by default. They are not gone, and can be quickly activated by enabling the corresponding checkbox under Screen Options.
  • [Update] The browser CSS version is not tracked anymore.
  • [Update] Google+1 clicks are not tracked/supported anymore.
  • [Update] Vitaly has sent us the latest version of the Russian localization. Way to go!
  • [Fix] Implemented a more robust fix for the issue with download_url throwing an undefined function error (this is supposed to be part of WP Core!)
  • [Fix] When dragging boxes around, the placeholder was not being displayed in the right place.


  • [Fix] Some users get an error where download_url is undefined. This is a WordPress core function, so we're really not sure why that is happening to those few users. We included a fix that makes sure the function exists before calling it.

  • [Note] Browscap.org just released a new version of their database, but it looks like it has some issues. We'll wait for a more stable release and then update our optimized version of their db.
  • [Fix] Some users are reporting problems related to the compressed (gzipped) version of the MaxMind GeoLite DB introduced in version We updated our code to unzip the database before the tracker uses it. Please note: if your install is working as expected, you can skip this update.

  • [Note] After further discussing with the repo moderators the incompatibility issue regarding the license under which MaxMind GeoLite is released, we were able to implement a much easier way to enable the geolocation functionality in Slimstat. There's no need to download a separate plugin anymore! Just go to Slimstat > Settings > Maintenance tab, and click on Install GeoLite DB. Of course, you can always deactivate this feature by clicking on the corresponding button under the Maintenance tab.
  • [Note] If you had downloaded and installed our Get Country add-on, you can now uninstall it from your server. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  • [New] A warning message is now displayed on the reports screens to remind you to install the GeoLite database. You can hide this message by enabling the corresponding option under Slimstat > Settings > Reports tab > Miscellaneous section.
  • [Update] Some of the Settings screens have been cleaned up and reorganized
  • [Update] Cleaned up the interface for better readability
  • [Update] Removed banner from our partner ManageWP


  • [New] A few new options under Slimstat > Settings > General tab > WordPress Integration section, allow you to have more control over the information displayed in the Posts admin screen (thank you, Brad).


  • [Note] The uninstall routine now deletes the archive table (wp_slim_stats_archive) along with all the other tables (thank you, KalleL)
  • [New] Some users who are using our "track external sites" feature, were getting an error saying that no 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header was present on the requested resource. We've added a new option under Settings > Advanced that allows you to specify what domains to allow. Please refer to this page for more information about the security implications of allowing an external domain to submit AJAX requests to your server.
  • [New] Added debugging information (most recent tracker error code) under Slimstat > Settings > Maintenance tab > Debugging. This information is useful to troubleshoot issues with the tracker. Please include it when sending a support request.
  • [Fix] The option to delete pageviews based on given filters (Settings > Maintenance > Data Maintenance) was not working as expected (thank you, kentahayashi)
  • [Fix] The uninstall script was not deleting all the tables as expected (thank you, KalleL)
  • [Fix] We've implemented Marc-Alexandre's new recommendations to further tighten up our SQL queries.
  • [Fix] The new encryption key was affecting the way external sites could be tracked. You can now track non-WP sites again: please make sure to copy and paste the new tracking code (Settings > Advanced) right before your closing BODY tag at the end of your pages.


  • [Note] The security of our users' data is our top priority, and for this reason we tightened our SQL queries and made our encryption key harder to guess. If you are using a caching plugin, please flush its cache so that the tracking code can be regenerated with the new key. Also, if you are using Slimstat to track external websites, please make sure to replace the tracking code with the new one available under Settings > Advanced. As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • [Note] Added un-minified js tracker to the repo, for those who would like to take a look at how things work.
  • [New] Introduced option to ignore bots when in Server-side mode.
  • [Update] Cleaned up the Settings/Filters screen by consolidating some options.
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.13.1
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2015-02-04).
  • [Fix] Patched a rare SQL injection vulnerability exploitable using a bruteforce attack on the secret key (used to encrypt the data between client and server).
  • [Fix] Increased checks on SQL code that stores data in the database (maybe_insert_row).
  • [Fix] Report filters could not be removed after being set.


  • [Note] Some of our add-ons had a bug preventing them from properly checking for updates. Please contact us if you need to obtain the latest version of your add-ons.
  • [Update] The Save button in the settings is now always visible, so that there is no need to scroll all the way to the bottom to save your options.
  • [Update] More data layer updates introduced in wp_slimstat_db. Keep an eye on your custom add-ons!
  • [Fix] Pagination was not working as expected when a date range was set in the filters (thank you, nick-v)

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-27
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


79 of 82 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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