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The leading web analytics plugin for WordPress


  • [Note] The security of our users' data is our top priority, and for this reason we tightened our SQL queries and made our encryption key harder to guess. If you are using a caching plugin, please flush its cache so that the tracking code can be regenerated with the new key. Also, if you are using Slimstat to track external websites, please make sure to replace the tracking code with the new one available under Settings > Advanced. As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • [Note] Added un-minified js tracker to the repo, for those who would like to take a look at how things work.
  • [New] Introduced option to ignore bots when in Server-side mode.
  • [Update] Cleaned up the Settings/Filters screen by consolidating some options.
  • [Update] AmMap has been updated to version 3.13.1
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2015-02-04).
  • [Fix] Patched a rare SQL injection vulnerability exploitable using a bruteforce attack on the secret key (used to encrypt the data between client and server).
  • [Fix] Increased checks on SQL code that stores data in the database (maybe_insert_row).
  • [Fix] Report filters could not be removed after being set.


  • [Note] Some of our add-ons had a bug preventing them from properly checking for updates. Please contact us if you need to obtain the latest version of your add-ons.
  • [Update] The Save button in the settings is now always visible, so that there is no need to scroll all the way to the bottom to save your options.
  • [Update] More data layer updates introduced in wp_slimstat_db. Keep an eye on your custom add-ons!
  • [Fix] Pagination was not working as expected when a date range was set in the filters (thank you, nick-v)


  • [Note] The URL of the CDN has changed, and is now using the official WordPress repository as a source: cdn.jsdelivr.net/wp/wp-slimstat/trunk/wp-slimstat.js - Please update your "external" tracking codes accordingly.
  • [Note] The structure of the array wp_slimstat_db::$sql_filters has changed! Please make sure to update your custom code accordingly. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • [New] The wait is over. Our heatmap add-on is finally available on our store! We would like to thank all those who provided helpful feedback to improve this initial release!
  • [New] Our knowledge base has been extended with a list of all the actions and filters available in Slimstat.
  • [Fix] The Add-on update checker had a bug preventing the functionality to work as expected. Please make sure to get the latest version of your premium add-ons!
  • [Fix] Date intervals were not accurate because of a bug related to calculating timezones in MySQL (thank you, Chrisssssi).
  • [Fix] Line height of report rows has been added to avoid conflicts with other plugins tweaking this parameter in the admin (thank you, yk11).


  • [Note] We're starting to work on a completely redesigned data layer, which will require less SQL resources and offer a much needed performance improvement. Stay tuned.
  • [New] Three new settings to turn off the tracker completely on specific links (internal and external), by class name, rel attribute or simply by URL.
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2015-01-06).
  • [Fix] Bug affecting our add-ons setting page, in some specific circumstances (thank you, Erik).


  • [New] Welcome our recommended partner, ManageWP. You will get a 10% discount on their products using our affiliation link.
  • [Fix] XSS Vulnerability introduced by the new Save Filters functionality (thank you, Ryan).


  • [New] Quickly delete single pageviews in the Real-Time Log screen
  • [New] Option to fix an issue occurring when the DB server and the website are in different timezones. Please disable this option if your charts seem to be off!
  • [New] Using the new WP Proxy CDN feature. Please contact us if you notice any problems with this new option, as this feature is still being tested.
  • [Update] Reintroduced the NO PANIC button under Settings > Maintenance > Miscellaneous
  • [Fix] Conflict with WP-Jalali, which forces date_i18n to return not western numerals but their Farsi representation


  • [Note] Announcing our latest add-on: heatmaps! Get your free copy of our beta: contact our support team today.
  • [New] Section under Settings > Filters that allows you to specify what links you want to "leave alone", so that the tracker doesn't interfere with your lightbox treatments.
  • [New] You can now turn on the option to collect mouse coordinates for internal links, which will be used to draw the heatmap on your pages.
  • [New] Operator "is included in" has been added to search matches in lists of strings (see W3resources, thank you pchrisl)
  • [New] Added new reports: Top Bounce Pages, Top Exit Pages, Recent Exit Pages (thank you, Random Dev)
  • [Update] Partial overhaul of the javascript tracker. We reintroduced the new algorithm to track pageviews, which now avoids the problem of triggering the popup blocker on links opening in a new tab.
  • [Update] Added browser and operating system to Spy View report
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2014-12-02)
  • [Fix] Bug in archiving old pageviews under certain circumstances (thank you, Thomas)
  • [Fix] Added max height to overlay, for those who have very long lists of saved filters
  • [Fix] The button to reset date filters was not being displayed in some cases (thank you, RangerPretzel)
  • [Fix] Charts were not accurate when a custom interval was selected and the mysql server's timezone was different from the web server timezone (thank you, RangerPretzel)


  • [Update] Show notices only to admin users (thank you, thisismyway)
  • [Fix] The javascript tracker had been changed to deal with popup blocker issues, but the new code was causing even more problems to other people. Implemented a synchronous solution to make everybody happy! (thank you, bishoph)


  • [New] You can now archive old pageviews, instead of deleting them
  • [Update] Code optimizations to the Javascript tracker (and a bugfix - thank you, themadproducer)
  • [Fix] Fixed a corrupted browscap data file (thank you, crzyhrse)
  • [Fix] Do not refresh the Real-Time log if a date filter is set (thank you, asylum119)


  • [Update] Browscap v5035 - November 4, 2014 (this should fix all the issues with recent Firefox versions)
  • [Fix] The originating IP address was not being ignored, if it was the same as the IP address (thank you, morcom)
  • [Fix] Visits in map were not correctly displayed (thank you, psn)


  • [New] You can now load, save and delete filters (or "goal conversions", in Google's terminology). Please test this new functionality and let us know if you find any bugs!
  • [Update] Added new WordPress filter hooks to initialize the arrays storing the data about the pageview (thank you, Tayyab)
  • [Update] AmMap version 3.11.3
  • [Update] MaxMind GeoLite IP has been updated to the latest version (2014-11-05)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting links opening in a new tab/window (target=_blank). Our thanks go to all the users who helped us troubleshoot the issue!
  • [Fix] Backward compatibility of new date/time filters with old ones
  • [Fix] Issue with counters on Posts/Pages screen (thank you, vaguiners)
  • [Fix] Warning about undefined array index in date/time filters (thank you, Chris)
  • [Fix] Some tooltips were being displayed outside of the browser viewport (thank you, Vitaly)


  • It was only released on Github to solve a critical bug affecting external links


  • [New] We increased the filter granularity to the minute, so that now you can see who visited your website between 9 am and 10.34 am (thank you, berserk77)
  • [New] If admin is served over HTTPS but IP lookup service is not, don't use inline overlay dialog (thank you, 509tyler)
  • [Update] Javascript libraries: qTip v2.2.1 and SlimScroll 1.3.3
  • [Fix] Outbound links from within the admin were not tracked as expected (thank you mobilemindtech)
  • [Fix] Firewall Fix add-on was not tracking the originating ip's country as expected (thank you, JeanLuc)

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2
Last Updated: 2015-2-19
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


50 of 52 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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