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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


WP sIFR makes any font possible in your WordPress installation in under five minutes.

It doesn't work... ?

First. Does your template have a <?php wp_head(); ?> in the 'header.php' file? That one is important.

Second. Does your SWF file's filename have any funny characters in it? Spaces, dashes, and underscores should work now, but other characters could cause problems.

Third. Are you using Firefox on a Mac? sIFR works great on any browser, except when Adblock is messing up Flash functionality. For the time-being, we have disabled sIFR on Macs using Firefox 3 and Adblock. The method isn't fullproof though and sometimes Adblock may still gum up the works. When the detection works, you still see your HTML text, without sIFR. When the detection doesn't work, you won't see any text at all. It will not interfere with Mac Firefox that is not running Adblock. If you are on a Mac, with Firefox 3, and no Adblock add-on, everything should be hunky-dory for you.

Fourth. Be sure that you do not delete the wmode setting from the "Advanced Settings". It can be "opaque" or "transparent", but it has to be there for IE7.

Fifth. If you specify a CSS state for the font that you did not include in the SWF, the font will not show up. EXAMPLE: If you specify font-weight: bold; and you only included the normal and italic versions, nothing will show. The font will be hidden, but won't be replaced properly. Sometimes it is beneficial to leave out some states to reduce filesize.

I heard you could make drop shadows?

Yep. With 0.6.7 and above, you can use the "Advanced Settings" field. Paste code similar to this:

filters: {
    DropShadow: {
        knockout: false,
        distance: 2,
        blurX: 2,
        blurY: 2,
        color: '#000000',
        strength: .15,
        angle: 90

Mess around with it and have fun.

How do I create fonts?

To create a font, you can upload your TTF file to: sIFR Generator (http://www.sifrgenerator.com/). Or you can follow these directions: sIFR Wiki (http://wiki.novemberborn.net/sifr/How+to+use). The Flash file used to create fonts is included in the "fonts/flash" folder. Be sure to remove any spaces from the file name or you will have trouble ("timesnewroman.swf" = GOOD | "times new roman.swf" = BAD).

How do I add fonts?

After fonts are created in Flash, upload them to the "fonts" directory in the plugin folder or to a "fonts" directory in your theme folder and they will show up in your Settings panel. Then you can activate and manage the font settings. We highly recommend using your theme to store your fonts folder, especially if you will be using WordPress' built-in automatic upgrade.

What version of sIFR does this use?

WP sIFR uses the latest nightly which is v3 r436. Fonts created for sIFR v2.x or another version of 3 will most likely not work.

Can I add multiple selectors to the same font?

You can enter more than one selector, just seperate them with a comma.

The only issue with entering multiple selctors is that they will use the same styles. Sometimes this ok, but other times, it can be limiting. For instance, your "h1, h2, h3" tags, if listed on the same font, would all have to be the same size even though you usually would want the size to decrease through the headline tags.

I have multiple selectors on the same font, but how do I style them separately?

Short Answer: You can't.

Although we are working on a system to allow you to add selectors under a font that can then be styled separately.

Long Answer (hack): The work-around currently is to create a copy of the font file with a different name. Then you could style a second selector for that font separately.

For example: Take a file named "futura.swf", make a copy named "futura_h1.swf". This would allow you to use separate selectors, styled differently. This is a complete hack though and causes the same font to have to be downloaded twice.

The next major version should have the new system in place.

Requires: 2.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.7.1
Last Updated: 8 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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